Snowpeak Basecamp is the fourth and last area of Icelantica Backside. It is also the 22nd Roperia Island location.


Snowpeak Basecamp

Snowpeak BasecampEdit

Description: Use fish descriptions and pictures of different fish to find and unlock the Gene Combos of new ice fish! The never seen before, backside of Glacier Bay Farovia.. who knows what will come next?

The bottom of the famed Snowpeak Mountain in Icelantica... However, this time wranglers will try to catch the multi-pole Double Reignbow to complete the backside of Icelantica.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

Getting to Snowpeak BasecampEdit

To unlock Snowpeak Basecamp, go to Freezberg Brewhaus and catch a Doublee Fish at level 422 with either Cold Fusion or Holy Hybrid, and then follow the instructions on how to make your first voyage to Snowpeak Basecamp. You will have to figure out the gene combos for Doublee Fish before having a chance to catch it. Also, you will have to gene combo and catch the lower-level fish for that pole prior to the Doublee.

How to PlayEdit

Like the other areas of Icelantica Backside, this involves mixing Gene Combo (gene combinations) in a Mastermind-like game in order to unlock the Fish first before you can catch them.

One advantage for guessing on these Icelantica Backside fish is that they are combinations of existing fish from all over Farovia and Roperia rather than random ingredients. The silhouettes and the names of the existing fish are presented, and you only need to pick one each from the two groups. The silhouette of the combined fish will have physical aspects that will help narrow this down, for example, one of them holds an axe. Otherwise, you can play this straight up like Mastermind and use the strategy detailed in Glacier Shack.

What to buyEdit

What to catchEdit

Fish Min. Pole Min. Skill Population Status Min. Points Min. Silver Chum Preference
Great White Whale Fish Level 250 Cold Fusion 06Threatened 1,500 1,500 -
Saint Jeanne Fish Level 250 Holy Hybrid 06Threatened 1,600 1,600 -
Pauperito Fish Level 312 Cold Fusion or/ Level 312 Holy Hybrid 09Rare 1,700 1,700 -
Irradiated Swamper Fish Level 360 Cold Fusion or/ Level 360 Holy Hybrid 08Very Rare 1,800 1,800 -
Doublee Fish Level 422 Cold Fusion or/ Level 422 Holy Hybrid 05Endangered 1,908 1,908 -
Weapler Fish Level 495 Cold Fusion 05Endangered 2,004 2,004 -
Fishy McFishface Fish Level 644 Cold Fusion or/ Level 644 Holy Hybrid 05Endangered 2,050 2,050 -
Double Reignbow Fish Level 750 Cold Fusion and/ Level 750 Holy Hybrid 01Non-Existent 10,000 10,000 -
Abysson Fish Level 495 Holy Hybrid 05Endangered 2,005 2,005 -
Shining Prince Fish Level 501 Cold Fusion or/ Level 501 Holy Hybrid 12Fairly Prolific 1,750 1,750 -
Artic Explorer Fish Level 548 Cold Fusion or/ Level 548 Holy Hybrid 09Rare 1,850 1,850 -
Frostee Fish Level 598 Cold Fusion or/ Level 598 Holy Hybrid 05Endangered 1,950 1,950 -

What chumEdit

Any chum will work in these Roperia versions of the backside islands of Icelantica.

You will be able to purchase Tater Chum , Prawn Chum , and Pita Chum while there.

Moving onEdit

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