Serpentine Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 300,008
Min. Points 30,008
Min. Tourn. Points  ?
Strength Good and Evil
Min. Weight 18,750.00 lb / 8,505.00 kg
Min. Pole Level 120 Pyratic Plunder and
Level 120 Royal Rescuer
Min. Skill Truth of Piracy and Rescue
Habitat (Population) Krakken Rocks (Non-Existent)
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Description: MULTI-POLE REQ! Polaroid #12!
Residing beneath deep crevasses in Krakken Rocks is the sea monster known as “Serpentine” that prevails over the good and evil forces in Parribea. Wranglers will need to use the Royal Rescuer and Pyratic Plunder in order to catch this aquatic snake.

You are currently limited to catching only ONE of each kind of Multi-pole fish.

Parribea's equivalent of the Plangaepus Fish, requiring both the Royal Rescuer and Pyratic Plunder to be maxed out to level 120 in order to catch it, or two levels less if using love chum. To be caught, you must harness it using liquid gold.

(1 in 300 chance while using LG and Love Chum of catching this fish)

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