Fish List of Shipwreck Explorer Edit

Below is a list of the fish in all of Shipwreck Explorer. Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that fish.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden.

Tarpit Tang Fish Still Slug Fish Four Sheets Jelly Fish Shipfaced Shrimp Fish Foamy Squid Fish
Tarpit Tang hidden Still Slug hidden Four-sheets-jelly-fish hidden Shipfaced-shrimp hidden Foamy-squid hidden
Enlightened Priestess Fish Wandering Warrior Fish Eeligaturtle Fish Killer Keg Fish Wonder Wench Fish
Enlightened Priestess hidden Wandering Warrior hidden Eeligaturtle hidden Killer Keg hidden Wonder Wench hidden
Leopard Hound Fish Heartburn Octo Fish Electric Razor Eel Fish Whiskey Wolf Fish Wreckage Ray Fish
Leopard-hound hidden Heartburn Octo hidden Electric Razor Eel hidden Whiskey-wolf hidden Wreckage-ray hidden
Sailfin Eel Fish Humongous Hermit Crab Fish Rocking Sea Horse Fish Rusty Ram Fish Mine Squid Fish
Sailfi-eel hidden Humongous-hermit-crab hidden Rocking Sea Horse hidden Rusty Ram hidden Mine Squid hidden
Balance Ray Fish Scavenger Shark Fish Cave Monster Fish Solar Flare Fish Electric Krakken Fish
Balance Ray hidden Scavenger-shark hidden Cave-monster hidden Solar Flare hidden Electric Krakken hidden
Medusa Mine Fish Arsenal Octo Fish Parasite Evolved Fish Hammer Crab Fish Puffer Octo Fish
Medusa-mine hidden Arsenal-octo hidden Parasite-evolved hidden Hammer-crab hidden Puffer-octo hidden
Gulper Eel Fish Barbfin Fish Winghead Shark Fish Horizontal Shark Fish Hellfire Shark Fish
Gulper-eel hidden Barbfin hidden Winghead-shark hidden Horizontal Shark hidden Hellfire Shark hidden
Sabertooth Fish Fangtooth Fish Grave Robber Squid Fish Torpedo Squid Fish Squid Psychotic Fish
Sabertooth hidden Fangtooth hidden Grave-robber-squid hidden Torpedo-squid hidden Squid Psychotic hidden
Graveyard Diablo Fish Chainsaw Massacre Fish Tentacle of Terror Fish Sig Sanctorio Fish
Graveyard Diablo hidden Chainsaw Massacre hidden Tentacle-of-terror hidden Sig Sanctorio hidden

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