Fish List of Fahwahvia

Below is a list of the fish that can be found in the Baby areas of Fahwahvia. (This is a unofficial region name until one is made but includes the islands of Wahwahport , Wahwahville, and Wahwah Crescent (really liked Wahwahblew & Wahwahbabyblue too!)

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NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden.

Tiny Fish Cuttie Fish Kitty Fish Fiesa Fish Nanja Fish
Tiny hidden812 Cuttie hidden Kitty hidden Fiesa hidden Nanja hidden
Weemo Fish Mimi Fish Ippie Fish Wampire Fish Ate Fish
Weemo hidden Mimi hidden Ippie hidden Wampire hidden Ate hidden
Gwim Fish Wed Dialo Fish Kai Fish
Gwim hidden Wed-dialo hidden Kai hidden
Mizz Tiny Fish Doan Arovia Fish Zool Fish Pwincess Fish Stwiped Dialo Fish
Mizz-tiny hidden Doan-arovia hidden Zool hidden Pwincess hidden Stwiped dialo hidden
Elwis Fish Sawtoof Fish Tigey Shawk Fish Doan Ovark Fish Wobsta Fish
Elwis hidden Sawtoof hidden Tigey shawk hidden Doan ovark hidden Wobsta hidden
Itzo Fish Sting Way Fish Wock Fish
Itzo hidden Sting ray hidden Wock hidden
Wider Fish Wayzer Fish Dasweet Fish Madador Fish Rate Wide Shawk Fish
Wider 0hidden Wayzer 5hidden [[Dasweet Fish?|125px|link=Dasweet Fish?]] Madador 20hidden Rate-wide 30bpahidden
Baba Fish Coco Fish T5 Fish T15 Fish Puppie Fish
Baba 30rrhidden [[Coco Fish?|125px|link=Coco Fish?]] [[T5 Fish?|125px|link=T5 Fish?]] [[T15 Fish?|125px|link=T15 Fish?]] [[Puppie Fish?|125px|link=Puppie Fish?]]
Wadio Fish Ubb Fish Red Lust Prize Fish Weller Fish Farovian Tournament Shark Fish
[[Wadio Fish?|125px|link=Wadio Fish?]] [[Ubb Fish?|125px|link=Ubb Fish?]] Red-lust Weller 80hidden Farovian-tournament-shark hidden

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