Welcome to the wiki. It is greatly appreciated to see more players contributing to the wiki. I hope to see you continue.

I have edited the Miny and Catty, so Ta for bringing up the errors from those old data first implemented but not corrected after they were tweaked ingame.

To help keep some of the clutter down with so many edits. However, please do not make edits just for the sake of making an edit. For example do not simply make an edit to remove a space which effectively makes no difference to how the page is seen. Like here: in which a space was removed before the closing of bracket HTML tag. Or removing spaces from internal links with a displayed text. Such as [[Contents|Displayed text]] vs [[Contents | Displayed text]]. Both work just fine. Also while it is understandable at times one might need to make another edit to the same page, please try to refrain from making multiple edits to the same page in succession. Doing all your edits to a page in one edit if possible.

Also please be mindful of which categories that you are placing pages in. In particular the Category:Fish page. Took me awhile to clean up much of that page, and there are still things in it that should not be. It should only have actual fish in that category page. The Fish page itself has a auto parser function in which it counts the total number of fish from using how many items are in the category page.

If you need help with anything or have questions, please do not hesitate to stop by my User Talk page to leave me a note. Ta Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 07:54, October 17, 2019 (UTC)

Hi, Kevin.
First of all, you're welcome.
About the Fariana Trench page, that time I just needed to see the code to correct a red text error on another page, then I exited by clicking on "publish" because... well, Idk, habit maybe?
I find the excess spaces stupid, when I make a change I instinctively remove those too.
Yeah, sometimes I make more change at the same page, but it's because I am an hairhead and I forget things; or because I make mistakes (like just now with the Limited Time Fish page's images). Plus, I'm still not used with this editor. --R-R-Eco (talk) 17:13, October 17, 2019 (UTC)
No worries, was just a friendly reminder to at least attempt to keep them down, makes wiki activity less cluttered and makes it easier to find a specific older edit(s) if needed. As stated I do not mind so much removing spaces DURING an actual edit, just kind of pointless to do such solely for one edit when it accompolishes no visible change. If that makes sense. Ta! Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 11:00, October 19, 2019 (UTC)
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