Rain Water


Restocking Fee:
120 shells
1800 gold
Attracts: Nothing!
Repels: Fireball Fish
(99% Potency)

Lighter Fish

(99% Potency)
In-game links
Rain Water Resource Page

Description: Repels the annoying Fireball and Lighter fish of Magma Reef. Therefore, rain water practically doubles your chance of catching the other fish in Magma Reef.

It is possible to have a negative number of Rain Water (or Munchies) if a wrangler during the process of unlocking Wahwahport chooses the first option to give the Stork a Rain Water when they have none. It will remain at -1 Rain Water until you acquire one, at which time it will show having 0 Rain Water to replace the one used you did not have prior.

Giving the Stork a Rain Water will result in receiving (3) Large Ice Cubes in return.

One good location to find these is fishing in Magma Reef or purchased via Shells.

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