Fish List of Burnout BayEdit

Below is a list of the fish in Burnout Bay. Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that fish.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden.

Mack of Roperia Fish Maidmer Fish Bro Fish Chain Gang Octo Fish Taster Eel Fish
Mack-of-roperia hidden Maidmer hidden Bro hidden Chain-gang-octo hidden Taster-eel hidden
Brace Ray Fish Ophiuchus Eel Fish Candy Apple Puffer Fish Phalange Octo Fish Hourglass Squid Fish
Brace-ray hidden Ophiuchus-eel hidden Candy-apple-puffer hidden Phalange-octo hidden Hourglass-squid hidden
Gargantuan Fish Millipede Eel Fish Da Diablo Shark Fish Giga Eel Fish
Gargantuan hidden Millipede-eel hidden Da-diablo-shark hidden Giga-eel hidden
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