Rabbit Fish
Farovian Fish
Rabbit Hidden
Min. Gold 1,895
Min. Points 1,909
Min. Tourn. Points
Min. Weight 62.50 lb / 28.35 kg
Min. Pole Level 18 Guardian Grabber
Min. Skill
Habitat (Population) Guardians Gate (Very Rare)
In-game links
Rabbit Fish Page
Rabbit Fish Longest Streaks
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Rabbit Fish Trophy Catches
Rabbit Fish Most Catches

Description: The Searching Eyes add-on will help wranglers spot the Rabbit bouncing around in the Lucida Preserve. Try to resist the temptation to pet the cute creature because the bunny has defensive spines for ears! Ouch!

TIP: Drops the “Stainless Steel Sink Collectable” ~25% of the time in a balanced ecosystem!

This was part of a “Rabbit Hop” Heaviest Contest!

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