Vampiric Widocto Fish
Farovian Fish
Vampiric-widocto hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 1,871
Min. Points 1,866
Min. Tourn. Points TBD
Min. Weight 13.25 lb / 6.01 kg
Min. Pole Level 25 Nail Fly or Palm Spear or Kelp Net
Min. Skill Monster Wrangling
Habitat (Population) Doom Island (Endangered)
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Description: The blood-sucking varietals of Roperia and Farovia have been at each other's gills for nearly a decade! The area received its name of "Doom Island" after Mousso witnessed thousands of wranglers fall to the arms of the Vampire Widocto. Equip a Level 25+ Nail Fly/Palm Spear/Kelp Net and prepare to be doomed...

You must catch 100 lbs worth of this fish to complete Mousso's Second Task.

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