Hi, welcome to Fish Wrangler Wiki! Thanks for your edits and additions to the FW' Wiki pages. Please leave a message on my FW Profile or my Talk page! Jeydo (talk)

== New Boat table == (from User:Jeydo talk page)

Can you look at my profile page? I am thinking about changing the boat table, while I like it better, wanted to see what someone else thinks about my proposed change. Boat table way it is currently is at top of my profile page, with my newer table below it. My table still needs lil bit of tweaking, but should give you general idea of what I am proposing. So what do you think, leave old table alone or is newer one better? Kevin "Hawk" Fisher (talk) 09:51, May 15, 2017 (UTC)

If you really need to add the Speed you can, but I do like the setup of the boats next to each other. Maybe we could make it mil instead of x,000,000. Or k instead of k00,000 (Ex: like 100k vs 100000 and 4mil vs 4000000) if we need to shrink the size of the tables. However, I'd like leave off the passenger capacity part, as only the Beat up Dinghy has 5 and it can only be used in two ports also. We can get the rest of the info from the individual boat pages. Boats are pretty simplified, and perhaps the boat speed is more important than the cost. After the first boat, the rest are generally affordable.

And I'm not sure how it's viewed on a phone - as most players play this game still with laptops, or both. How they usually view FW Wiki will still be needed for both either way, so even if they scrolling, let's try to make sure it looks great in both previews, Kevin Fisher. Tight lines! Jeydo (talk) 00:44, May 26, 2017 (UTC)

2017 - Island Changes + New Areas Edit

Hey Kevin! I like to come here & see all the new things you've added or updated! Appreciate that!

1) What I've noticed is your actually playing through much of Roperia & other areas as you make the changes. That's pretty cool & a lot of fun, as we might be missing data that we might have not been able to collect before we started editing the FW Wikia.

2) Something small I needed to mention, and this goes with anyone who edits the FW Wikia: I was told before for Wikias that we shouldn't 'add stuff' just to get badges or points while making edits. This is just for future reference though as it's an etiquette practice. So if you feel anyone you observe is doing that, please let me or another admin know. (Especially if they are making changes & undoing them.)

3) The one exception we make for you and everyone else are 'new entries'. You may make quick edits within the hour of adding a official article, in order to obtain one of the 100 edits needed for a invisible badge. Not sure if I spoke on this before, so I'm doing so now. Feel free to copy & paste this message (or make a condensed version) if you need to in order to keep the integrity of the FW Wikia alive and well.

4) Please take note of a few older Farovia pages as well Kevin. Some of them have 'Spoilers' so if any of the content you post you feel would be a Spoiler, please copy the Spoiler taglines from those pages & add them to the Roperian entries you create (or edit). From what I read, you've just been 'tweaking' a few existing pages.

That's always helpful when they're real contributions - and not just edits to reword it. This has happened to me before though, and I was rather upset at the lack of creativity in the baby levels & I posted some choice opinions before as they lack a storyline and were hastily updated to the game with errors. However, I msg'd Joe to make changes such as adding chum when there was none to buy before, and do my best to keep opinions & emotion out of my entries.

5) People aren't 0s and 1s, they're real, become distracted + busy, and have families. So I am just mentioning this as a formality, since others will see all that we add & so that you know your work is important even if it's just a game or it feels like a thankless task. So if no one else says it, Thank you!

Hope your having fun making FW Wikia a more informative place! Jeydo (talk) 10:25, June 7, 2017 (UTC)

Actually not really playing in Roperia yet. Just trying to get lot of newer info simply added to wiki, and have been saving Roperia mostly for last since I really havent fished much there. I have taken lil mini break and am currently in Roperia, after fishing there for awhile for last Roperia contest I came to conclusion I needed to get thru certain part (ie: New Seinborough) so that I can also partake in Mo tourney. So was just waiting for good stopping point before got back ... which is now since up to 3 weather quest at Doom Island PLUS just got into Incredible class. But yea I am trying to get some Roperia info in while I am active here for moment. Prolly will be fishing back in Farovia after tomorrow since got done what I needed, back to wrapping up 10YS and SS areas at least, if not also Lucidia. Not too worried about Fahwah atm. So yes I am going to start some new Roperia pages, but you will find they will be pretty empty :P and hopefully some others might be encouraged to fill in details once pages are started.
I am also really trying to get all fish in atm (although doing lot of backend work on that first). Getting things more structured, like adding all hidden fish images to cat. Getting all details in complete list of ALL fish by number. Busy busy although it might not appear like is much rhyme or reason for lil while lol.
As to badges, could really care less. If I could do everything w/out have needing an account, I would happily have continued to do so lol. Yes you mentioned that one hidden badge to me, tbh was already aware of it as have heard it mentioned over at DoTD wiki ... think that isnt the only one either, might be one or two other hidden ones beside Pounce .... but could be wrong, as dont really much care about them :P
Spoilers ... yea that is one thing I wanted to go over with you at one point. I have uhm a list of stuff I want to touch base with you about lol. More about structure though. I have noticed couple so called Spoiler pages dont actually have one LMAO. I can rectify that later. But was kinda hoping to go over with you about whole Story / Quest / Walkthru thing. I would much rather blissfully tweak and make minor edits to pages anonymously like I did in the past, but is so much newer info that isnt here. Also reminds me, still have 2016 archive logs to finish, been trying to update pages as I add those logs. It would be nice to get it to level where others dont feel so daunted by adding info, hopefully make it bit more active instead of mostly me and Miyuki and you. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher 00:42, June 8, 2017‎ (UTC)
Hey Kevin! Hmm as this is a Talk page for the record I think we already addressed most of this over a FB conversation. Make sure if you reply to others here you use ~x3 for your name or x4 so they know the time stamp. Happy 2018 as well!!
Playing FW has taken somewhat of a backseat for me lately with real life concerns but I enjoy seeing new or updated Wikia entries (even if clicking FISH NOW doesn't feel as it used to for me.) Could be gaming in general causing me problems perhaps over time too. Hope your doing well. I'll try to make time if you have any pressing concerns though. Keep at it! Jeydo (talk) 23:55, January 17, 2018 (UTC)
Yea took care of most of it, was one or two things but do not recall what those were anymore atm. A more recent thing that has been bugging me (but is minor), Joe latest Island locations (Lost Temple, Fariana Trench) do not really have Area region names. I plugged in Far East for Lost Temple since it makes vague reference to that .. but is nothing at all for Fariana Trench. Do we simply say and list it in Farovian Sea? Leave it blank? It mostly makes a difference on the Islands page. And of course category structure. For now, both Lost Temple and Fariana Trench category are listed as sub-category under Farovia cause had no idea where else to put those categories under. *shrugs* Kevin "Hawk" Fisher 19:20, January 18, 2018 (UTC)

Fish ID # for Images Edit

Can you leave the fish images the way they are or if you have to change the name, add either the name to the front or end of the number?! I'm not sure what page this fish is on - Yet the numbers still appear here for helpful lookups Jeydo (talk) 23:55, June 3, 2018 (UTC)

I could I guess. I did that for several reasons. There were roughly 20 out of 900+ images labeled simply as some random # that one person did when uploading a small batch of fish images. They were 01.jpeg to 20.jpeg. Such as Lumberjack image was uploaded as 05.jpeg, which means absolutely nothing in regards to the game. It was simply the fifth image that person uploaded. Lumberjack is actually fish #62 for example. So for consistency (and since that number as saved meant nothing), I changed it to coincide with the bulk of the rest of uploaded fish images. It was either that or go through and redo the other 960 with some random number. Plus when you went to Category page, you first seen those few numbered images ones of 01.jpeg with no clue what that fish image actually was, followed by rest in alph order. Now it shows the name and in alpha order along with the rest of the 900 that were already done that way. Now the Lumberjack is in order along with the rest of the images. Category:Fish Images Looking for fish #5 for Lumberjack on lookup ingame was still not helpful as it was not that number.
If you are wanting the actual ingame # for that fish, that would require changing all of them. Or could do it like couple of the originals were done, on the actual fish page itself. Such as Hate Fish which shows in notes "Hate fish ID # is 10 and..."Kevin "Hawk" Fisher 20:33, June 5, 2018 (UTC)
Yes, I understand wholeheartedly. Some threw up a random # , it was saved that way or it was possibly on a different address link. I forget where I left off, yet yeah - Hate fish was one of the first 10 I added IDs for. Might have left off at Grim Fish for Lucky #11. Tell me, could you at least add the next 10? Also, would this be a project you'd like to do for the First 101 fish? (Disney/dalmatian reference) Split the next 80. And then later, we can split it 50/50 from there on out until we're done. Hmmm wonder how many fish there are now!! Additionally, we should have a page(s) that list all the numbers after this is finished - or gradually add to it per island , mixed with sprinkles of Contest fish event & 1day fish that Joe added later on. I'll msg Joe to see if he has anything like this already too. What do ya think?!
Here's the deal. So we would need to GRADUALLY change all of them to reflect the FW fish pages. For example, if you hover over the fish here - ( you will see them clearly displayed & it directs to those same #s. Here's a example of the breakdown setup we have so far. The "In-game links" contains 5 links to Rainbow Chain Octo Fish Page , Rainbow Chain Octo Fish Longest Streaks ie First Catches, Trophy Catches , and Most Catches.

  • The first & last (Fish page & Most) redirect to the main page - This was a change done by myself so for all those who don't use FB can get to them directly.
  • The middle three/2-4 are the same FB links that originally it directed to. ( Well, I forget - I might have added one these also - since we didn't always have 'Most catches' as a catergory before.
  • Anyway, we can do this one of a few ways:

A) Change the middle link (First Catches) to reflect the Fish # and leave the images as they are for now or to change later. And/or We can list the fish # on the page itself, although that would mean editing all of them as well - yet it's what needs to be done haha. At least that way, people will know as it's unlikely they will scroll over these bottom links as well. B) Just add ID# and the # link to the page. So the first fish is the Miny - and is actually listed FIRST here on its page. I also made a page for a few numbers in general in case people wanted to learn more: I've made this just for #1-3 just as a Trivia-like addon as Wikipedia asks you what you want often if it's too broad. This can be a simple way to categorize things to make us smarter as Joe lists a lot of resources as well.

C) Change it all at once - No one actually cares much how the image is, except those who added it. For example, I addded this image way back around the time it was first released. [[1]] or [[2]] You visited it 3 other times , once to add the x12 pt/gold value changes. [[3]] If I were to alter the image name, aside from the way it is aka hidden, I could i.) Add the Fish # too - Kai_hidden.jpg becomes 823_Kai_hidden.jpg ii.) Or possibly more useful info like ks80 to show you need 'Kiddie Standard' & a Lv 80 pole to catch it. So like 80ks_Kai_hidden.jpg iii.) Add the location instead - This is more tricky as some fish are in more than one place.

Although some fish can be caught by more than one pole too, so like for the GWIM FISH - [[4]] which can also be caught by a Lv70 Oak Twig - It'd be 70ot-ks_gwim_hidden.jpg Yes the hidden matters in a way too as we also have non-shadowed images of fish too like for One-day-only Fish.

Well, I'm NOT just talking about this to complicate things either - I tried scrolling back yet I think it was one of the Baby fish I did this for. Also, if there's anyway to hide your work when you add fish here - please let me know. Images appear on here, yet not sure how to avoid it appearing on RECENT ACTIVITY. [[5]] Also GREAT WORK with everything & finding those 20 "rouge images" to fix too! Jeydo (talk)

(PS: I Noticed something too - The Image for the Fish links to the NAME page & as backup (or some scripting deal) the name link is what links to the FISH ID# for that particular fish too! Whew, that took a good hour or so to look-up & write stuff! Jeydo (talk) 21:38, June 9, 2018 (UTC))

Wow. Ok will have to answer this more fully when am not so tired and can understand it all lol. However, a couple of quick things.
1) Yes I can add fish id# to fish pages. Will be easy especially as I have all Id# (including skipped #) listed on my spreadsheet along with most other basic info, just matter of time adding them.
2) Currently 989 fish in total. Thread for that in forums, plus as shown on my spread AND also shown at top of wiki The Fish page. I implemented an expression that auto calculates the total number of fish using the Category:Fish Images, so long as images for all fish are kept up to date, it will auto keep track of current fish count.
3) Not understanding the point of changing name of fish images too much. Especially to add more info such as poles, habitat, etc which is on its actual page already. Where actual file name mostly matters is when doing editing and knowing what it is called without having to go look it up (such as doing templates, tables, etc). But most of that has been done by now. Ideally, there should have been a set consistent format stipulated in beginning when adding files and listed on wiki page somewhere. But since that was never done, do not really see the point at this stage this many years later. Just sounds like adding more complexity to file name would make that even more difficult to guess what file name might or should be called. Right now, most of them are one of three possible formats. File:Hate.jpg / File:Hate_Fish.jpg / File:Hate_hidden.jpg Rare occassion when it is not one of those three than you have to go find out what it was called.
3a) At any rate, I do not have time for renaming all those where I just do not see the point it will accompolish. Nor editing every page that file is linked too.
3b) Bigger issue, I am unable to simply rename an image. Unless that is one of Admin extra tools you have, it would require uploading all new images. In addition to all of 3a above. I thought long and hard before I changed those few I did, cause it is lot of work. Part of me would love to make them all one consistent format, but just is not worth all that.Kevin "Hawk" Fisher 03:32, June 10, 2018 (UTC)

Fir Branch QuestsEdit

Regretfully, no. Those are not the actual Fir Branch Quests. I didn't think that there were any Fir Branch Quests. Similarly, The third Fir Branch Add-on is unknown, I just gave it a name. TwiliAlchemist (talk) 04:01, December 27, 2018 (UTC)

Templates Edit

I put Parribea fish summary in the templates category; is it right in this way? other pages should be included in this category? And speaking of the Limited Time Fish template which we talked about the other day, I noticed that those things never seem to work: isn't it more convenient to make a table directly in the page?--R-R-Eco (talk) 15:57, October 28, 2019 (UTC)

Uhm no, that is not correct way. Reason being as you noted, because it is supposed to be a template, this means everything on that page will be transcluded onto other pages that use it. Including all the categories template pages are listed under. So for example Deadwater Pass (and all other pages using that template) which uses that template is now also listed under Category:Templates even when it should not be. As the Deadwater Pass page itself is not a template. The correct way is to code template page with either <noinclude> or <onlyinclude> tags. For example it should be coded as:
That will process and include all the info on THAT page only, but will not be transcluded onto other pages. Or vice versa if you use Onlyinclude tag.
Sighs! I have not added many templates in its correct category for a reason though, as it has caused issues when editing them later. Unknown why, its beyond my level of coding. I suspect though, it has to do with way much of this wiki has been done and one of two possible reasons. Back in the early days, many of the template pages were coded as actual templates, while many others were not. That page itself is just one of many that were not actually coded correctly as a template. It should be under page 'Template:Parribea_fish_summary' but as you can see it isn't. Couple years ago when I started to update FW wiki, I originally put some of those templates into correct categories. But I noticed those that were not actually done correctly as templates, caused issues when attempting to edit them later. Not sure if that is the direct cause or its something else. All I can say is when editing those pages later, I noticed issues with the edit when publishing them had a habit of moving the top portion down to the bottom of the page. And as many of those templates have tables, that breaks the page putting the start of a table at bottom of the page. So I stopped. Also since that time, wiki has gone through many changes in which no current admin that fully understands coding has kept this site up to date with as well, which is longer story but might be the cause. Really the entire site should be re-done or re-done correctly, but that is a major endeavour, and it works for the most part. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher (talk) 08:19, October 30, 2019 (UTC)
It seems to me unnecessarily complicated. Why can't we make the tables directly on the spot?
I don't know if there are larger templates, but this one is quite small, and is used in how many, three pages? (not to mention the fact that it doesn't work) For me it's useless, just throw it away and do things in a simple way.--R-R-Eco (talk) 18:20, October 30, 2019 (UTC)
There are several reasons. First of all, even for smaller tables such as this one, that would require re-coding each table with separate 100 lines of code on each and every page that it is used on. For instance with Parribea and its fish summary table, you would need to duplicate that table at least 3 times for each of its Island locations (Devils Cove, Deadwater Pass, & Krakken Rocks). Sounds to me like your suggestion would be more complicated needing to duplicate the same exact table 3 times vs how it is done now with only coding that table once. Plus if in the future for any other page that one might want to put that table onto. But more importantly, second of all that is simply bad coding. There are page load limits that fandom has implemented to avoid severe page loading times and time out issues. By putting the table directly on each page, that would increase each page. Deadwater Pass page only has 1182 bytes of data, where as the table itself is 100 lines of code and +5000 bytes of data. However because not all of the fish reside in Deadwater Pass, not all of that 5000 bytes of data is actually being transcluded onto Deadwater Pass page. I only have intermediate level of wiki coding, so not sure I am explaining it correctly that this makes sense. But yes it makes a difference. For Parribea with a smaller table this will likely never be a issue, but for larger tables it will be. However, one should always use the same practices so that everyone knows what to expect. And even on smaller tables it still does make a difference, minor and likely not noticable but it still does even if its fractions of second.
But for larger similar tables, like Farovia fish summary table, one can really see the difference in which that table is +1500 lines of code and +69000 bytes of data. That table IF it were to be codes individually on each every page used, would add quite the page load to each. When that is not necessary as it can be coded on a separate [should be template] page, so that each indivual page calling up such data will only transclude over just the data needed for that page. And that table is ever growing, as Monsoon Lagoon was just recently added to it.
FWI: you can not simply just rename / move the Parribea Fish Summary page. When that is done that will break every page using that table, so each and every page using that table must also be modified. You can see the results for example on Deadwater Pass page, in which now that page is broken for the table. So you will need to revert your move edit, or correct every page that table is being used on. You can see a list (before you move the page) of what all pages are using it. And so really need to notate that prior to moving the page. That will make it easier to then also modify all the other pages. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 00:27, November 1, 2019 (UTC)
Plus Joe in the past has changed or moved things. Certain fish for example has been added to other islands or completely moved from one island to another one. If wiki is coded correctly, one simply just has to modify that fish page, then the tables and all the other pages that use that template table will automatically do the rest. So for example when Joe moved a fish from Fishertonville to WaterPort, we just needed to modify that fish page, the table did the rest of the work for us by making changes on each respective Island page. Easy peasy. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 00:36, November 1, 2019 (UTC)
Ok, your point is:
You have to rewrite the tables many times: copy+paste, honey, they invented copy+paste just for this.
Excessive page size: ok, this is actually a problem... and I can't argue at this...
Plus now I know that some of them actually work (and how they work), so, no problem, I think.
Btw, why only Parribea have its own fish summary page? --R-R-Eco (talk) 18:19, November 3, 2019 (UTC)
That was only partially my point, templates were designed for a reason, so as to not needing to do duplicate the same tasks over and over again. The bigger point is that is just not efficient coding and has results on page loading, when templates avoids all of that. Work smarter, not harder. Look at any decently designed wiki site and that is how it is done. One can go to another wiki site and if coded decently, quickly know what to expect in how it is coded. Some of them have multiple templates nested inside of each other. Which starts going above my level, but at least I can understand the basic principles of how and why .. even if I can not follow it all.
Parribea is not the only one with its own fish summary. The original one (Farovia Fish Summary) is starting to get full and will soon start reaching node count limits. However there are several others, such as one for Icelantica, TYS and Roperia just off the top of my head. I did NOT realize this at first, so I really should have started some more instead of adding them to Farovia. ML should have been as it is in Farovian Sea, but many others I prolly should not have. For example Fahwahvia should really have had its own. And please STOP renaming pages if you are not going to fix what all you keep breaking. I advised you about this before with 2 ways to go about it, in which after renaming a page that has other pages linked too has resulted in breaking all those other pages. You have yet to fix those. I do not have time to go after fixing everything. Nor is it good practice to be testing things and making so many multiple edits one after another. There are other places where you can test things, a sandbox or create your own on your profile. For example after your user profile page put a '/' or for example like how user Esby has done here User:Esby/Tournament_Test or mine User:Kevin_"Hawk"_Fisher/Test as so. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 19:52, November 3, 2019 (UTC)
Nvm R-R-Eco, I finally got the time and got around to fixing your regarded mistakes discussed above since you have not done so yet. Sad to see that instead of contributing to the community and of learning how to do beyond basic level edits in wiki's you appear to have given up or gone away. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 03:46, February 22, 2020 (UTC)

Poles page modifications. Edit

Kevin, I have a level 1 Fariana Submarina, it requires 220 exp. per level. I know what I write, trust me. And the "or" between the poles is syntactically incorrect, better to use "e", or not to put anything at all. (btw, why did you add "or" only in some cases?)--R-R-Eco (talk) 11:10, November 2, 2019 (UTC)

Ok sorry, have had issues in the past where players has simply removed the strikethrough not understanding it represented the old leveling rate and without confirming that is the new sped up rate. I have added it back ... even though that does not make any sense it is higher rate needed then for addon poles. Addons normally slow down pole leveling. Not the reverse as is apparently this case. This would be a first.
Not sure why you are asking about the 'or' if you were going to remove them yet again. One should ask first if your prior edit was reverted instead of simply not understanding what they represent so simply removing it. Nor can we help IF that is syntactically incorrect or not, that is how it is displayed ingame. This has been coded on that page by all of the prior admin's going back as far as 2011, as it represents how it is used ingame. Unlike some areas where you need to do all the poles to quote unqoute finish that location, these mostly represent a choice. Typically this is a choice between Good vs Evil side route that players choose. Players choose either good pole OR choose evil pole. Originally (prior to 2011) they were separated into each own rows, but as they have all the same leveling rates and for same location, at some point they were simply combined with the word 'or' added to it as reflected ingame. This is also how it is reflected with Mo Tourny. For example: "San Digloo (Thu 7th)with Holy Liberator or Evil Obliterator"
FYI - The fish pages should rarely ever need categories added. The FishInfobox already is coded to automatically add the correct categories IF the fish page has all the implemented data input correctly. There is a few rare exceptions, a player invented a category for 'Eels', which is fine. Also while there is a cat for ODO / LTD, there is not one for 'Contests'. Those are the only two instances I can think of atm that one might need to manually input categories for fish pages. I also see that at least you noticed that all data, including adding categories MUST be inside the infobox .. not sure why that is. It really should not be, but meh it is. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 09:38, November 3, 2019 (UTC)
"that is how it is displayed ingame"? Where is displayed? Where? Are you talking abaout tournament pages (or fish request)? Good, can you understand that those are different situation? In tournament you can use one pole OR another (not both at the same time), and you can catch a fish with one pole OR another (except the multi-poles). But "OR" means "one and just one": you are saying that these values referres to only one pole, that is wrong! Saint god kevin, can you speak your own language? I appreciate that you want to follow the game rules, but you should follow the language rules first. In this case "or" is just wrong, you can use "and" or don't use anything and treat the poles as a list (is in fact the same).
What infobox?--R-R-Eco (talk) 10:41, November 3, 2019 (UTC)
I guess you missed the part where I stated it was done by many of the original admins and has been this way for years. So sorry but this is not about me mate, nor about you. This is a wiki for all. Nor was I the one that orginally done this. For example here is one of the older edits by admin Jasman from Apr 2010 which shows it originally had own rows [[6]] and here is another later by another admin D Rhodes after they had combined like poles into one row with the 'or' [[7]]. As this is a wiki, when it comes to matter of preference and what all is best for helping that player community. The PROPER way is to start a discussion about it on the Talk:Poles page and to arrive at a community consensus. Not to simply remove data that you (or another player) simply does not like. Again this is not about you, it is for the entire player community. Just because you do not see value, does not mean the rest will agree with that. Especially in this case in which there were several that have edited that way over many years, including me as the last and most recent one. Language rules comes secondary to consistency in how its displayed ingame (nor do I even agree with your language argument anyway, as stated it is one OR the other that the player has a choice of choosing from). I already gave you an ingame example of where above. I do have a preference as I do see where it can be helpful, but I am MORE concerned about consistency. IF it is done one way, then the rest of the poles should be done the same. So I am happy with w/e the player community consensus comes too. Saint, pfft! I was not the one that came around after many years and decided by myself to simply do away with data that has been around for so long, without trying to find out why it was that way or if others found value in it. Nor do I understand how when a player first starts an area and has a choice in which pole to choose from (again commonly for good/evil), how that is a different situation. Different from what? Icelantica IS different from Farovia Sea locations, in which Farovia Sea, one had to do all the poles and all the poles had its own each fish to catch, unlike Holy Liberator / Evil Obliterator which has mostly combined fish for both poles. Yes both poles also have pole exclusive fish, but the majority is normally combined between both poles. So I am not understanding why you fail to see a need for distinguishing such a difference. In Tourny, no you can not only use one OR the other, you have an option to use either / or. I have made some casts with one pole, then switched to the other to finish. Just like one does not have to just stick with good vs evil. One CAN do both, switching back n forth ... but the point is one does not need too in order to finish that island so in order to move on to the next one. This perhaps mattered moreso in the older more linear days then it does now, but it is still somewhat relevant since those older linear areas are still that way.
The infobox coded on every single Fish page ??? Like this one on Humptooth Fish in which first line is: {{FishInfo followed by several infobox fields to be filled in. Such as param, name, gold, pole, etc. The entire page of each and every fish is nothing but an infobox. It actually consists of 2 infoboxes, but meh minor detail. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 14:56, November 3, 2019 (UTC)
No I don't miss it, but the fact that many people are wrong for years is not a justification. As you said, this is a wiki for all, an I think that "all" deserve a site correct and clear, not a bad copy of what the game said; this isn't the FAQ section of FW, is an independent site and must be developed independently; your work as a contributor is to improve what has been done in the past and correct errors, not to leave everything the same because "has been this way for years".
No matter what i like or don't like: your version is wrong. WRONG! There's nothing to discuss, it's as if you wanted to discuss if fish is written with one or two F's. You can discuss the size of the page, or the appearance of tables, but an error is just an error!
As I said, the game uses "OR" for a different situation. Different! Different! Different! Different! Different! (Is clear enough?)
And language rules (as the correctness of the information) don't comes secondary to anything.
What choice? This is a table that show information, there's no choice involved. Are you at least able to distinguish things, Kevin?
"I already gave you an ingame example of where above", and I already said: it's another thing! I repeat: this isn't a part of FW, is another site: you can't simply copy the stuff written in FW, you have to write anything about FW with your words; otherwise we can be content to read the game site and close the wiki, don't you think?
I didn't delete any data, I just corrected the form. And yeah, I arrived just now, is a problem? It's the story of the world: a person arrived at a certain point and corrects the errors of years (and my first change was to correct values that had been wrong for years).
"without trying to find out why it was that way": I know why: people make mistake. "or if others found value in it": what the heck is this sentence? An error is objective, your (or my) opinion don't count.
You don't understand how that is a different situation. Are you retarded? No, seriously. Ok, I will explain it to you as I would explain it to a little child. You enter a candy store; you can buy the blue lollipop OR the red lollipop; the blue lollipop AND the red lollipop cost $1; you can buy only one lollipop, but both cost $1 (this is how children learn the OR and AND are two differnt word with two different meanings). In this table, if you say "Algaenite or Planktonite need 50 exp per level", you are asserting that that value only corresponds to one of those poles. The difference is conceptual, this is a table that shows data, those are your possibilities of play. ...forget about the "retarded", have you some OCD, Asperger or similar? (I have no medical knowledge, I could say nonsense). Because you seem to have no mental elasticity.
"I have made some casts with one pole, then switched to the other to finish": yes, but for each casts you con use one and just one pole (one OR the another), you can't use two pole at the same time, this table refers to both poles at the same time. (plus, again: is conceptual, first case are possibility, second are data).
In the end, if you don't understand something, there's no problem, just don't perpetrate your mistakes.
p.s. Ok, now I know what an infobox is, thanks.
p.p.s. about the Humptooth, what is th "g-c_tourney", I really can't figure it out. --R-R-Eco (talk) 18:08, November 3, 2019 (UTC)
another p.s. and why you don't use "or" for GG/DD and baby poles? At least be consistent. Seems like you are not capable of an original contribution. --R-R-Eco (talk) 18:08, November 3, 2019 (UTC)
Ok I will have to read it all more in depth later. But first yes I was thinking about the time and being that way for so long. But when so many has done it that way for such a period of time. No that does not mean it still is not wrong. However it should make one pause and wonder. To question why. For example:
  • Is it really wrong if so many have done it that way. Maybe that is simply my way of interpreting but apparently not others.
  • Or maybe they all have just missed or overlooked it? If so raise an objection about it and if others also see it that way, and consensus agrees with me. Then fine make changes.
  • Or maybe their is value to it that I simply did not see and understand myself? If so then ask, again by raising an objection to it plus asking. If others do see a value in it even if I do not, so be it. It is helpful to others even if I disagree.
But the point is you should not just simply change it and do away with data that has been coded so long by so many others. Instead this should be addressed on a Talk page. And there you go again with "an I think" Right after you agreed this is wiki for the community. Smh. You are not getting it mate. It is not about what you think or what I think. It should be what the FW community thinks. YOU think it is wrong, and I and apparently many others including admins do not think it is wrong. What part of this is for ALL are you not getting mate? It should be a consensus on what they ALL think. I think you are wrong, but again that is irrelevant what I think ... it is ALL. A player has choice, hence the word OR. A player can choose to start with Holy Liberator pole OR they can choose to start with Evil Obliterator pole. Once done they finish that part of the story and move on to the next. Again I am failing to understand how you can not see that. But again I MUST stress, that is irrelevant, it should be what the consensus thinks. Until then long standing pages should not be simply changed. Especially ones that were done by admins.
Looking at your end, you apparently really do not get it. NO, the baby poles do not apply. You must do both poles for each island, it is not an OR situation. It is the same thing with Fancy Rifle-pole in which you start that after the other two. However, GG/DD prolly should be, so I missed one after all of those multiple edits you did. Will have to have a look later to ensure it is Good/Evil area like I think it is. You even gave an excellent example .. and yet are still missing it. So let me explain it to you like you are a child 'rolls my eyes'. "you can buy the blue lollipop OR the red lollipop; the blue lollipop AND the red lollipop cost $1" Now substitute can either buy a Blue Good pole, OR can buy a Red Evil pole for $x Gold. This IS the choice, and hence the word OR. That table is not about BUYING mate, it is about leveling up that pole you had to make a choice in order to buy. The way the game and story goes, most buy one OR the other, then move on to continue the rest of that G/E route. They do not buy both, only certain areas is that more of a requirement, such as the baby areas. Or WaterPort doing all those 3 poles then moving on to Fishertonville. Those would be And. Now IF that table was about purchasing, then yes I would agree leave off that OR, but its about pole leveling depending upon which one you purchased (OR), unless you needed to purchase them all (AND). No Gold amount is listed in that table at all, nor makes any difference in this regard. I do however see your point, that it could be construed as the pole leveling value only corresponds to one of those poles ... but that does not make any sense. If so, then which one and why is there not something to indicate which one. Especially when you can see other poles have its own rows. So uhm apparently that can not be it and the OR must be refering to something else. I wonder how come no one has been confused by this after all these years now? Why is that you seem to be the first? Could it possibly be in how YOU think and are interpreting it? Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 20:26, November 3, 2019 (UTC)
p.s. As to your Different and ingame examples. When a player typically goes to Icelantica, due to lack of gold as one typically struggles with needing gold, most players typically choose between Holy Liberator OR Evil Obliterator. A player does not need to do both to finish that part of the story or set of Islands, unlike for example with WaterPort, Fishertonville of baby Fahwahvah islands. This is a choice between poles ingame, so sorry mate but that is NOT different. The same with Parribea in which Mousso builds you the first pole, that is a choice once again of OR, you can only choose one. Not different at all. Or once again at Shipwreck Explorer in the story itself for Ch #2 in which it states in the next to last sentence "After collecting the above requirements, Earl gave us the choice between his various hand-made, heavy-duty spear guns: the Sling Spear, Torpedo Spear, or Electro Spear." Or on tons of Fish pages itself, like the ShoGun Fish listing "Min. Req: Level 10 Algaenite or Planktonite". To paraphrase you "Are you retarded?" and how are you not seeing all of these ingame examples (hundreds just on fish pages alone) in which a player MUST choose one or the other poles for various reasons. How are you not seeing how none of these are different, the only difference is why one might need to make that choice. Mousso only builds you one, other times player does not have enough gold, Earl gives you a choice, etc. Yet they are all a choice of which pole one can purchase / obtain and use ingame.
p.p.s. "What choice?" My p.s. has already addressed this above. This is a table in which a player already had to make a choice of which one they had to purchase / obtain will take to level. For example with my Holy Liberator or Evil Obliterator pole that I had to make a choice to purchase, how much Exp will it require to level up. They can typically only choose one of those poles to equip because they will likely only have the one (until much later after finishing up most of one or both regions).
p.p.p.s. ""without trying to find out why it was that way": I know why: people make mistake." Wrong. You assumed that was the reason. That is not the reason at all. The best I can say is you are interpreting it differently then apparently most others are. Including how Joe Faron has interpreted it, Jasman, D Rhodes, myself and many others. Like I stated before, yes just because it has been that way for so long does not mean it is not wrong and/or has not been overlooked. But when so many others has specifically phrased it that way, one should be questioning why. That imho is common sense and critical thinking. Why has so many others apparently missed what I think I am seeing or interpreting, when they are clearly and specifically wording it differently to my perception and interpretation? The answer could still be they are wrong, but it is really bad to simply assume that was their reason(s). Anyway, continuing to argue here is not going to accompolish anything. Nor for any wiki is that the proper way of going about making such edits, one person coming around and simply deciding everyone else was wrong. This is not R-R-Eco Wiki. As I stated before, simply open up a discussion on the poles talk page and let a consensus of ALL come to a conclusion. IF what you say is so true, then it should not be that difficult for others to see your point of view and agree with you. I doubt this based on the past history of so many, but who knows, will not find out until an open discussion is done. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 05:13, November 6, 2019 (UTC)

How to FAQ Page - No BS Ver 2.020 Edit

Hi Kevin,
Msg me on FB please or some chat service. Id like to discuss a few goals in case FW Wiki loses contributor help in the future. I know of the way to update pages I have for years, yet I believe your reformating a lot of older pages in a newer way. If I can do a few older Fish page that way, Id appreciate that too.

Compete NOW 15 casts left

Season: Feb '20 - New Farovia leave?
Today: Day 21 of 29 - ends in 7 hours
Details: Monsoon Lagoon (Today) Mission Recovery 

Mission Recovery was a pole Id like to unlock today yet its taking FOREVER just to do the first quest! As I'm not sure how to adjust all except by switching to the source tab, I came here first. Perhaps we can add a HOW TO" FAQ page to help others Edit or create new pages , do it simply & all other pages to adjust accordingly in time without too much effort. What do you think? Set up a system for a Wiki to game that doesn't wanna call it quits! :) Jeydo (talk) 23:25, February 21, 2020 (UTC)

Sent you msg on FB. Yes Fandom wiki has changed many things over the years, so trying to keep FW inline with some of those as well as make some backend structure changes hopefully to make few things run smoother and/or easier to edit in future.
A 'How to FAQ' sounds like a great idea. There are places in wiki such info for the most part can be found, but am sure that is not as easy to find. So page for this would be nice. For example with the Mission Recovery pole, on its own page there is a note that one needs to complete the first Dirigible pole before can get to this one. It should also have a link to the story page on Mission Recovery page too (but that was not added at time since I or someone else like User:Miyuki Emi) had not gotten that far into story yet). Will add it now. So is also info on story page on what all is needed to do before can unlock and get to that pole. But a page specifically to answer all of these would be nice and easier to find hopefully. Just that I do not have the time in the foreseeable future to do this. Hopefully you can get to it. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 03:31, February 22, 2020 (UTC)

Tragedy Reef Fish - Deputy Edit

A bunch of the Tragedy Reef fish are listed without the "Fish" part at the end, especially ones pertaining to the Deputy Quests. They need to be renamed. Miyuki Emi (talk) 06:33, February 27, 2020 (UTC)

That is because that is how they are named ingame. For example the first 'Chuck' fish, is just called Chuck ingame Chuck as opposed to the 'Poisoned Prawn Fish' which has the fish listed as part of the name Poisoned Prawn Fish. But now that you mention it ... its mostly (if not all) the Deputy pole fish that this is lacking. It appears that all the Remediator pole fish does have it as part of the name :/ Anyway, I chose for consistency to keep it as-is ingame, but feel free to rename them if you wish and think it should be. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher ( talk ) 16:29, February 27, 2020 (UTC)
That's fine. We can leave it as the in-game ones then. Miyuki Emi (talk) 00:34, February 28, 2020 (UTC)
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