Fish List of FaroviaEdit

Below is a list of the fish in the Sea of Farovia. Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that fish.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden.

Miny Fish Miss Miny Fish Catty Fish Cubey Fish Loafy Fish
Miny Hidden Miss-miny Hidden Catty Hidden Cubey Hidden Loafy Hidden
Mime Fish Fiesta Fish Emo Fish Hippie Fish Tiger Shark Fish
Mime Hidden Fiesta Hidden Emo Hidden Hippie Hidden Tiger shark Hidden
Vampire Fish Ninja Fish Hate Fish Grim Fish Coconut Fish
Vampire Hidden Ninja Hidden Hate Hidden Grim Hidden Coconut
Bay Fish Sea Tortoise Fish Twig Fish Acorn Sea Slug Fish Blossom Fish
Bay Hidden Sea-tortise Twig Hidden Acorn-seaslug Blossom
Woodpecker Fish Poison Oak Fish Cornucopia Fish Houdini Fish Duct Tape Eel Fish
Woodpecker Poison-oak Cornucopia Houdini Hidden Duct-tape-eel
Shard Fish Mechanic Fish Wanderer Fish Pioneer Fish Sun Fish
Shard Mechanic-turtle Wanderer Pioneer Sun Hidden
Flyin Fish Shell Fish Target Fish Sniper Fish Marshall Fish
Flyin Hidden Shell Target Sniper Marshall
Witch Fish Squire Fish Viking Fish Ironess Fish Prince Fish
Witch Squire Hidden Viking Hidden Ironess Prince
Merlin Fish Arthurian Fish Foamy Fish Roadkill Ray Fish Wither Fish
Merlin Arthurian Foamy Hidden Roadkill Ray Hidden Wither
Devil Ray Fish Needlenose Shark Fish Vampress Fish Werewolf Miny Fish Graveskeeper Fish
Devil-ray Hidden Needlenose-shark Vampress Werewolf-miny Graveskeeper
Sapphire Shark Fish Red Diablo Shark Fish Toro Fish Putrid Fish Ferret Eel Fish
Sapphire Shark Hidden Red diablo Hidden Toro Hidden Putrid Hidden Ferret-eel hidden
Joan of Farovia Fish Joan of Arc Fish Azul Fish Suave Fish Chainsaw Marlin Fish
Joan of farovia Hidden Joan of Arc Hidden Azul Hidden Suave Hidden Chainsaw marlin Hidden
Rock Fish Dr Deceit Fish Glider Fish Scitzo Shark Fish Razor Shark Fish
Rock Hidden Dr Deceit Shadow Glider hidden Scitzo Hidden Razor shark Hidden
T150 Fish Bat Fish Sub Fish Vet Fish Purpy Fish
T150 Bat Sub Vet Purpy
Matador Fish Striped Diablo Fish Great White Shark Fish Loco Fish T50 Fish
Matador Striped Diablo Hidden Great-white-shark Loco T50
Sea Crocodile Fish Radioactive Fish Necktie Eel Fish Mammoth Squid Fish Sting Ray Fish
Sea-crocodile Radioactive Necktie Eel Hidden Mammoth Squid Hidden Sting Ray Hidden
Siberian Tiger Shark Fish Speckled Hate Fish Samurai Fish Peccant Fish King Crab Fish
Siberian Tiger Shark Hidden Speckled Hate Hidden Samurai Fish Hidden Peccant Hidden King-crab Hidden
Blackhawk Ray Fish Octo Fish Spotted Eagle Ray Fish Red Lobsta Fish Squid Vicious Fish
Blackhawk-ray Octo Hidden Spotted-eagleray Red lobsta shadow Squid-vicious
Lantern Fish Peanut Jelly Fish Fiddler Crab Fish T850 Fish Fireball Fish
Lantern Peanut-jelly Fiddler-crab T850 Fireball Hidden
Lighter Fish Boiling Fish Demon Sea Horse Fish Firehose Eel Fish Cherry Bomb Fish
Lighter Hidden Boiling Hidden Demon sea horse Hidden Firehose eel Hidden Cherry bomb hidden
Firefly Fish Volcano Rock Fish Fire Lion Fish Magmaniac Fish Tubeworm Fish
Firefly Hidden Volcano Rock Hidden Fire-Lion Hidden Magma-mussel Hidden Tubeworm Hidden
Flamyro Fish Melted Cubey Fish Skeletor Fish Nebula Fish Fire Fighter Fish
Flamyro Shadow Melted Cubey Shadow Skeletor Nebula Fire-fighter
Jumpsuit Jerry Fish Octo Magma Fish Red Lust Prize Fish Earl Ness Monster Fish Golden Fish
Jumpsuit-jerry Octo-magma Red-lust Earlness-monster Golden
Cursed Arthurian Fish Dweller Fish
Cursed arthurian hidden Dweller

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