Trolling Net

Trolling Net

Restocking Fee:
0 shells
10000 gold
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Trolling Net Resource Page

Description: The Trolling Net and the fish between the various islands had been discussed for years... Finally, Earl has crafted his newest work of art that enables wranglers to troll the waters they voyage across. If you're ever lucky enough, you'll receive a notification from the Deckhands of your prized catch! You'll need to re-purchase the Trolling Net after each catch.

Trolling will slow your boat down by about 10%. Remember to deactivate it when you'd like to travel faster.

Caught X of 2 “Open-Sea Fish” NEW FEATURE! After years of discussion, Earl has finally figured out how to craft a Trolling Net to catch some of the most ellusive fish of all! They're known as “Open Sea Fish” and exist only between locations! In order to catch one, you must purchase the Trolling Net and start travelling!

Shortly after arrival to a new location, a Deckhand will check your Trolling Net and notify you of any catches! Good luck and Tight Nets! -The Cap'n

IMPORTANT - You must travel a minimum of 2 minutes in order to activate the Trolling Net. You will encounter notifications of any misses (usually) and catches (near extinction).

This resource can be purchased from Earl for 10,000 gold. It lasts until a fish is caught in the Open Seas Fish during a trip, at which point another must be purchased in order to continue trolling. Check your Net here: Link

Here's a list of Open Seas Fish you can currently catch with the Trolling Net:

Note: There are also three Open Seas fish which can be caught shuttling between Farovia and Roperia and so do NOT require use of the Trolling Net.

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