Fish List of Castout CreekEdit

Below is a list of the fish in Castout Creek. Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that fish.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden.

Ginger Fish Cuckoo Shark Fish Pipe Fish Umbrella Puffer Fish Cavity Shark Fish
Ginger hidden Cuckoo-shark hidden Pipe hidden Umbrella-puffer hidden Cavity-shark hidden
Intestinal Eel Fish Pill Popper Fish Tiki Fish Gingerbread Fish Sanctorious Fish
Intestinal-eel hidden Pill-popper hidden Tiki hidden Gingerbread hidden Sanctorious hidden
Ocular Octo Fish Cupcake Crab Fish Bleeding Heart Octo Fish
Ocular-octo hidden Cupcake-crab hidden Bleeding-heart-octo hidden
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