Fish List of Ten Year Storm Edit

Below is a list of the fish in all of Ten Year Storm. Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that fish.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden.

Mighty Miny Fish Emo Clown Fish Frozen Gunk Fish Mansion Crab Fish Beer Bottle Fish
Mighty-miny Emo-clown Frozen-gunk hidden Mansion-crab hidden Beer-bottle hidden
Colossal Chameleon Fish Reptilian Hate Fish Enraged Lucha Fish Red Eye Diablo Frog Fish Happy Hour Fish
Colossal-chameleon hidden Reptilian-hate hidden Enraged-lucha hidden Red-eye-diablo-frog hidden Happy-hour hidden
Lenguatic Bass Fish Wooly Steer Fish Winged Flame Fish Howler Fish Vampiric Widocto Fish
Lenguatic-bass hidden Wooly-steer hidden Winged-flame hidden Howler hidden Vampiric-widocto hidden
Pardy too Hardy Fish Snowkly Fish What the Flock Fish Flowery Weed Horse Fish Godly Crab Fish
Pardy-too-hardy hidden Snowkly hidden What-the-flock hidden Flowery-weed-horse hidden Godly-crab hidden
Winged Sun Fish Fish Plarwhal Fish Breaded Moth Ray Fish Lightning Marlin Fish Longfin Stealth Shark Fish
Winged-sun hidden Plarwhal hidden Breaded-moth-ray hidden Lightning-marlin hidden Longfin-stealth-shark hidden
Mountainous Snapper Fish Giant Globster Fish Loopy Liger Fish Golden Knight Fish Stormy Charybdis Fish
Mountainous-snapper hidden Giant-globster hidden Loopy-liger hidden Golden-knight hidden Stormy-charybdis
Prosthetic Vet Fish Fried Brain Fish Rainbow Chain Octo Fish Communication Crab Fish Cherry Bandit Fish
Prosthetic-vet hidden Fried-brain hidden Rainbow-chain-octo hidden Communication-crab hidden Cherry-bandit hidden
Ocular Ray Fish Time Traveler Turtle Fish Man Over Eater Fish Egyptian Jelly Fish Winged Death Fish
Ocular-ray hidden Time-traveler-turtle hidden Man-over-eater hidden Egyptian-jelly hidden Winged-death hidden
Dark Medusa Fish Mandrill O War Fish Sea Trinicorn Fish Doomed Destroyer Fish Reigning Deity Fish
Dark-medusa hidden Mandrill-o-war hidden Sea-trinicorn hidden Doomed-destroyer hidden Reigning-deity hidden

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