Fish Wrangler Wiki

General Quest Info[]

The base storyline is the same whether you're in Farovia or Roperia.


Complete a quest either individually or with a friend. When you complete the catch requirements for a quest, go back to respective Quest area location to drop them off for your dish.

There are currently 3 locations to turn in quests for Farovia. The Sand - Bar and Grill! in WaterPort for most Quests. The Chataeu D'Amour in Lover's Lake for all Reelistic pole quests for Big Love Islands. And Farovian Air and Space Team in Fishertonville for all Dirigible / Mission Recovery pole quests. But you can also turn in any of the quests at any of the quest turn-in locations, not only the corresponding ones, it will still be accepted.


The Sand - Bar and Grill[]

Earl's lovely wife BetsyLou recently inherited a family restaurant and she needs help in preparing dishes for her restaurant, The Sand - Bar and Grill!, located in WaterPort

BetsyLou inherited this restaurant from her ex-husband Gumbo Gary who passed away in a tragic shark wrangling accident last week. BetsyLou is in dire need of help creating some new dishes for her new inheritance and wranglers can help in completing quests. Each quest you complete is another dish that's served at this lovely new place in WaterPort.

Each fishing pole has an assortment of signature dishes that require particular fresh fish from the local waters. Completing the quests not only completes the signature dish, but also unlocks pole addons allowing wranglers to catch new breeds of fish and hence more signature dishes.

Complete a quest either individually or with a friend. When you complete the catch requirements for a quest, go back to The Sand - Bar and Gill! to drop them off for your dish.


The Chataeu D'Amour[]

Wranglers turn in all Big Love Island quests for the Reelistic pole at The Chataeu D'Amour in Lover's Lake instead of traveling to the distant The Sand - Bar and Grill restaurant in WaterPort.

Offering 'fine farovian dining' run by Chef Wolfie, The Chataeu D'Amour is a little bit American West, a little bit French, this fancy hotel is built on a rise between the river and the lake. Newlyweds love the luxurious amenities and gorgeous views. Bonjour, pardner!


Chef Wolfie moved from Southern France to take over the hotel in Lover's Lake and needs help cooking some dishes at his place: Chataeu D'Amour!


Farovian Air and Space Team - Fishertonville Hangar[]

The FAST (Farovian Air and Space Team) as it is known as, is located at an old unused hangar within Fishertonville where wranglers will find a fishing shop that stocks all the poles and flying chum they'll need for their fishing adventure across the skies. It is also where wranglers turn in Dirigible / Mission Recovery pole quests at Farovian Air and Space Team in Fishertonville.


Jenny (Deckhand Dex's cousin) is the chapter president of the Farovian Air and Space Team, based out of Fishertonville. She needs help catching the flying fish of Monsoon Lagoon! When you complete the catch requirements for a quest, come back here to drop them off for your dish.


Complete a quest either individually or with a friend. When you complete the catch requirements for a quest, go back to respective Quest area location to drop them off for your dish.

There are currently 2 locations to turn in quests for Roperia. The Wave Bar and Grill in Santa Francesca for all Roperian quests except for Icelantica Backside pole quests. And RUSSOQ Headquarters in Glacier Shack for all Icelantica Backside pole quests.


The Wave Bar and Grill[]

Frank's wife RubyMae recently inherited a family restaurant in Santa Francesca and needs help cooking some dishes at her place: The Wave - Bar and Grill!

Each fishing pole has an assortment of signature dishes that require particular fresh fish from the local waters. Completing the quests not only completes the signature dish, but also unlocks pole addons allowing wranglers to catch new breeds of fish and hence more signature dishes.

Complete a quest either individually or with a friend. When you complete the catch requirements for a quest, go back to The Wave - Bar and Gill! to drop them off for your dish.

RUSSOQ Headquarters[]

Wranglers turn in all Cold Fusion and Holy Hybrid pole quests at RUSSOQ Headquarters in Glacier Shack.

 Needs info.

The Quests[]

There are a set of four to six quests for each pole. Each 'dish' varies in difficulty - the difficulty hints at the typical number of casts a wrangler may expect to make in order to complete that dish.

Completing some quests unlock an addon for that pole, which you can obtain once completing the quest and maxing out the pole. Each addon unlocks another 10 levels to add to your pole, and allows you to begin catching the Augmented Fish (there are at least four fish per pole at levels 57, 64, 73 and 80 - some poles may introduce more fish).

The final quest does not unlock anything, but wranglers completing the final dish are awarded the rare Liquid Gold attractant by the Ancient Mariner as a reward for their dedication to the task. You are also rewarded a Trophy Dish prize for completing that poles entire quest set.

Most Island areas will also have a SBQ (Super Bonus Quests) which usually require using all the poles for those Island areas and require having completed their respective poles entire Quest Set. For example WaterPort SBQ requires having completed all Oak Branch, Broken Standard and Fancy Rifle poles quest set before unlocking, plus the fish catch requirements include fish for all poles. Once unlocked, in order to start a SBQ requires the use of gold and resources. Clicking to start a SBQ will prompt advising what all gold and resources will be used to start, and you must click confirm to actually start it if you have all the necessary amounts. Completing a SBQ rewards Free Love Chum and various other bonuses, such as Liquid Gold, MTB, MTB, Deckhand Voucher, Red Shark, and/or Tarpit Stout. If that SBQ rewards Liquid Gold, upon completing it for the first time usually rewards either 2 or 3 LG. Any additional times completed will give 1 less. Please see the quest section FAQ LG below for more info on LG rewards.

For more details on this topic, see List of SBQ. or in-game SBQ List

Each pole's menu is listed below. Tips to complete each quest are provided on every dish.

(Note: Thanksgiving Bonus quest will appear in Roperia section, as you need those poles first before starting. An add to Broken Standard unbalances the Farovia section rows.)

Farovia Quests[]

        = Bonus Quest
        = SBQ
Oak Branch Quests
Cajun Catfish
Miny Medley
Toothpick Platter
Poison Acorn Brownie
Broken Standard Quests
Carpe Sliders
Fish Sticks
Escapist Filet
Stumbling Pie
Fancy Rifle-pole Quests
Fish Tacos
Not-so-Vegan Salad
Hungry Hunter
Trigger Fingers
Excali-pole Quests
Peasants Pie
Witches Brew
Kings Casserole
Royal Soufflé
Necro-pole Quests
Spicy Creole
Barbeque Ribs
Filet de Foamy
Final Request
Necro Shooters
Cubey Incinerator Quests
Freezing Hot Stew
Lava Burritos
Fish Kabobs
Flamyro Filet
Lava Fondue
Magma Reef
Steam Powered Hydro-pole Quests
Steamed Goat Milk
Toro Flank Steak
Smoky Tartare
Railway Reuben
Turtle Pie
Blue Crescent
Sonar Pulverizer Quests
Bloomin Munchies
Shark Nuggets
Fish Wrap
Seafood Stirfry
Surf and Turf
Sugar Cookies
Blue Crescent
Pneumatic Spear Quests
Samurai Shake
Wrangler O's
Calamari Delight
King Crab Legs
Peanut Jelly Cookies
Sans Culpra
Alcatraz Quests
Brain Burgers
Eel Alfredo
Leafy Salad
Half Shell Soup
Ink Rolls
Nail Fly Quests
Steroid Stew
California Burrito
Party Platter
Gold Nuggets
Hard Shell Hash
Tricorn Tiramisu
Ten Year Storm
Palm Spear Quests
Super Sad Sausages
Fiery Frog Legs
BBQ Bunny
Liger Linguica
Sauteed Brain Shrooms
Jubilant Jelly
Ten Year Storm
Kelp Net Quests
Frozen Frittata
Mansion Legs
Fried Flocktopus
Garlic Bread
Rainbow Chains
Fatty Fudge
Ten Year Storm
Sling Spear Quests
Slug Steak
Killer Knackwurst
Wood Fries
Winghead Sushi
Gold Flake Sundae
Shipwreck Explorer SBQ
Torpedo Spear Quests
Tarpit Melt
Wolf Wontons
Rusty Rice
Fiery Ribs
Horizontal Hummus
Torpedo Tiramisu
Shipwreck Explorer SBQ
Electro Spear Quests
Jelly Jambalaya
Wench White Rice
Mine Meatloaf
Scavenger Surprise
Flaming Hot Chili
Psychotic Shortcake
Shipwreck Explorer SBQ
Guardian Grabber Quests
Goby Globe
Mandarin Mini Tank
Crusty Cage
Mini Reef
Rescued Reservoir
Angel Aquarium
Saving Lucidia SBQ
Danger Destroyer Quests
Stuffed Snapper
Scorpion Steak
Turtle Soup
Grilled Slug Skewer
Toothy Tartare
Danger Chamber
Saving Lucidia SBQ
Holy Liberator Quests
Angel Wings
Seaweed Soup
Holy Shrimp!
Arctic Melt
Final Supper
Evil Obliterator Quests
Sloppy Earl's 666
Corn Chowda
Deviled Caviar
Center Cut Fish Souls
Phantom Filet
Piranha Parfait
Algaenite Quests
Diablo Dogs
Fish Omelet
Mutant Marinara
Crab Cakes
Bling Tail
Sig's Martini
Freezer Full of Fillets
Planktonite Quests
Chopped Liger
Marlin Meatloaf
Feathered Feast
Octoodle Soup
Sig's Sangria
Oil Drum of Hump Soup
Royal Rescuer Quests
Bottled Breakfast
Admiral Salute
Parrot Beaks
Sweet Swann Soup
Executioner Cut
Lemon Meringue
Pyratic Plunder Quests
Booty Bites
Spaghetti Cannon Balls
Three Course Snack
Treasure Treat
Lemon Squares
Oak Twig Quests
Cajun Kittyfish
Tiny Medley
Small Platter
Slim Delight
Wahwahport SBQ
Kiddie Standard Quests
Crape Sliders
Minnow Sticks
Cheap Filet
Pie Crumb
Wahwahport SBQ
Rocket Rod Quests
Tiny Creole
Barbaque Wibs
Filet de Dialo
Final Tigey
Itzo Shooters
Wahwahville SBQ
Excali-toy Quests
Peasants Crumb
Baby Brew
Elwis Casserole
Ovark Souffle
Stinging Shooters
Wahwahville SBQ
Bubble Powered Aqua-pole Quests
Steamed Formula
Meat Mush
Tiny Tartare
Run Reuben
Wadio Pie
Wahwah Crescent SBQ
Radio Rod Quests
Bloomin Wayzer
Madador Nuggets
Shark Wrap
Slippery Stirfry
Surfs Ubb
Wahwah Crescent SBQ
Ubeewador Quests
Freezing Hot Miwk
Lava Tacquitos
Minnow Kabobs
Phire Philet
Wava Fundoo
Wahwah Reef SBQ
Lost Kayu Quests
Meow Filet
Saw Sus
Janger Sup
Sweet Sate
Nasi Goreng
Lost Temple SBQ
Lost Ikan Quests
Krim Pai
Komodo Kebab
Buto Beans
Kraka Goreng
Lost Temple SBQ
Fariana Submarina Quests
Octobutter Salad Spaghetti Fishetti
Escarcoffin Surf n Soup
Grilled Shrimp Crabfishcake
Stuffed Fish n Fish Killer Soup
Flaming Marrus Beast of a Feast
Fariana Trench SBQ
Reelistic Quests
Black 'n Blue Salmon Surprise
Baked Splake Trout Pie
Smelted Perch Fried Catfish
Small Brown Poached Sturgeon
Buttered Burbot Rakkaus Wedding Cake
Big Love SBQ
Eldritch Quests
I & I's
Fish Fat
Jozek's Fish Cups
Innsmouth Suit.jpg
Innsmouth Suit Quests
Fishie Rolls
Fish Wafers
Wax Tarpit Bottles
Candy Fish
Circus Fish
Dirigible Quests
First Flight
Faster and Higher
Epic Test
Legendary Test
Mission Recovery Quests
Classic Aviators
Flying Aces
Combat Pilots
Hypersonic Pilots
Mercury Mission
International Space
Apollo Mission
Disher Quests
Monkey Bread Charleston Shrimp and Grits
Gooey Brownies Hash Brown Casserole
Blueberry Breakfast Casserole Lox and Bagel
Cinnamon French Toast Bake Chicken & Waffles Sandwich
Cheesy Bacon & Egg Frittata Butcher's Breakfast
Breakfast Bay SBQ
Sipper Quests
Cafe Au Lait Fruity Tres Leches Cake
Orange Creamsicle Mango Upside Down Cake
Coffee Cake Tiramisu
Malted Chocolate Cake Spicy Chocolate Cake
Tropical Tomato Soup Drunken Orange Rolls
Breakfast Bay SBQ

Roperia Quests[]

        = Bonus Quest
        = SBQ
Crapolé Quests
Eyes and Tails
Roast Gull
Blue Ball Eel Soup
Heap Cake
Santa Francesca
Floral Standard Quests
Scraper Loaf
Mystery Nuggets
Stout Stew
Floral Cookies
Santa Francesca
Landscaper Quests
Box Burger
Spite Sampler
Steamed Mantigus
Petal Pie
Santa Francesca
Lightning Rod Quests
Oar Chips and Salsa
Sea Salad
Raven Wings
Midgard Mousse
New Seinborough
Revelation Rod Quests
Momma's Medley
Red Soup
Revelation Chops
Fried Locust
Apocalypse Strudel
New Seinborough
Coal Powered Thermo-pole Quests
Skunky Stew
Collector Caviar
Coal Slaw
Cactus Bites
Streamer Steaks
Redwood Crescent
Shredder Quests
Owl Burger
Meat Mound
Roast Suckling Loon
Wood Chips
Trapper Fillet
OxMilk Shake
Redwood Crescent
Nueron Transducer Quests
Bright Bites
Pea Soup
Saturn Sushi
Giant Calamari
Cosmic Curry
Galaxy Gelatin
Asteroid Reef SBQ
Legionnaires Lance Quests
Trojan Shells
Whirly Soup
Poseidon Panini
Fiery Enchiladas
Herculean Hamburger
Jelly Doughnuts
Helvetica SBQ
Folsom Quests
Band-aid Stew Black Op Brauts
Scout Scampi Satellite Steak
Crippler Cakes Nuclear Sub
Pulverizer Pizza Surf and Surf
Marinara Medley Freeze Dried Ice Cream
Mount Promontory SBQ
Outback Quests
Krunchy Koala
Eel Neck Soup
Roast Roo
Barbied Barbed Shrimp
Stinger Sampler
Blue Ring Kalamari
Zyrbelia SBQ
Survivalist Quests
Frog Fins
Piranha Skewers
Tik Tik Stew
Stuffed Blubber
Adventure Pasta
Butter Beetle Cookies
Zyrbelia SBQ
Poacherist Quests
Frog Legs
Pulled Hog Sandwich
Giant Lengua
Nizon Croc Burger
Eagle Wings
Sour Centipedes
Zyrbelia SBQ
Great equalizer-thumb.jpg
Great Equalizer Quests
Whiskey Sour
Roasted Rattles
Corn Bread
Chipotle Crayfish
Bandit Beans
Thanksgiving Feast
Dodge River SBQ
Kolenya Quests
Stuffed Horseshoes
Hare Stew
Smoked Jerky
Turkey Fin
Buffalo Stew
Peyote Pie
Thanksgiving Feast
Dodge River SBQ
Candy cane-thumb.jpg
Candy Cane Quests
Rump Roast
Tassel Tamales
Red Hot Stew
Gingerbread Loaf
Pimpin Pasta
Candy Apple
Declination River SBQ
Medical mangler-thumb.jpg
Medical Mangler Quests
Finned Spring Rolls
Smoked Fillet
Gutsy Goulash
Hot Links
Rainbow Roll
Declination River SBQ
Cold Fusion Quests
Cold Cakes Whale Skewers
Cold Cakes II Wild Stew
Iced Chowder Fusion Filet
Sundaepoda Fusion Bannok
Bacon Muktuk Fusion Wrap
Dried Blubber Fusion Cake
Backside of Icelantica SBQ
Holy Hybrid Quests
Holy Cakes Skewered Jeans
Holy Cakes II Abysmal Stew
Muffed Muktuk Hybrid Filet
Sundaebeast Hybrid Bannok
Star Cakes Hybrid Wrap
Dry Jeannes Hybrid Cake
Backside of Icelantica SBQ
Deputy Quests
Littering Lot Greasy Fingers
Gross Gang Motley Crew
Crusty Crowd Filthy Lucre
Dirty Dozens Kickback Club
Tragic Commons Garbage Bosses
Roperian Garbage Patch SBQ
Remediator Quests
Fish Assist Ocean Friend
Marine Relief Water Warrior
Reef Cleanup Salty Hero
Penguin Pal Healthy Flipper
Seal of Approval Get Kraken
Roperian Garbage Patch SBQ
Extendarod Quests
A bit o' everything
Venus Flower Soup
Kings Platter
Trident Sashimi
Quintuple Smoothie
Handline Quests
Muscle Meat Extreme
Queen's Skewers
Coral Crisps
Bubble Tea

General Tips[]

A detailed guide to each quest is provided on each page. Some general tips that apply throughout are provided below.


Before starting on a pole's quests - please make sure to have the advised skill already learned for those quests as some fish in each quest may require you having certain skills in order to be caught.

This list shows the skills required to complete each pole's set of quests:

Using Attractants[]

The optimal use of attractants will depend on how much you use Red Love Chum or Free Love Chum.

  • If you are a heavy RLC user, then use any available attractants as soon as possible as this eliminate those fish from the list and hence will maximise the RLC Boost on non attractant fish.
  • If you do not use RLC, then it may be better to save any attractants to finish off the quest. For example the Steam Powered Hydro-pole Railway Reuben Quest requires 8 Joan of Farovia Fish and 4 Striped Diablo Fish. It is more than likely that the majority of Joans will be caught (if not all of them) by the time the Striped Diablos are caught, thus saving you up to 8 attractants depending on how many Joans were remaining once all the other fish were caught.

When to Purchase Addons[]

During the progression of the quests on each pole, some believe that it is advisable to hold off on purchasing addons, instead of purchasing as soon as they are available. For more information on suggested addon-quest purchasing strategies read the details quest pages referenced on this page.

Also, if you have not started fishing in Icelantica and are starting quests, it is suggested you only complete the first couple of quests of the poles and hold off on the remainder until after you've done so. One reason is that the addons required for later quests do end up costing a lot of gold compared to what you earn fishing in the Farovian Islands and once you get past certain areas in Icelantica, gold is much more easily earned.

Quest Durations[]

A guide to the number of casts required to complete each quest is provided in the detailed description. These are only guides as experienced by wranglers and not predetermined figures - you may take more or less casts than quoted.

Note if you cast less than 30 times per day, understand that any quest above the first couple for each pole could take a month or longer for you to complete.


How Quests Work[]

Only one quest can be active at a time. Completion of preceding quests will unlock additional quests.

Each quest requires a particular pole, so you must fish with this pole in order to have the fish count towards the dish.

You can catch required quest fish via Crew Trips, deckhand trips and individual trips. Please note that Captain Trips, Tournament casts and Night Fishing trips do NOT count towards quests.

There are no time restrictions. Quests are timed for leaderboard purposes only. The clock begins when the quest starts, and ends when the dish is dropped off at BetsyLou's 'Sand Bar & Grill' in WaterPort or RubyMae's 'Wave Bar & Grill' in Santa Francesca. You can compete in the same quest multiple times.

Quests can be completed individually or with a friend. You can not invite someone who is already actively completing the same quest. If you invite a friend to a quest, the invitation remains active for 24 hours. You will be unable to invite another friend to your quest until the invitation expires or your friend rejects the invite. If competing with a friend, dish requirements will be multiplied by 1.5 (rounded down).

Quest Boosts[]

Using Red Love Chum or Free Love Chum will give you an increased chance of catching the next required quest fish based on two factors; time since the last quest catch and number of RLC/FLC used since the last quest catch. The two measures are cumulative and so will be added together to give you a 'boost' for your next quest target. This 'boost' also applies to Crew Trips, however you won't see the header message shown below.

Note that the boost does not guarantee catching a quest fish, merely improves your chances of catching one.

Last Catch Boost[]

The longer you go without a quest catch, the better chance you have of making a quest catch! The Last Catch boost resets after making a quest catch.

# of Days Catch Quest Fish
< 1 day 1.5× boost (always)
1 day 2× boost
2 days 3× boost
3 days 4× boost
4 days 5× boost
5 days 6× boost
6 days 7× boost
>6 days 8× boost

NOTE: While in Roperia, wranglers can use the Digloo Brew IPA resource to boost the Last Catch. However this boost can never be increased above the Max 8x.

RLC Usage Boost[]

You "bank" RLC by making non-quest catches, which in turn increase your chances of making a quest catch according to the table below. The bank resets after making quest catch with RLC/FLC

RLC/FLC Used Catch Quest Fish
0-2 banked 0.2× boost
3 banked 0.6× boost
4 banked 0.8× boost
5 banked 1× boost
... ...
78 banked 15.6× boost
79 banked 15.8× boost
80 banked 16× boost
... ...
158 banked 31.6x boost
159 banked 31.8x boost
>=160 banked 32x boost

There are counters per active quest. Each quest's counter is displayed in the individual quest details page accessible from the Main Quest Page. For example:

Quest Started: on July 17th 2009 (5 days 10 hours 52 minutes 7 seconds ago) (quit?)

Diego: Last Quest catch ~23 hours ago 2 banked RLC

When the RLC boost applies, you'll see a message at the top of your screen that says for example:

Received 2.2x BOOST to catch the Emo! 2x from last quest catch ~1 day ago + 0.2x from 1 banked RLC.

Special Bonus - Quest Boost[]

Special Bonus Quest Boosts can be found in MTB's. These Quest Boosts adds to your Quest Catch Boost total and they do stack with other Special Bonus Boosts. They will increase quest boost anywhere from 1.1x - 16x once activated (or auto-activated within 24 hrs). For example:

Woohoo! Started 12.6x Quest Boost Special Bonus that will last for 4 hours.

Odds of finding a Special Bonus Quest Boost might be increased if it is a very old unfinished quest. For more info on Special Bonus, please see FAQ here.

I got a boost message for a fish not on my quest... and I'm not even using Red Love Chum!![]

Due to an outstanding glitch, on random casts it is possible to be shown the boost message for a crew mate you have just taken on a Crew Trip who is using Red Love Chum for their current quest.

Don't worry, this has not interfered with the chance for catching your own quest fish, more than the message which is normally hidden has found a way into your view. Think of it as no more than a Thank you message from your crew mate that you are helping them on their current quest!

I am using Red Love Chum/Free Love Chum but I don't get the boost message[]

The Red Love Chum boost only applies for the next fish in the list. If it is not possible to catch the next fish in the list (for example, if you do not have the requisite skill or pole level, or if you are on an island where the next fish does not reside), then the RLC boost will not activate.

Where can I fish?[]

You can fish at any location, but you do need to use the correct pole in order for that catch to count. Check out the Fish Location Chart to see what locations make good spots for your current quest.

Why do Captain Trips, Night Fishing catches and Tournament casts not count towards Quests?[]

On a captain trip, you are showing your apprentice the art of wrangling and as the captain and apprentice share the fish (in terms of points), it can't be returned to BetsyLou as part of the dish hence why Captain Trips are not counted. (The real reason, of course, is that some people have many apprentices and these people would have a major advantage over those that don't. Plus, it would encourage cheating with users creating multiple accounts just to reap the benefits of multiple Captain Trips.)

Tournament casts are 'catch-and-release' and as such these fish also cannot be returned to BetsyLou as part of the dish and hence are also excluded from quests. (Though the real reason is that this would discriminate against certain classes. Not all wrangler classes will utilize a quest pole in the appropriate location so those that do have a "15 casts in only 5 minutes" advantage over those that don't. Since the quests are timed with a fastest finisher leaderboard this could give some players a major advantage over others.)

Fish caught on a Night Fishing trip are pooled together at the end of the excursion and the points and gold are split between the team. In the same way that the shared Captain Trips cannot be returned to BetsyLou, the same applies to Night Fishing catches. (Although there are a few wranglers that don't go on Night Fishing trips who would be at a disadvantage if such catches were allowed, the real reason is one of practicality; the current night fishing system has various technical limitations as it calculates/saves thousands of fish catches per second. Adding in additional checks for quest catches would simply add additional burden to an already over-worked area of the code.)

Excluding these casts therefore removes some of the biased elements of the game and puts everyone on a level playing field.

My catch didn't count![]

A common complaint by frustrated wranglers, however most situations can usually be explained legitimately:

  • Make sure you have the correct pole activated. Participating in tournaments could leave wranglers fishing for quest fish with the wrong pole without realising. The quest box will inform you if the currently active pole is the wrong one for the currently active quest and give you the option to activate the correct pole from there. For example; "Wrong pole! Activate Fancy Rifle-pole?"
  • For quests requiring a Miny Fish or a Miss Miny Fish, many wranglers have confused the two assuming they have a quest catch when its their counterpart they have just caught. Double check if the requirements are the breed of Miny fish you have just caught.
  • Due to a current glitch in the Captain's code, catching a Loafy Fish on a Captain Trip won't be parsed normally and it will described in the skippers log as a normal catch. Captain Trips, of course, are not counted towards Quest catches and hence why that catch will not count towards reducing the catch requirements. This can be confirmed as your apprentice will receive a generic Captains Trip message with no fish description with the same timestamp as the timestamp of the Loafy fish catch. Interestingly this glitch has existed since the Captains Trip functionality was introduced, but its only with the advent of Quests that wranglers are noticing this quirk.
  • The same glitch occurs when catching schools of Cubeys with the Cubey Incinerator. On a Captain Trip, this will look like a normal cast, but that is just a description error. Any schools not counted for the first Cubey Incinerator Quest are likely to be Captain Trips and not a normal cast. An additional benefit due to this bug is that catching the Cubeys with a captain trip will also cool down your pole.

Finishing a Quest[]

After catching all the fish requirements, you must visit the Sand Bar & Grill by traveling to WaterPort or the Wave Bar & Grill in Santa Francesca. BetsyLou or RubyMae will reward each wrangler with the dish. Only catches on an active quest can be exchanged with BetsyLou.

Trophies are rewarded to users who complete the entire dish quest set.

I finished a Quest, but can't buy the Add-on[]

First, add-ons can only be purchased once your pole reaches a specific level, usually 50. Second, most later add-ons have a Quest requirement as well - for that reason, it's good to check your poles a) to make your poles are high enough to get to the next quest  b) that your not leveling too slowly aka on pace to catch the next fish in line for a quest or getting multiple misses (Tournaments help you get ahead here) c) that your not leveling too quickly & you sacrifice gaining experience because your pole isn't ready to get upgraded yet.
Third, some add-ons require you to travel to a specific area first to be able to purchase a add-on. Fourth, some add-ons require a specific task to be fulfilled - examples include travel to a locked area which needs a Task Fish to unlock or completing Sigs experiments.

Why can't I start the next quest?[]

Each quest has a pole level requirement. You will not be able to start the quest unless you meet this requirement.

Why didn't I receive Liquid Gold when completing the final quest?[]

Note: Some Final Quests like the first two poles in Roperia, strangely only grant 1LG for the final quests, therefore acting as just difficult quests. There are no rewards for subsequent completions of these quests. So far, these are the only quests to do so.

Also, the difficult quests in areas after Alcatraz seem to not give any LG also.

Final Quests: (Quest #10 of 1o, #6 of 6, Quest #5 of 5, Quest #4 of 4)
Upon first completion of Final Quests the Ancient Mariner rewards 2 Liquid Gold, and only 1 Liquid Gold for each successive completion.

Difficult Quests: (Quest #5 of 6) or before the final
Upon first completion of Difficult Quests the Ancient Mariner rewards 1 Liquid Gold, and NO Liquid Gold for each successive completion.

Bonus Quests: (Quest #7 of 6)
Upon first completion of Bonus Quests the Ancient Mariner rewards 3 Liquid Gold, and 2 Liquid Gold for each successive completion.

Super Bonus Quests: (Quest #20 of #10)
Due to the difficulty & sheer number of fish in Super Bonus Quests, the Ancient Mariner delivers various high rewards usually 70-80 FLC, sometimes as high as 3 Liquid Gold. Other than FLC, which is awarded only on 1st completion of SBQ, rest of these values remain the same as few decide to attempt these subsequent times, as most use more love chum or resources than the rewards given.

Can I start a new quest before finishing an old one?[]

It is possible to start a new quest before finishing the current quest, but only one quest will be active at any one point in time - meaning that any catches made will only go towards the currently active quest - even if you caught a fish on the correct pole.

Simply start a new quest and the existing quest will become inactive. It is possible to have multiple inactive quests. You can change which quest is active by making the desired quest active from your Quest History list. Note that the timer will still be ticking away on inactive quests.

How Do I Quit/Leave a Quest?[]

After creating a quest, the quest leader (Player 1) must wait two hours before deleting the quest. The invited user (Player 2) can leave the quest at any point; however, this action will remove any fish contributions Player 2 accumulated towards the quest. Player 1 must complete the quest individually, and the dish requirements will be reduced (from 1.5× to 1.0×).

Note that as Player 1 started the quest, if Player 1 quits the current quest then the quest is aborted for both players. Any catches made by player 2 are not carried forward to a solo quest for Player 2.

Can a friend join a quest that I have already started?[]

Yes, if you have started a quest you can still invite friends to complete the quest with you even after you have started it. All of your current catches will still be accounted for but you will get the 1.5x multiplier once the friend accepts the invitation.

===I see the message "Wrong Pole" under my quest === If you see the “Wrong Pole” under your quest, you'll be given a list of your other inactive quests that you can activate, based on the town and pole you have equipped.