Fish List of Big Love IslandEdit

Below is a list of the fish in all of Big Love Island. Click on any of the images to access more detailed information about that fish.
NOTE: The fish images are meant to be hidden. Red Lust doesn't count toward total.

Romantic Remora Fish Rosey Lion Fish Brokenheart Fish Cupid Fish Red Lust Prize Fish
Romantic-remora hidden Rosey-lion hidden Brokenheart Cupid Red-lust
Soulmate Squid Fish Spotted Heart Octo Fish Qupid Fish Red Luv Fish Sweetheart Fish
Soulmate-squid hidden Spotted heart octo hidden Qupid hidden Red-luv hidden Sweetheart hidden
Heart Puffer Fish Love Hate Fish Queen of Hearts Fish Casanova Fish Lovebird Ray Fish
Heart-puffer hidden Love-Hate hidden Queen-of-Hearts hidden Casanova hidden Lovebird-ray hidden
Romliet Eel Fish Cupid Crab Fish Valentine Clam Fish Bluegill Fish Sunfish Fish
Romliet-eel hidden Cupid-crab hidden Valentine clam hidden Bluegill Sunfish
Black Crappie Fish White Bass Fish Splake Fish White Catfish Fish Yellow Perch Fish
Black-crappie White-bass Splake White-catfish Yellow-perch
Smelt Fish White Perch Fish Channel Catfish Fish Smallmouth Bass Fish Brown Bullhead Fish
Smelt White-perch Channel-catfish Smallmouth-bass Brown-bullhead
Burbot Fish Atlantic Salmon Fish Coho Salmon Fish Walleye Fish Lake Whitefish Fish
Burbot Atlantic-salmon Coho-salmon Walleye Lake-whitefish
Steelhead Trout Fish Bull Trout Fish Shortnose Sturgeon Fish Blue Catfish Fish Flathead Catfish Fish
Steelhead-trout Bull-trout Shortnose-sturgeon Blue-catfish Flathead-catfish
Pallid Sturgeon Fish Largemouth Bass Fish Gulf Sturgeon Fish Chinook Salmon Fish Muskie Fish
Pallid-sturgeon Largemouth-bass Gulf-sturgeon Chinook-salmon Muskie
Northern Pike Fish

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