Reflector Fish
Farovian Fish
Reflector Hidden
Min. Gold 1,313
Min. Points 1,315
Min. Tourn. Points
Min. Weight 76.94 lb / 34.90 kg
Min. Pole Level 9 Guardian Grabber
Min. Skill
Habitat (Population) Guardians Gate (Average)
In-game links
Reflector Fish Page
Reflector Fish Longest Streaks
Reflector Fish First Catches
Reflector Fish Trophy Catches
Reflector Fish Most Catches

Description: Illuminating the waters with its mirroring stripes, the Reflector belongs to the cardinalfish family. Some scientists say the breed was once colorful and full of life...perhaps color will come back to the Reflector once a balance is restored in Lucida.

TIP: Drops the “Scenic Hikes Guide Book Collectable” ~10% of the time in a balanced ecosystem!

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