Fish List of Sig's Underwater LabEdit

Below is a list of the mutated fish that can be found in Sig's Underwater Lab areas. Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that fish.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden.

The fish of Sig's Underwater Lab come in two varieties. Those that can normally be found in Farovia... and Mutated versions that replace the normal versions as the specific mixes are unlocked. For a list of fish per island, please see the respective island's Fish page.

Regular Fish
Necktie Eel Fish Red Diablo Shark Fish Siberian Tiger Shark Fish Samurai Fish Chainsaw Marlin Fish
Necktie Eel Hidden Red diablo Hidden Siberian Tiger Shark Hidden Samurai Fish Hidden Chainsaw marlin Hidden
Suave Fish Speckled Hate Fish Sting Ray Fish Mammoth Squid Fish Octo Fish
Suave Hidden Speckled Hate Hidden Sting Ray Hidden Mammoth Squid Hidden Octo Hidden
Peccant Fish Spotted Eagle Ray Fish King Crab Fish Red Lobsta Fish Rock Fish
Peccant Hidden Spotted-eagleray King-crab Hidden Red lobsta shadow Rock Hidden
Fire Lion Fish Peanut Jelly Fish Lantern Fish Fiddler Crab Fish Joan of Arc Fish
Fire-Lion Hidden Peanut-jelly Lantern Fiddler-crab Joan of Arc Hidden
Squid Vicious Fish Flamyro Fish T850 Fish Octo Magma Fish Razor Shark Fish
Squid-vicious Flamyro Shadow T850 Octo-magma Razor shark Hidden
Toro Fish Grim Fish Red Lust Prize Fish
Toro Hidden Grim Hidden Red-lust
Mutated Fish
Bowtie Eel Fish Great Diablo Shark Fish Siberian Liger Shark Fish ShoGun Fish Meat Grinder Marlin Fish
Bowtie-eel hidden Great-diablo-shark hidden Siberian-liger-shark hidden Shogun hidden Meat-grinder-marlin hidden
Reeko Suave Fish Spectacled Hate Fish Eyeball Ray Fish Woolly Squid Fish Octo Octo Fish
Reeko Suave hidden Spectacled Hate Fish hidden Eyeball-ray hidden Wooly-squid hidden Octo-octo hidden
Mutahnt Fish Winged Ray Fish Kingdom Crab Fish Electropian Lobsta Fish Diamond Rock Fish
Mutant-hidden Winged-ray hidden Kingdom-crab hidden Electropian-lobsta hidden Diamond-rock hidden
Flamion Fish Giant PBJ Fish Spotlight Fish Band Crab Fish Joan of Enjer Fish
Flamion hidden Giant-pbj hidden Spotlight hidden Band-crab hidden Joan-of-enjer hidden
Squid Murderous Fish Flaymzor Fish O850 Fish Magma Octo Fish Razorback Fish
Squid-murderous hidden Flaymzor hidden O850 hidden Magma-octo hidden Razorback hidden
Sir Sigfried Fish Reaper Fish Madcow Fish Igor the Algae Fish Igor the Plankton Fish
Sir-sigs-secret-sub Reaper hidden Madcow hidden Igor-the-algae hidden Igor-the-plankton hidden
Plangaepus Fish

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