Fish List of Mermaid CoveEdit

Below is a list of all 60 fish in Mermaid Cove region. Click on the images to access more detailed info about that fish.

These fish can be found in one of its three islands of Rainbow Rising, Rainbow Rubble, and Rainbow Ridge.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden.

Classy Clam Fish Toxinated Urchin Fish Octomaid Fish Sun Soaked Crab Fish Starfish Eel Fish
Classy-clam Toxinated-urchin Octomaid Sun-soaked-crab Starfish-eel
Fanged Camo Flattie Fish Damsel Protector Fish Roller Ray Fish Swashbuckled Suave Fish Rudder Shark Fish
Fanged-camo-flattie Damsel-protector Roller-ray Swashbuckled-suave Rudder-shark
Clamsiere Fish Siren Crab Fish Big Ears Fish Venus Flemonee Fish
Clamsiere Siren-crab Big-ears Venus-flemonee
Cow Ray Fish Gireel Fish Rainbow Rising & Rainbow Rubble
Cow-ray Gireel
Flower Hat Jelly Fish Reciprifish Fish Grass Eel Fish Spotted Gar Fish Rainbow Glider Fish
Flower-hat-jelly Reciprifish Grass-eel Spotted-gar Rainbow-glider
Bramble Ray Fish Spotted Goby Fish Blue Unicorn Fish Emerging Darkness Shark Fish Shutter Eye Fish
Bramble-ray Spotted-goby Blue-unicorn Emerging-darkness-shark Shutter-eye
Whirly Fish Starlin Fish Parrot Puffer Fish Blob Blob Fish Spikey le Blue Fish
Whirly Starlin Parrot-puffer Blob-blob Spikey-le-blue
Whipray Fish Lonely Soul Fish Red Ribbon Fish Silver Ribbon Fish Merman Shark Fish
Whipray Lonely-soul Red-ribbon Silver-ribbon Merman-shark
Mermaid Shark Fish Lava Lamprey Fish Volcanic Grouper Fish
Mermaid-shark Lava-lamprey Volcanic-grouper
Goofy Trigger Fish Samurai Sail Fish Trevorlly Fish Articulator Fish Rainbow Rubble & Rainbow Ridge
Goofy-trigger Samurai-sail Trevorlly Articulator
Snish Fish Jawlock Angler Fish Capriner Fish Sparkling Squid Fish Trident Shark Fish
Snish Jawlock-angler Capriner Sparkling-squid Trident-shark
Coral Shark Fish Phorcys Ray Fish Camel Ray Fish Holiwhale Fish Racer Dolphin Fish
Coral-shark Phorcys-ray Camel-ray Holiwhale Racer-dolphin
Huss Shark Fish Firebelly Fish Lobsaw Fish Eelee Fish Armour Shark Fish
Huss-shark Firebelly Lobsaw Eelee Armour-shark
Ragged Sawfish Fish Sirene Fish
Ragged-sawfish Sirene

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