Fish List of Lucidia Preserve Edit

Below is a list of the fish in all of Lucidia Preserve. Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that fish.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden.

Butterfly Fish Toad Fish Distressed Damsel Fish Red Snapper Fish Seabra Fish
Butterfly Hidden Toad Hidden Distressed Damsel Hidden Red Snapper Hidden Seabra Hidden
Goat Fish Golden Goby Fish Fallen Angel Fish Reflector Fish Itchy Trigger Fish
Goat Hidden Golden-Goby Hidden Fallen-Angel Hidden Reflector Hidden Itchy-Trigger Hidden
Porcupine Fish Lizard Fish Cleaner Fish Dagger Fish Rabbit Fish
Porcupine Hidden Lizard Hidden Cleaner Hidden Dagger Hidden Rabbit Hidden
Felion Fish Trunk Fish Funnel Eel Fish Mandarin Fish Scorpion Fish
Felion Hidden Trunk Hidden Funnel-Eel Hidden Mandarin Hidden Scorpion Hidden
Crustacean Fish Vomit Squid Fish Medicinal Star Fish Neon Leach Fish Popping Puffer Fish
Crustacean-hidden Vomit-squid-hidden Medicinal-star Neon Leach hidden Popping-Puffer hidden
Haz-Mat Fish Melting Manta Ray Fish Cautious Conch Snail Fish Feathered Filter Fish Coral Carp Fish
Haz-mat hidden Melting-manta-ray hidden Cautious-conch-snail hidden Feathered-filter hidden Coral-carp hidden
Carrier Crab Fish Invurtle Fish Farty Box Fish Acid Rainbow Trout Fish Sneaky Stone Fish
Carrier-crab Invurtle-hidden Farty-hidden Acid-rainbow-trout hidden Sneaky-hidden
Scaly Barracuda Fish Toxic Slug Fish Poisonpus Fish Spiny Dragonet Fish Razortip Reef Shark Fish
Scaly-barracuda hidden Toxic-slug hidden Poisonpus hidden Spiny-dragonet hidden Razortip-reef-shark hidden
Heartworm Fish Gramma Fish Pollen Fish Shovelhead Fish Brittle Star Fish
Heartworm-hidden Gramma hidden Pollen-hidden Shovelhead-hidden Brittle-Star-hidden
Shelter Jelly Fish Vacuum Octo Fish Bristle Eel Fish Crystalline Fish Sun Ray Fish
Shelter-jelly-hidden Vacuum-Octo-hidden Bristle-Eel-hidden Crystalline-hidden Sun-ray-hidden
Queen Angel Fish Ramming Ray Fish Heartless Hawk Fish Pick Axe Shark Fish Grazer Fish
Queen-angel-hidden Ramming-ray-hidden Heartless-hawk-hidden Pick-axe-shark-hidden Grazer-hidden
Spearing Eel Fish Barbed Octo Fish Goblin Shark Fish Fringeface Fish Stargazer Fish
Spearing-eel-hidden Barbed-octo-hidden Goblin-shark-hidden Fringeface-hidden Stargazer-hidden
Titan Trigger Fish Red Lust Prize Fish
Titan-trigger-hidden Red-lust

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