Rudolph Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 1,225
Min. Points 1,225
Min. Tourn. Points n/a
Min. Weight 59.75 lb
Min. Pole Level 0 Fir Branch
Min. Skill Fishing 101
Resources Peppermint Worm (99% Attract)
Habitat (Population) WaterPort (Threatened)
In-game links
Rudolph Fish Page
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Rudolph Fish Trophy Catches
Rudolph Fish Most Catches

Description: Wranglers can spot Santa's Reindeer "Rudolph" throughout the waters of Waterport over the 2012 Holiday Season. This red-nose reindeer is the most beloved of them all, and wranglers can compete the Rudolph Contest that runs during the holiday!

How to catch Rudolph Fish: Catch Rudolph with a limited-edition Level 0+ Fir Branch Pole. This fish will be in Waterport for the 2012 Holiday Season!

The Rudolph Fish can still be caught, but only by harnessing the power of Liquid Gold on it at the island of WaterPort. To see the full Rudolph Fish image, click here.

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