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Am very much a FishWrangler newbie, but interested in possibly contributing to the Wiki in some way. Someone today suggested I add something I'd answered in a help thread (on linking fish catches to their profile wall), so figured I'd at least have a look around. But... (aint there always a but??) not only am I a game newbie, I've never contributed to a Wiki before, so am slowly working my way through tutorial & help pages. Basic HTML I'm ok with, never even heard of 'wikimarkup' until 5mins ago. I do great spelling and punctuation, though!

I'm also pretty cautious of offending when I'm not sure of etiquette.

Off into the deep I go...

(Bronze Award)
Awarded to Tania A for her contributions to the Fish Wrangler Wiki.

MarcD 14:24, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

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