Soulmate Squid Fish
Farovian Fish
Soulmate-squid hidden
Min. Gold 1,202
Min. Points 1,202
Min. Tourn. Points n/a
Min. Weight 1.25 lb / 567 g
Min. Pole Oak Branch
Broken Standard
Min. Skill Fishing 101
Habitat (Population) Waterport
Red Love Bay (Rare)
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Description: The Soulmate Squid celebrates the marriage of Joe Faron & Jillian Young (the makers of Fish Wrangler). After eleven years of dating, these highschool sweethearts are tying the knot on December 2nd, 2011. Participate in their wedding celebration by competing in the J&J Soulmate Contest!

How to catch Soulmate Squid Fish:

Catch Soulmate Squid anywhere in Farovia, using any fishing pole. The Soulmate Squid Fish can still be caught, but only by harnessing the power of Liquid Gold on it at the island of WaterPort. To see the full Soulmate Squid Fish image, click here.

This fish was added to Red Love Bay upon its release.

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