Fish List of RoperiaEdit

Below is a list of the fish in Roperia. Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that fish.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden.

Ocular Fish Ratty Fish Box Fish Alley Fish Crooked Fish
Ocular hidden Ratty hidden Box hidden Alley hidden Crooked hidden
Pigeon Puffer Fish Blue Gill Fish Gull Fish Roid Fish Razor Wire Eel Fish
Pigeon puffer hidden Blue gill hidden Gull hidden Roid hidden Razor wire eel hidden
Anchorhead Shark Fish Hero Fish Hermit Crab Fish Heap Turtle Fish Concrete Fish
Anchorhead shark hidden Hero hidden Hermit crab hidden Heap turtle hidden Concrete hidden
Working Fish Scraper Fish Clown Fish Stank Fish Pox Fish
Working hidden Scraper hidden Clown hidden Stank hidden Pox hidden
Ladies Knight Fish Black Widocto Fish Wonder Fish Modern Fish Assassin Fish
Ladies knight hidden Black widocto hidden Wonder hidden Modern hidden Assassin hidden
Derby Fish Czar Fish Sweeper Fish Siesta Fish Spite Fish
Derby hidden Czar hidden Sweeper hidden Siesta hidden Spite hidden
Haight Fish Whacker Eel Fish Mantis Fish Rose Fish Sod Eel Fish
Haight hidden Whacker eel hidden Mantis hidden Rose hidden Sod eel hidden
Root Horse Fish Dandy Lion Fish Butter Fish Sea Unicorn Fish Paddle Fish
Root horse hidden Dandy lion hidden Butter hidden Sea unicorn hidden Paddle hidden
Satyr Fish Static Urchin Fish Puncture Fish Steel Eel Fish Morringa Eel Fish
Satyr hidden Static urchin hidden Puncture hidden Steel eel hidden Morringa eel hidden
Lugh Fish Raven Fish Fairy Fish Elf Fish Goblin Fish
Lugh hidden Raven hidden Fairy hidden Elf hidden Goblin hidden
Sleipnirpus Fish Midgard Eel Fish Baby Dragon Fish Trolling Fish Warlock Fish
Sleipnirpus hidden Midgard eel hidden Baby dragon hidden Trolling hidden Warlock hidden
Pelican Shark Fish Screamer Fish Beast Fish Succubus Ray Fish Storm Fish
Pelican shark hidden Screamer hidden Beast hidden Succubus ray hidden Storm hidden
Locust Fish Armored Hell Fish Blood Fish Lamb Fish Archangel Fish
Locust hidden Armored hell hidden Blood hidden Lamb hidden Archangel hidden
Apocalypse Eel Fish Fungus Fish Beaver Fish Skunk Fish Rojo Fish
Apocalypse eel hidden Fungus hidden Beaver hidden Skunk hidden Rojo hidden
Axehead Shark Fish Ram Fish Sequoia Fish Heavenly Shark Fish Marshmallow Puffer Fish
Axehead-shark hidden Ram hidden Sequoia hidden Heavenly-shark hidden Marshmallow-puffer hidden
Wrangler Fish Cactus Shark Fish Moose Fish Snapping Turtle Fish Gastric Fish
Wrangler hidden Cactus-shark hidden Moose hidden Snapping-turtle hidden Gastric hidden
Steamer Shark Fish Chipmunk Fish Owl Puffer Fish Mite Shark Fish Sturgeon Fish
Steamer hidden Chipmunk hidden Owl-puffer hidden Mite-shark hidden Sturgeon hidden
Grizzly Fish Redwood Whale Fish Sword Squid Fish Loon Ray Fish Trapper Shark Fish
Grizzly hidden Redwood-whale hidden Sword-squid hidden Loon-ray hidden Trapper-shark hidden
X510 Fish Donkey Fish Streak Shark Fish Pinstriper Fish Earthmover Fish
X510 hidden Donkey hidden Streak-shark hidden Pinstriper hidden Earthmover hidden
Babe Fish Martian Fish White Dwarf Fish Radio Roach Fish Tribble Fish
Babe hidden Martian hidden White-dwarf hidden Radio-roach hidden Tribble hidden
Orbit Fish Blackhole Fish Milky Eel Fish Puppet Fish Saturn Shark Fish
Orbit hidden Blackhole hidden Milky-eel hidden Puppet hidden Saturn-shark hidden
Shooting Star Fish Cosmic Dust Fish Wormhole Fish Needle Tube Fish Aleinus Fish
Shooting-star hidden Cosmic-dust hidden Wormhole hidden Needle-tube hidden Aleinus hidden
Rancor Fish Supernova Shark Fish Andromeda Jelly Fish Naut Fish Unopus Fish
Rancor hidden Supernova-shark hidden Andromeda-jelly hidden Naut hidden Unopus hidden
Phonea Fish Trojan Fish Icarus Fish Philosophish Fish Cyclopian Fish
Phonea hidden Trojan hidden Icarus hidden Philosophish hidden Cyclopian hidden
Fleece Fish Hades Shark Fish Charybdis Fish Colossal Squid Fish Centaur Shark Fish
Fleece hidden Hades-shark hidden Charybdis hidden Colossal-squid hidden Centaur-shark hidden
Poseidon Marlin Fish Pegasus Ray Fish Artemis Fish Chimera Eel Fish Cerberus Shark Fish
Poseidon-marlin hidden Pegasus-ray hidden Artemis hidden Chimera-eel hidden Cerberus-shark hidden
Gladiaocto Fish Herculean Fish Hydra Squid Fish Zeus Eel Fish Harpy Ray Fish
Gladiaocto hidden Herculean hidden Hydra-squid hidden Zeus-eel hidden Harpy-ray hidden
Medusa Jelly Fish Phalanx Fish Typhoeus Fish
Medusa-jelly hidden Phalanx hidden Typhoeus hidden

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