Fish Wrangler Wiki

Resources are rare items that can be found either on a normal fishing trip (i.e. not during crew fishing, Night Fishing or on a Tournament cast), found in treasure chests in Farovia, or in treasure cases in Roperia.

Each resource does something different. They are also activated differently - some are used each time you fish and others are used once per night during a Night Fishing trip.

Some resources can be purchased and sold via the Resource Exchange.

Farovian Attractants/Repellents[]

A number of resources have special properties in attracting or repelling particular fish. An attractant property increases the probability of the specific fish being caught, and a repellent property minimises the probability of the specific fish being caught. While most are generally very effective, they do not guarantee 100% to have the desired effect. Some of the effects are much weaker and wranglers are advised to decide for themselves whether the marginal effects are worthwhile..

Attractants/Repellents may be used in conjunction with each other, but only two may be used on any cast.

NOTE: Attractant/Repellent resources are only used when a fish is caught (any fish) and the resource is ON.

Resources numbers are displayed alphabetically in this order: (59, 42, 4, 2, 19, 22, 5, 21, 44, 56, 20, 17, 23, 3, 24, 16, 40, 39, 43, 38, 80, 41, 60, 57, 58, 61, 6) minus the Liquid Spirit.

Acid Spray
This highly toxic Acid Spray is the best defense against the vicious Killer Clown.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Killer Clown Fish (99% potency)

Angel Tear
The Angel Tear attracts the Angelica fish located in Icelantica.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Angelica Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Antifreeze Protein
The Antifreeze Protein formula binds to small ice crystals and inhibits the recrystallization of ice. Repels various frozen fish varieties and mysteriously attracts the Red Diablo Shark.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Red Diablo Shark Fish (50% potency) Cubey Fish (99% potency)
Melted Cubey Fish (99% potency)
Mother Cubey Fish (99% potency)
Ice Puff Fish (99% potency)
Icicle Fish (99% potency)

The skull shaped bottle contains a foul arsenic based liquid that allures macabre species.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Grim Fish (99% potency)
Peccant Fish (99% potency)

Boo Juice
Boo Juice is a special formula that repels all of the Miny species which are easily scared.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Miny Fish (99% potency)
Miss Miny Fish (99% potency)
Ice Ice Miny Fish (99% potency)
Werewolf Miny Fish (99% potency)

Cheap Perfume
A perfume for a ladies with a tight budget.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Joan of Farovia Fish (99% potency)
Snow Bunny Fish (99% potency)

Chilli Sauce
A cayenne-based formula that attracts the partying Fiesta fish.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Fiesta Fish (99% potency) Suave Fish (99% potency)

Crazy Pill
Farovian Scientists are still unsure of the chemical makeup of these pills. A couple of imbalanced fish enjoy the effects of the meds.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Scitzo Shark Fish (99% potency)
Corn Puff Fish (99% potency)
NOTE: For more info about using Crazy Pills for fishing in Innsmouth Island, please see the Sanity page.
Denture Goo
Attracts the Hockum fish of Icelantica that is in dire need of a fresh set of pearly whites.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Hockum Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Diet Light
A drink for fish on a strict diet - an easy way to repel the fatty Glutton Fish!
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Glutton Fish (99% potency)

Dojo Mojo
The ninja star shaped bottle contains an ancient purple juice that martial artists cannot resist.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Ninja Fish (99% potency)
Samurai Fish (99% potency)

Hair Gel
Hair gel, sexy hair goo, flammable hair spray... or call it what you wish.. attracts Suave Fish.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Suave Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Holy Water
This cross shaped bottle helps attract a different type of lady that few men in Farovia have encountered.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Joan of Arc Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

K9 Pheromone
A chemical substance secreted externally by Woofie the K9 that repels various feline breeds.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Catty Fish (99% potency)
Tiger Shark Fish (99% potency)
Siberian Tiger Shark Fish (99% potency)
Snow Leopard Shark Fish (99% potency)

The rare Liquid Gold Attractant can harness its power on a specific fish. The Ancient Mariner will reward wranglers with this special attractant when they complete the final quest of a set.
Note: After numerous accidental uses of Liquid Gold, it no longer automatically attracts the four rarest fish. The ability of harnessing liquid gold allows wranglers to control which of the rare fish they want to attract. Unlike the other attractants, this resource is NOT used up if you fail to attract the fish you are harnessing for and it will turn off after successful use automatically. It also can be used in WaterPort to attract the previously extinct Limited Time Fish.

NOTE: LIQUID GOLD - CAN NOT be used by Deckhands or Vouchers just like all attractants/Repellents.

This rare attractant is awarded by the Ancient Mariner to any wranglers completing some of the most difficult Quests.

A scrumptious bag of onion-flavored chips that are enjoyed by wranglers and certain fish.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Hippie Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Muscle 90K
Sir Shleepskin's pricey Magmaniac attractant should help the wranglers in Magma Reef.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Magmaniac Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Pistol Punch
Delivers a toxic punch to the sword fighting varieties.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Ninja Fish (99% potency)
Samurai Fish (99% potency)
Fire Fighter Fish (99% potency)

Rain Water
Repels the annoying Fireball and Lighter fish of Magma Reef. Therefore, rain water practically doubles your chance of catching the other fish in Magma Reef.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Fireball Fish (99% potency)
Lighter Fish (99% potency)

Red Blanket
A high thread count blanket from Sigfried's textile department.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Toro Fish (99% potency)
Red Diablo Shark Fish (99% potency)

Receive this brand new resource when catching the rare Foamy Fish!
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Foamy Squid Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Sigfried's 57th
Sigfried's 57th blend has the most mysterious property of all.. It repels all level 57 fish, in all locations.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Acorn Sea Slug Fish (99% potency)
Duct Tape Eel Fish (99% potency)
Shell Fish (99% potency)
Ironess Fish (99% potency)
Needlenose Shark Fish (99% potency)
Loco Fish (99% potency)
Nebula Fish (99% potency)
Sub Fish (99% potency)
Lantern Fish (99% potency)

Spinal Fluid
A special fluid that alleviates pain in fish with extended spines, specifically the Neck Shark.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Neck Shark Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Spray Floss
The #1 Dentist-recommend floss in Farovia! This water-proof sprayer is used daily by the Tooth Shark.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Tooth Shark Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Sticky Glue
Industrial strength glue known to attract slippery creatures in the Geminisles.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Slippery Eel Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Tooth Paste
Guaranteed to whiten teeth within days. Check out the pearly whites of the Smiling Porpoise!
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Smiling Porpoise Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Vial of Bile
Special apathetic, broken heart formula that attracts hateful fish.
Exchange Rate
Attracts:       Repels:
Hate Fish (99% potency)
Speckled Hate Fish (99% potency)

Roperian Attractants/Repellents[]

Roperian attractants and repellants can be found in Resource Exchange while Roperia. While all can be sold, and a few bought, some can only be earned as rewards when completing Collection Sets

Roperian Crapole Collection Set[]

Acid Eyes
Known to produce red-eye, sting sensations and optical infections - this eye drop is considered poison to the wide-eyed Ocular breed!
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Ocular Fish (99% potency)
Bird Seed
Nutritious cracked-corn seed is guaranteed to attract beautiful bird breeds to fishing equipment!
Attracts:       Repels:
Gull Fish (99% potency)
Loon Ray Fish (99% potency)
Pelican Shark Fish(99% potency)

Roperian Floral Collection Set[]

Rodent Trap
Clean up the infested streets of Santa Francesca with this spring-loaded mouse trap. Say good-bye to the Ratty rodent breed!
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Ratty Fish (99% potency)
Air Freshener
This Air Freshener eliminates all horrid odors in Roperia! We recommend the “ocean breeze” scent if you want to attract the smelly Stank Fish.
Attracts:       Repels:
Stank Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Seinborough Lightning Collection Set - #70 & #71[]

Heavily feared by the magical Sea Unicorn, this special concoction was designed to control wild horses in the region.
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Sea Unicorn Fish (99% potency)
Formulated by the ancient Dragon Slayers of Roperia! Baby Dragons will scatter when faced with the green-crossed bottle!
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Baby Dragon Fish (99% potency)

Seinborough Revelation Collection Set - #71 & #73[]

Use this dangerous blood-red syrup to entice certain fish breeds, such as the Succbus Ray, who can’t resist the temptation!
Attracts:       Repels:
Succubus Ray Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Redwood Coal Collection Set[]

Poo Goo
As the name suggests, Poo Goo is a gooey manure that destroys all water-bourne fungus and bacteria in Redwood Crescent.
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Fungus Fish (99% potency)
Peanut Poison
Peanut Poison repels the Chipmunk Puffer fish... The Roperian Institute of Expelled Scientists is still trying to ensure this really is the effect of Peanut Poison.
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Chipmunk Fish (99% potency)

Outback Collection Set[]

(1) Roperian River Permit

Roperian River Permit
The Roperian River Permit is used when gaining access to one of the three rivers that branch off of Kingsland Confluence. Wranglers must complete the Outback Collection to receive the Roperian River Permit - and multiple times if you plan on visiting each river region!
Attracts:       Repels:
130 shells when sold 1950 silver when sold

Note: Only the collection set can be traded, not the item. Can be turned in anytime for shells, but handed in only three times for each of the River areas.

Mosquito Warrior Collection Set[]

(4) Liquid Light & (4) Caffeine Pill

Caffeine Pill
Scientists are uncertain of the ingredients, but these pills certainly repel the sleepy Siesta Fish.
Attracts:       Repels:
Nothing! Siesta Fish (99% potency)
Liquid Light
This light bulb brightens the darkest alleyways - considered the best defense when catching the Alley Shark.
Attracts:       Repels:
Alley Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Bandito Collection Set[]

(1) Skin Cream & (1) Sharpening Oil

Skin Cream
Improve acne breakouts and skin complexity with this dermatologist-recommended pimple formula, which appears to be working on the ugly Spite Fish.
Attracts:       Repels:
Spite Fish (99% potency) Nothing!
Sharpening Oil
Sharpen your knives, axes, and swords with this antique mineral oil.
Attracts:       Repels:
Morringa Eel Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Homeless Villain Collection Set #76[]

(1) Horse Tamer & (1) Smore Sauce

Composed of chocolate and graham cracker extracts, the Smore Sauce is a favorite of the Marshmellow Puffer Fish!
Attracts:       Repels:
Marshmallow Puffer Fish (99% potency) Nothing!

Night Fishing Resources[]

Night Fishing resources are those that only have an effect during Night Fishing trips. They must be activated before the night fishing trip starts in order to be used. They can be activated at any time, but will only be used during a Night Fishing trip. One resource will be used per trip.

Any users that have a Night Fishing resource activated will have the appropriate icon displayed on their group's Night Fishing page.

Glow worm.jpg
Glow Worms
Glow worms are only awake at night, while you go night fishing. They are used alongside of your chum and help attract about 3 extra fish a night to your line.
Glow worms can only be found in Treasure Chests and Mystery Tackle Boxes. They can also be given away to other night fishing crew members after they have been on your Night Fishing team for 7 days.

Glow worms speed up the analysis of Mythical Night Fish.

Tip: Get (2) Glow Worm by completing the “Rabid Raccoon Collection Set”

Old Jug of Rum
The old jug of rum helps out on night fishing excursions. Find it in treasure chests.

UPDATE: After 11 years of heavy usage, wranglers have built a strong tolerance, thereby allowing party goers to bring up to 8 jugs with no ill effects.

Any activated rums will increase the number of fish caught that night. Jugs are cumulative within your night fishing party, the number of party members with activated rums will have an effect on your night fishing results. 1 or 2 a night is optimal.
1 Jug of Rum = Had an excellent time - we caught 5 extra fish thanks to the party juice!
2 Jugs of Rum = Had a pretty good time - we caught 10 extra fish thanks to the party juice!
3 Jugs of Rum = Drank like a fish and started to feel sick - we caught 13 extra fish thanks to the party juice!
4 Jugs of Rum = Vomit and fall overboard/robbed by pirates etc.
More than 4 then everyone passes out on the boat for an hour and your 'fish per jug' ratio is decreased accordingly.

In addition, Jugs of Rum can be used to bribe the Farovian Coast Guards in Sans Culpra if you are caught illegally diving. If you bribe the coastguards with rum, you will not be fined, you will ALWAYS get away, and your count for the day will be reset to 0. A Jug of Rum can also be used in place of gold to unlock Snowpeak River, the penultimate level in Icelantica.

Jugs of Rum increase the chance of catching Mythical Night Fish once analysis is completed.

Tip: Get (2) Old Jug of Rum by completing the “Polar Bear Collection Set”

Boat Resources[]

Boat resources do exactly what they say on the tin - this is the set of resources pertaining to Boats.

Fuel Drum[]

If you have a Mini-Cruiser and activate this resource, you'll bring 300 extra gallons on board.
Using this resource tops up your Mini Cruiser with Medium Grade Fuel by 300% providing your fuel gauge is not over 400% (maximum allowable fuel is 700%).

As it costs 25 gold per gallon to fill your cruiser from the Blue Crescent fuel station, this equates to a valuable resource (worth 7,500 gold).

Rocket Booster[]

Rocket booster.jpg
The rocket booster increases boat speed by about 6 times. This state of the art rocket engine only takes the very expensive, Grade A Rocket Fuel. Cost is based on your class level.
The Rocket Booster is available to purchase from Earl once his house in WaterPort is revealed at a cost of 100,000 Gold.

The premium fuel needed, the Grade A Rocket Fuel, is not available from the Blue Crescent fuel station, being only available to purchase from Earl's house now available from most locations.

Note: If you get an 'activation error' when activating the rocket booster or if your rocket booster disappears from your resource list, it usually means that you have run out of Rocket Fuel. You'll need to fill up at Earl's before you can use the booster again.

Super Rocket Booster[]

Super rocket booster.jpg
Cruise at high speeds with the Alcatraz Cruiser and Icelantican Boats! Requires grade AA rocket fuel.
The Super Rocket Booster increases boat speed by 3.5 times and burns one gallon per three minutes. The Booster is expensive and NOT for everyone. Currently, one gallon Grade AA Rocket Fuel costs 12,000 gold.*
  • Rocket Fuel costs are based on your class level & subject to change based on the Farovian Oil Refinery production and marketing costs. I'll fill the first 50% up for free.

The Super Rocket Boost costs 1,000,000 gold & 1,000 Shells (Includes 50% fill up) to purchase.

Boat Speed Boost[]

The boost functions the same way as the 5x RLC Boat Speed Boost - which lasts for 30 days after making a purchase of $10 or more.

This resource may be awarded within a Mystery Tackle Box. Once activated, you'll receive a boat speed boost for 24 hours.

Note: Both boosts stack with each other to give 7x speed. Only the 2x Speed Boost can be stacked with the 5x Speed Boosts.


Trolling Net[]

Trolling Net.jpg
The Trolling Net and the fish between the various islands had been discussed for years... Finally, Earl has crafted his newest work of art that enables wranglers to troll the waters they voyage across. If you're ever lucky enough, you'll receive a notification from the Deckhands of your prized catch!

NOTE: Trolling will slow your boat down by about 10%. Remember to deactivate it when you'd like to travel faster.

This resource can be purchased from Earl for 10,000 gold. It lasts until a fish is caught in the Open Seas Fish during a trip, at which point another must be purchased in order to continue trolling. Check your Net here: [1]


Mission Resources - Farovia[]

Mission resources are those that relate to opening up new levels in Farovia.

Lava Suit

Lava Suit[]

Description: "100% Earl Guaranteed Lava Suit - chemical resistant and fire retardant. Don't try going lava fishing without it."

The Lava Suit can be purchased from Earl's Lava Shack in Magma Reef. Lava Suit requires 620000 points.

NOTE: The Lava Suit takes between 1 and 24 hours for Earl to make this for you after your first visit to Earl's Lava Shack and costs 30,000. If you try fishing without this suit you'll lose points and gold when you catch a fish (often more than you gain), and get a message similar to this:

"OUCH THAT'S HOT! HAD TO JUMP OVERBOARD - lost 3060 points and 2400 gold! There's no way I can handle ANY lava fish without Earl's lava suit.............."

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher[]

Description: "15 lb. single use pressure-gauged Fire Extinguisher. Perfect for setting out any lava fire."

The Fire Extinguisher can be used to cool down your Cubey Incinerator giving you another 20 safe casts in Magma Reef.

Fire Extinguishers can be found by fishing in Magma Reef, in treasure chests occasionally, or can be traded at Sig's Shell Shoppe for 400 shells.

For maximum effectiveness activate the Fire Extinguisher after 20 casts in Magma Reef to cool down your Cubey Incinerator before it is damaged. After the 20 casts, it will say "There is a 10% chance your pole will catch fire" Use it then. Without a Fire Extinguisher the Cubey Incinerator can only be cooled by catching schools of Cubeys in Waterport or Fishertonville, or by waiting until the next day to continue lava fishing.

NOTE: The name is misleading. If your Cubey Incinerator is on fire, it is TOO late to use a Fire Extinguisher. It should be activated BEFORE your Cubey Incinerator catches on fire.

Sans Culpra Scroll

Sans Culpra Scroll[]

Description:" Discovering this scroll opens the door to many new and exciting adventures ahead of you. Begin your journey by traveling to the new location on the map and further details will follow."

NOTE: The Sans Culpra Scroll unlocks a new location.

See Sans Culpra Quest for more information.


Message from Earl[]


August 7th 1984

Marty, Everyone has heard of the myth of Sans Culpra, but very few wranglers know the truth of the island and I have been waiting to share the secret with you. You must meet me at my house and I will give you more details. If anyone you know and trust is interested just give them the password: <passwords may vary>

Also, I thought I’d let you know that last weekend a ship carrying scuba equipment crashed at Blue Crescent. You might have luck finding some stuff with the new pole that's coming out - locals here are calling it the "Necro Pole." Anyways, I look forward to seeing you.


2560 Jilbery Lane, Apt #24
WP, Farovia

NOTE: This message unlocks your ability to toggle between fishing modes. You can switch to Scuba Fishing mode by clicking the "Fish" link in the "Fish NOW" header.

See Sans Culpra Quest for more information.

Scuba Helmet '84

Scuba Helmet '84[]

Description: "Limited Edition 1984 Oceanic Scuba Helmet made especially for Sans Culpra. Made with over sized, light-weight stainless steel. Oxygen tanks sold separately."

See Sans Culpra Quest for more information.

Oxygen Tank

Oxygen Tank[]

Description: "An oxygen tank can be used to go scuba diving."

Oxygen tanks can be refilled at Earl's house or by Igor in Sig's Underwater Lab. To completely fill your oxygen tank will cost 8,000 gold (0% to 100% maximum). Divers also have a chance of finding a partially filled oxygen tank fallen from a stricken cargo ship that adds to their oxygen total when they scuba fish (oxygen tanks seem to have no limit this way).

It is important to keep an eye on your oxygen level when diving - running out of oxygen will nearly cause you to drown and you will lose gold while in this groggy state, for example: OH NO! I went diving without oxygen and nearly drowned! A group of tourists helped me get back to my boat and then took 1,094 of my gold as I laid there shaking.

Large Ice Cube

Large Ice Cube[]

Description: "The Ice Cube remains from the Cubey Incinerator pole. The only way to get this fine piece of ice separated from the pole is by the Mother Cubey stealing away her little munchkin."

Ice Cubes can be collected from the broken remains of a Cubey Incinerator. More details are provided in the Icelantica Quest. They can also be found in treasure chests while fishing in the calmer areas of Icelantica region, before Snowpeak River.

Consuming an Ice Cube will give you extra 2 SKIPs, if you have used at least 2 previously (SKIPs will not go over 6). Ice Cubes can also be used to allow the use of more than 16 Red Sharks skips per day. For example, after using 6 Red Shark skips, you would be left with a maximum of 10 more. However, for every Ice Cube that you use, you'll be given back the opportunity to use two more Red Sharks. (meaning that 3 Ice Cubes used would give you back 6 Red Sharks skips.) Be aware, however, that using Ice Cubes after using 6 free skips would return to you your 6 free skips, thereby saving Red Sharks.

NOTE: There is a limit of only using 6 ice cubes per day.

Octo Tentacle

Octo Tentacle[]

Description: "This is a tentacle from the elusive "Octo" fish in Sans Culpra. It's kept cold and fresh in the Mini-Cruiser's refrigerator."

Octo Tentacles are used to unlock a new region - more details of which can be found in the Icelantica Quest.

Depth Charge

Depth Charge[]

Description: "The MK8 Depth Charge was built years ago by Earl's step dad, who managed to make it with the blood of a couple Peccant Fish and the remains of the S.S. Sans Culprit."

The Depth Charge is collected once a streak of three Peccant Fish are reeled in. More details are described in the Icelantica Quest.

Trying to use a Depth Charge while fishing will have one of two results:
You will blow up a number of fish and earn a nominal number of points in the process.
Example: 'That was awesome! I got 946 points for blowing up ~5 fish with my Depth Charge! I have 1 Depth Charge left. I had 6,586,425 points, now have 6,587,371.'
The Depth Charge will go off too early and you will lose points as a penalty, or the Depth Charge will fail to go off and you will lose points.
Example: 'That was horrible! I lost 421 points for nearly blowing the side off my boat with my Depth Charge! I have 0 Depth Charges left. I had 4,051,303 points, now have 4,050,882.'

GPS Device

GPS Device[]

Description: "Earls secret GPS device can give you the directions to any location by its GPS way points or coordinates."

Earl can build this device from his Waterport home once he has the necessary resources as described in the Icelantica Quest.

Lovely Snow Shoes

Deadly Snow Shoes

Snow Shoes[]

Snow Shoes that come in two styles; Lovely Snow Shoes and Deadly Snow Shoes.

Description: "Brand new Lovely Snow Shoes, fully equipped with stylish mini angel wings." / "Deeply damaged and partially Deadly Snow Shoes, fully equipped with stylish mini devil horns."

Snow Shoes are required in order to travel to San Digloo. Catching an Angelica Fish will yield the appropriate style of snow shoe (good/evil).

Good Olde Auger

Cruel Olde Auger

Good Olde Auger/Cruel Olde Auger[]

Description: "Used to drill holes in the town of San Digloo - helps you earn extra goodness/evilness"

The Auger is a new feature to San Digloo. Each time you drill a hole, you gain goodness or evilness (depends on which pole you're using).

Cost: 300,000 gold
Gain: 0-1,000 Goodness/Evilness per use (see Note)

You gain Evilness and Goodness when you drill. A hole is drilled automatically when attempting to fish if the current hole was made more than 64 minutes ago; manual drilling is still possible but not before 56 minutes. You gain 50 goodness or evilness per hour since the last drill time (calculated by the minute, rounded up, for up to 400 at 8+ hours).

Note: 400 for 8hours and above. If you drill 3 times a day correctly, you should get 1200 points which matches the description

Purchased from the San Digloo pole store. Gives 6,000 goodness/evilness on purchase.

Solar Powered Auger

Blood Powered Auger

Solar Powered Auger/Blood Powered Auger[]

Description: "Used to drill holes in thicker ice. Helps you earn even more goodness/evilness!"

Cost: 500,000 gold
Gain: 0-2,000 Goodness/Evilness per use (see Note)

The Advanced Augers are used to drill in Lake Freezberg. They work the same as the Basic Augers, but give double the goodness or evilness (100 points per hour, for a maximum of 800 at 8+ hours).

Note: As with the basic augers, the in-game description states that you can gain up to 2,000 goodness/evilness points per use, whereas user experience suggests that the maximum points awarded is only 800. 800 per 8hours, 2400 per day, which is meant by the description

Purchased from the Lake Freezberg pole store. Gives 10,000 goodness/evilness on purchase.

Recycled Starter Tent

Endangered Animal Tent

Recycled Starter Tent/Endangered Animal Tent[]

Description: "The starter tent is made of recycled vinyl and plastic. However, it doesn't provide the best protection against the Polar Bear." / "The endangered animal tent is made of only the finest and rarest types of species around Icelantica."

Found in treasure chests at Lake Freezberg.

The tent is required in order to travel to Snowpeak River.

Holy Shack

Evil Shack

Holy Shack/Evil Shack[]

Description: "The Holy Shack provides shelter in the coldest and windiest ice level of all. It's given as an upgrade to the recycled starter tent by the Ancient Mariner when reeling in the Reigning Ice. The Holy Shack sits perched on top of Snowpeak Mountain, and allows you to fish down into the rapids." / "The Evil Shack provides shelter in the coldest and windiest ice level of all. It's given as an upgrade to the endangered animal tent by the Ancient Mariner when reeling in the Reigning Ice. The Evil Shack sits perched on top of Snowpeak Mountain, and allows you to fish down into the rapids."

The shack is required in order to travel to Snowpeak Summit

Sig's Lair Key

Sig's Lair Key[]

Description: "Sir Sigfriend von Shleepskin's secret key to his laboratory in Sans Culpra."

Once you have obtained 450,000 Goodness/Evilness points, this key can be found by catching either a Karma Fish or a Piranha Fish while fishing at Snowpeak Summit. This unlocks Sigs Lair in Sig's Underwater Lab area.

Secret Skull Key

Skull Key[]

Description: "“I have been waiting a long time for wranglers to discover the pirate islands of Parribea. I'm too old to explore a crazy place like Parribea. I believe this magical key should help unlock the gate at Devil's Cove.” -Earl"

The Skull Key requires 4 clues given by 4 Clue Fish found in Devils Cove in order to align and unlock the next location Deadwater Pass.



Description: "Behold the Kranka, collect the clues, align the prongs, attempt to unlock the deadly gate of Krakken Rocks."

The Kranka key is a puzzle similar to the Skull Key but requires 7 Clue Fish found in Deadwater Pass to align and unlock Krakken Rocks. (Click the main article for more!)

Grappling Cannon

Grappling Cannon[]

Description: "“Hay der wrangler, I needs the following items to make construction of the fancy cannon thingamiester.” -Eloquent Earl "
Catch the Required Fish below so Earl can build the Grappling Cannon for you!

40 Cannon Crab Fish
30 Plank Fish
3 Black Beardopus Fish

The Grappling Cannon will help you ratchet onto the Ancient Mariner's boat, after you catch the largest Parribean fish yet... the Krakken Fish.

Suit Serum

Suit Serum[]

Description: The Suit Serum helps heal the mersuit in the toxic waters of Coral Lobby... amongst many other magical things! Wranglers may build up an immunity against its special power over time. (Click the main article for more!)

NOTE: You can only hold one suit serum at a time. After use one must purchase another one. For more info please see its wiki page linked above. This is resource #82 which can be found here.

Mission Resources - Roperia[]

Mission resources are those that relate to opening up new levels in Roperia.

Radiation Suit

Radiation Suit[]

Description: "The Radiation Suit must be worn when fishing in Asteroid Reef. Wranglers can purchase it for 150k silver after learning the Master of Nuclear Physics Skill or instantly for $4.99! One thing is for sure, this baby is guaranteed to last a lifetime."

Roperian Scuba Bag

Roperian Scuba Bag[]

Description: "The Roperian Scuba Bag must be worn when fishing in Helvetica. Wranglers can purchase it for 150k silver after learning the Mythology of Roperia Skill or instantly for $4.99! One thing is for sure, the high tech garbage bag design guarantees a water seal up to 30 meters!"

Trash Trimmer

Trash Trimmer[]

Description: Wranglers need to cut out and remove part of the gigantic floating trash island before they can fish or search for polluters!

NOTE: When used, gives you a chance at finding the Trimmed Tragedy Collectables!

Required to go fishing in Tragedy Reef - the first level in the Roperian Garbage Patch Adventure! This is purchased in Glacier Shack costs 99,999 Silver. Resource #86

Garbage Pod

Garbage Sweeper[]

Requirements: Trimmed Tragedy Collection set completed
Description: This floating, high-capacity solar-powered pod attaches to the back of your boat. It compacts the garbage you collect, but you'll need to take it back to shore to dispose of it properly every so often.

Ghost gear is a huge problem in our oceans. Commercial fishing operations leave thousands of tons of abandoned gear behind every year!

NOTE: When used, gives you a chance at finding the Garbage Cleanup Collectables!

Required to go fishing in Plastic Island - the final level in the Roperian Garbage Patch Adventure! This is purchased in Glacier Shack and costs 199,999 Silver. Resource #87

Bounty Hunter License

Bounty Hunter License[]

Description: This shiny golden star is your license to catch polluters in the act! Wear it with pride.
TIP: Get (1) Bounty Hunter License by completing the “Trimmed Tragedy Collection Set
TIP: Get (1) Bounty Hunter License by completing the “Garbage Cleanup Collection Set

Required to catch polluters with the Deputy in the Roperian Garbage Patch! Must be renewed monthly, or you risk the chance of being caught.

Being caught by the Roperian Coast Guard will result in being deported to Glacier Shack and a fine of 20,000 silver. You may occasionally find one when skimming trash. You can hand in collectable sets from the Trimmed Tragedy or Garbage Cleanup. Otherwise will need to be purchased for 49,999 Silver. If you have collected Licenses, be sure to use Activate instead of Renew to use the License. Otherwise you will be buying it. Resource #88

UV SunsCream

UV SunsCream[]

Description: Sandy’s Ultraviolet Suns-Cream is packed with SPF700, made from the oils of specially cultivated clams. This goo will keep your pole from hazardous Rainbow Region.

This resource acts somewhat like Oxygen tanks that needs to be refilled at the shop as your percentage (known as 1 Schpritz) decreases as it is required to fish at any of the Rainbow islands in Mermaid Cove. To completely fill your UV SunsCream will cost 100,000 silver (0% to 100% maximum). This is resource #90 and can be refilled here.

Costs: Costs 100,000 silver for 100% refill
One schpritz (1%) costs 1,000 silver. *Subject to change based on the Roperian Clam Refinery fees.

TIP: Get (100) UV SunsCream by completing the “Rainbow Rescue Collection Set

The SunsCream will also act in place of consuming a Tarpit Stout if you Activate a Schpritz.[1]

Once you have bought the final add-on to your pole, the SunsScream will no longer be consumed for that pole.[1]

  1. 1.0 1.1 See forum thread discussion here

Special Resources[]

Deckhand Voucher

Deckhand Voucher[]

Description: When activated, a Deckhand Voucher will give you an extra Deckhand Trip. Wranglers should expect the trip to occur within 10 to 120 minutes - time will vary depending on how busy the Deckhands are.
Deckhand Vouchers will currently work while Night Fishing - the feature is still in BETA so this may change later.
Deckhand Vouchers will not interfere with the regular Deckhand Trips these are separate features.

TIP: Get (7) Deckhand Voucher by completing the “Flying Penguin Collection Set
TIP: Get (11) Deckhand Voucher by completing the “Saloon Girl Collection Set
TIP: Get (11) Deckhand Voucher by completing the “Escaped Prisoner Collection Set
TIP: Get (5) Deckhand Voucher by completing the “Easter Eggs Collection Set
TIP: Get Deckhand Vouchers by completing the following Quests: 10 for Fishertonville SBQ Quest; 12 for Magma Reef SBQ; 15 for Geminisles SBQ; 20 for Icelantica SBQ; or 22 for Parribea SBQ.

Using a Deckhand Voucher you will get one extra deckhand check in 10-30 minutes. They are separate to your regular deckhand trips and won't interfere with them. There is a maximum limit of up to 20 Deckhand Voucher checks per day and no minimum number, as frequency is based on Deckhand availability. Vouchers do not work in Magma Reef (due to heat) and while equipped with the spear gun, only if oxygen is available.

Deckhand Vouchers can be found in MTB (see below), Treasure Chests in Farovia, treasure cases in Roperia, or occasionally given out by the devs. They can also be purchased at a rate of 3 vouchers per Red Love Chum or Free Love Chum.

Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box[]

Description: A Mystery Tackle Box is a special item that friends can send you each day. The box can contain all sorts of things... like Free Love Chum, Glow Worms, Deckhand Vouchers, Red Sharks, Gold... and even NEW resources like a 5x boat speed boost where you'll travel 5 times faster for a full day! Plus, an Energy Boost that cuts down your fishing wait time!

You can only send 20 Mystery Tackle Boxes per day and you can only send one Mystery Tackle Box to the same friend per day. Friends who have already been sent a Box will be filtered from the 'send list'.

Mystery Tackle Boxes get less mysterious and less rewarding the more that are opened in one day and there is a current max of opening 40 per day. You'll have your best odds at rare items on your first couple tries, with the exception of the 20th and the last (40th) Mystery Tackle Box, which has the same chances of a high reward as the first one you open. The exact odds are shown in the table below.

The most common reward is having your fishing wait time cut down. It's highly recommended to open up mystery tackle boxes when you're waiting to fish. A 15 minute reduction would turn a 15 minute wait time into a Fish NOW!

Note: You can only get a 15 minute wait time reduction on your first, 20th, and 40th Mystery Tackle Box.
2nd to 4th box: -5 minutes
5th to 7th box: -2 minutes
8th to 19th box: -1 minute
21st to 39th box: -1 minute

If you get a time reduction while you are already at "Fish Now!" it will apply towards the next fishing event wait up to the 30 seconds.

You can open up to a maximum of 40 boxes per day with the 20th and 40th boxes having the same odds as the first. However, there are some treasure chest results that will subtract the count of how many boxes you've opened. There it is possible to be on a negative count which will only return to normal after you have opened your 0th chest.[1]

If this resource is deactivated, then you won't appear on your friends list and so will 'opt-out' of receiving Mystery Tackle Boxes from your friends.

Note: Don't accept more than one box at a time (ie clicking on other accept-buttons whilst the page is loading), as you'll lose at least one of them!

Mystery Tackle Box odds
Mystery Box Number (percentage odds of finding each MTB content in each box)
Contents: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Reduced Wait Time: 30 65 76.66 86 88.34 91.23 92.21 93.64 94.17 94.99 95.34 95.89 96.09 96.49 96.66 96.96 97.08 97.32 97.39 30
2-5 Deckhand Vouchers 20 10 6.67 4 3.33 2.51 2.23 1.82 1.67 1.43 1.33 1.17 1.12 1 0.95 0.87 0.83 0.77 0.75 20
2-4 Red Sharks 13 6.5 4.33 2.6 2.17 1.63 1.45 1.18 1.08 0.93 0.87 0.76 0.73 0.65 0.62 0.56 0.54 0.50 0.48 13
2-5 Free Love Chum 10 5 3.33 2 1.67 1.25 1.11 0.91 0.83 0.72 0.67 0.59 0.56 0.5 0.48 0.43 0.42 0.38 0.37 10
8-10,000 Gold 10 5 3.33 2 1.67 1.25 1.11 0.91 0.83 0.72 0.67 0.59 0.56 0.5 0.48 0.43 0.42 0.38 0.37 10
1 Glow Worm 5 2.5 1.67 1 0.83 0.63 0.56 0.45 0.42 0.36 0.33 0.29 0.28 0.25 0.24 0.22 0.21 0.19 0.19 5
2-3 Tarpit Stouts 5 2.5 1.67 1 0.83 0.63 0.56 0.45 0.42 0.36 0.33 0.29 0.28 0.25 0.24 0.22 0.21 0.19 0.19 5
2x Boat Speed Boost 5 2.5 1.67 1 0.83 0.63 0.56 0.45 0.42 0.36 0.33 0.29 0.28 0.25 0.24 0.22 0.21 0.19 0.19 5
4-10x Lucky bonus 2 1 0.67 0.4 0.33 0.?? 0.22 0.18 0.?? 0.?? 0.13 0.?? 0.?? 0.?? 0.10 0.09 ?? ?? 0.07 2
Special Bonus Boost* 3 1.5 1 0.6 0.5 0.38 0.33 0.27 0.25 0.21 0.2 0.18 0.17 0.15 0.14 0.13 0.13 0.12 0.11 3
40-50,000 Gold 1 0.5 0.33 0.2 0.17 0.13 0.11 0.09 0.08 0.07 0.07 0.06 0.06 0.05 0.05 0.04 0.04 0.04 0.04 1
10-25 Deckhand Vouchers 0.5 0.25 0.17 0.1 0.08 0.06 0.06 0.05 0.04 0.04 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.5
10-25 Free Love Chum 0.5 0.25 0.17 0.1 0.08 0.06 0.06 0.05 0.04 0.04 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.5

These odds may change at any time. They are meant as a guide only
*Note: Special Bonus Boost can be any of the boosts. Except Lucky special bonus boost listed above as has different (lower) odds. There are total of 8 and are Points; Gold/Silver; Quest Boost; Traveling; Pole Leveling; Timer; Boat Leveling; or Deckhands.

  1. Percentages of getting a 1 minute reduction of wait time for negative chest counts are:
    -6th: 91.30%
    -5th: 89.35%
    -4th: 87.94%
    -3rd: 84.01%
    -2nd: 80.80%
    -1st: 67.99%
    0th: 52.00%

Red Shark Energy Drink

Red Shark[]

Description: The Red Shark Energy Drink is a fast and easy way to get as many SKIPs as you want

Using a Red Shark gives an additional skip. There is a limit of 16 Red Shark SKIPs per day. Wranglers get a crate of 40 Red Sharks after they complete every 10 successful referrals. Also, as a new addition, wranglers get 2 Red Sharks for each friend who joins from the wranglers' news feed. Wranglers can publish 4 such feeds on their profile to attract friends (with side pictures attached with the respective feeds entered in the brackets):

  • Get hooked on Fish Wrangler. (Miny Fish)
  • Become the next Shark Wrangler! (Red Diablo Shark Fish)
  • Play Fish Wrangler - you'll be hooked in minutes! (A struggling Wrangler)
  • Your boss will hate Fish Wrangler... (Hate Fish)

Red Sharks can also be bought at a rate of 2 drinks per Red Love Chum or Free Love Chum.

TIP: Get (7) Red Shark by completing the “Rabid Raccoon Collection Set
TIP: Get (31) Red Shark by completing the “Happy Halloween Collection Set
TIP: Get (10) Red Shark by completing the “Easter Eggs Collection Set
TIP: Get Red Sharks by completing the following Quests: 30 for Fishertonville SBQ Quest; 30 for Sans Culpra SBQ; 30 for Geminisles SBQ; 32 for Sigs SBQ; or 30 for Santa Francesca SBQ.
TIP: The Red Shark Fish may drop a Red Shark.

Tarpit Stout (6)

Tarpit Stout

Kelpie Juice

Tarpit Stout[]

Description: Tarpit Brewing's Extra Stout beverage gives wranglers an extra boost by reducing your fishing wait time by 5-20 minutes. Tarpit only uses the finest hops and barley in all Fishertonville. Please drink responsibly.

Kelpie Juice: Tarpit Brewing's Kelpie Juice beverage gives wranglers an extra boost by reducing your fishing wait time by 5-20 minutes. Kelpie only uses the finest high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavoring in all Wahwahville. Please drink responsibly.

You can buy more Tarpits from the Sig's Shell Shoppe at 30 Shells each, find them in MTB (see above) or get 25 by completing the Parribea SBQ Quest.


The Tarpit Stout subtracts time from your "Fish in XX min" time. The amount of time reduced depends upon how many stouts have been consumed during the day. See below for details. Tarpit stout can only be used to reduce time between regular fishing intervals (including skip time). It does not affect boat traveling time or Monthly Tournament fishing.

Stout consumption is reset every day (approx 12am Farovian time. Wait until skips appear for the day or it will add on to the previous day drinking, even if it's after 12am).

UV SunScream from Rainbow Rising can be used like a Tarpit when you are in Roperia.

NOTE: As of Dec 2019 it was noted by players that usage has changed beyond the 3rd bottle and it now no longer adds time as seen in forums here. The Tarpit / Kelpie was changed again as per ingame header in April 2020 with new improved formulas (daily limit increased from 7 to 12).


1st Bottle = Cuts down fishing wait time by 15 minutes. (Slowly sipped my delicious Tarpit Extra Stout, I have x left. Mmmm, tasty! I feel great.)

2nd Bottle = Cuts down fishing wait time by 15 minutes. (Drank a Tarpit Extra Stout, I have x left. Wow, I feel excellent! I have more energy to fish!)

3rd Bottle = Cuts down fishing wait time by 15 minutes. (Drank a Tarpit Extra Stout, I have x left. Interesting.. I feel more sociable. Probably best if I don't have anymore.)

4th Bottle = Cuts down fishing wait time by 10 minutes. (Chugged a cold Tarpit Stout in record time, I have x left. Where's Joan of Farovia? Joan?! COME BACK I'M SORRY!)

5th Bottle = You cut down your fishing wait time by 5 minutes. (Drank a Tarpit Stout, I have x left. Where's Joan of Farovia? Joan?! COME BACK I'M SORRY!

6th Bottle = Cuts down fishing wait time by 4 minutes. (Chugged a cold Tarpit Stout in record time, I have x left. Where's Joan of Farovia? Joan?! COME BACK I'M SORRY)

7th Bottle = Cuts down fishing wait time by 3 minutes. (Put another one down the hatch, I have x left. Where's Joan of Farovia? Joan?! COME BACK I'M SORRY!)

8th Bottle = Cuts down fishing wait time by 2 minutes. (Put another one down the hatch, I have x left. Where's Joan of Farovia? Joan?! COME BACK I'M SORRY!)

9th Bottle = Cuts down fishing wait time by 1 minutes. (Put another one down the hatch, I have x left. Where's Joan of Farovia? Joan?! COME BACK I'M SORRY!)

10th Bottle = You added 5 minutes to your fishing wait time. (I need to lay down for 5 minutes, this isn't sitting so well anymore... I should NOT drink again today.)

11th Bottle = You added 15 minutes to your fishing wait time. (I need to spew now! DO NOT DRINK AGAIN TODAY.)

12th Bottle = You added 60 minutes to your fishing wait time. (I'm gonna pass out.. Zzzzzzzz...)

13th Bottle = You will get an error. No bottle is consumed. (Are you kidding?)

Digloo Brew IPA

Digloo Brew IPA[]

Receive up to a 3x Quest Boost via the RLC banking feature. Enjoy Freezberg Brewhaus' finest beverage with caution..

TIP: Get (6) Digloo Brew IPA by completing the “12 Ornaments Collection Set”.
TIP: Get 1 - 20 by catching any fish or found in Treasure Chests anywhere in Icelantica Backside (Glacier Shack, Digloo Lodge, Freezberg Brewhaus, or Snowpeak Basecamp).

Each usage can give from 0x - 3x boost to your quest. This adds some age to your Last Catch Boost (NOT the RLC Usage Boost) on your current quest. If your boost is already maxed at 8x boost, then it won't have any affect besides adding more to the days ago, as your Last Catch Boost of >6 days does not increase above 8x. *Resets after making quest catch. Using a Digloo Brew with a Max 8x boost will always result in getting 0x, so it is wasted. It does not affect your drinking state from the Tarpit Stouts. These can only be used in Roperia.


Party time! Drank my 1st Digloo Brew IPA today and gained a 2.76x Boost on my Sundaepoda Quest (Last catch boost was 1.5x, now 4.26x)

After your 13th daily usage there is a chance to receive a negative boost (ie: gained a -0.04x Boost). The odds of receiving a negative boost after your 13th increases for each additional usage. Recommended to stop usage after your 16th, as the odds are much more likely to be negative.



Fine Champagne (or as some say Sparking Wine) from the Red Love Islands finest vineyards. Get ready for a Timer Special Bonus and some fast clicking after drinking this.

This appears to act as X Timer bonus and can be stacked with other Special Bonuses (like another Timer bonus) or other resources and even itself if you are fast enough. Upon use, it will show up in the Special Bonus area (top right of your My Setup home page) and will automatically start in 2 minutes. Or one can start it manually like any other Special Bonus. Once activated one will have roughly 16 seconds of casting "Fish Now" resulting in X reduced timer for the next cast. The actual amount of the X Timer bonus will range anywhere from 1.4x - 5.1x per player experience.

TIP: To make the most beneficial use of this limited timer bonus, be prepared to use Tarpit Stout / Kelpie Juice and/or followed up with using your 6 daily Skips and anything else to reduce your time such as time reduction rewards from opening MTB's.