Sans Culpra

Surface fishing at Sans Culpra

Getting to Sans CulpraEdit


  • 450,000 points
  • Purchase the 'Secrets of Farovia' Skill


  • Travel to/from Blue Crescent (from/to anywhere). [Taking short trips to/from Magma Reef is the easiest way of getting it]
  • Eventually on one of your travels, you will meet the Ancient Mariner who will give you the Sans Culpra Scroll. The scroll unlocks the Sans Culpra area and it will appear on the map.
    • "You met the Ancient Mariner on your voyage and he believes you are now ready to explore destinations beyond Blue Crescent. He gave you the Sans Culpra Scroll as a gift for your dedication and excellence."
  • Travel to Sans Culpra.

Unlocking Scuba Fishing ModeEdit

  • Fish at Sans Culpra (with any pole you want) until you reel in a Message in a Bottle from Earl. It may take several tries and you may be teased with the following messages until the bottle is retrieved:
    • "I think I see something floating out there. Let's see if I can reel it in nextime."
    • "Arr! I almost reeled in a floating bottle. I should try again."
    • "Ooo.. I found a message in a bottle from Earl!"
  • Note the password in the message. It is case sensitive. The message (and password) can be reread by viewing the Message from Earl under Resources.
  • Travel to WaterPort and visit Earl as soon as possible.
  • A message will state that Earl is not at home. Note the time and come back after 24 hours - remember the message (his reason for not being home) as you will need it when purchasing the Rocket Booster later or you will have to give him gold to earn his trust.
  • Travel to Blue Crescent.
  • Fish with the Necro-pole until you find a beat-up scuba helmet.**
    • "WOAH! I found a beat-up scuba helmet!"
  • Travel back to WaterPort and visit Earl once the 24 hours are up. (Not necessary to find the helmet before doing this)
  • Key in the password found in the bottle message(make sure you remember the password).
  • Fill up the oxygen tank and purchase the Spear Gun
  • Travel to Sans Culpra
  • Click on the "Fish" part of the "Fish Now" link, and it will change to "Scuba Fish Now"
  • Your pole should be automatically changed to the Spear Gun.

**Note: You can get the scuba helmet at any point at Blue Crescent with the Necro-pole after you have the Secrets of Farovia Skill regardless of whether or not you have started the other parts of this quest. The helmet can be caught with any level pole, but the higher the level of your Necro-pole, the better chance you will get the Scuba Fishing Helmet.

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