Poacherist QuestsEdit

Frog LegsEdit


(Difficulty: 1/10)
Frog Legs are breaded and fried to a crunchy consistency. A popular treat among the local Amazonian tribes.
Pole Req: Level 10+ Poacherist
Quest specific tips: Pretty easy & straight forward, you just need Lv 12 to catch the last fish (or just 10 with love chum). Can be completed multiple times as you have 13-15 levels until the next quest.
Catch Req's: 9 Sloth Fish, 8 Pink Porpoise Fish, 6 Poison Dart Frog Fish, 1 Toucan Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Pulled Hog SandwichEdit


(Difficulty: 3/10)
Thickly-sliced boar meat is marinated in BBQ sauce and placed on a whole-wheat bun.
Pole Req: Level 25+ Poacherist
Quest specific tips: Final P quest for Mosquito Run - even though the same number of fish, I found it a little easier than the S 2nd quest but it will start off slower. Finish the first 18 fish ASAP, and try to work on the Hog fish on your way to Lv 30, you should have a nice boost worked up by then. Try to stick around in the area even after finishing the Silverback as the predator (Chief of Cadavers) in CE is too strong until you hit Lv 50. Use tournaments to build levels.
Catch Req's: 11 Cassowary Fish, 7 Jaguar Eel Fish, 7 Hog Fish, 2 Silverback Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Giant LenguaEdit


(Difficulty: 5/10)
Does cooked Okapi tongue sound appetizing? We didn’t think so...
Pole Req: Level 40+ Poacherist
Unlocks: Spear Beams
Quest specific tips: Pretty straight forward, although the Elephant Shark Fish could be the bottleneck. Your basically are given 15 levels to finish these quests before you can do the next one. This is slightly harder than the Survivalist quest counterpart.
Catch Req's: 14 Cheetah Sail Fish, 12 Giraffe Neck Fish, 10 Okapi Fish, 5 Elephant Shark Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Nizon Croc BurgerEdit


(Difficulty: 8/10)
The Nizon Burger consists of undercooked crocodile meat, often infecting wranglers with salmonella food poisoning.
Pole Req: Level 55+ Poacherist
Unlocks: Slingshot
Quest specific tips: This quest is actually harder than the next 9/10 one as the fish have the rarest population in Cadaver Expanse. Since you need to reach Lv 60 to catch the last one, try to catch the first two types of fish (23) quickly and return for the last 4 with a quest boost and love chum to help. to use LG if you still haven't caught the by Lv 70, and plan to start it ASAP. Definitely recommended using a LG on the Potamus before Lv 80 if you haven't caught it yet as you will be stuck then, but stay close to CE leveling with tournaments. If your able to fight off the Chief, go ahead and visit de Sol for awhile as the predators usually don't appear after one as you want to avoid the risk of facing the Sol Queen. (Sharing catches slows you down & other options are risky to make you lose silver.)
Catch Req's: 13 Rhino Fish, 10 Mandrill Fish, 3 Hyena Fish, 1 Nizon Croc Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Eagle WingsEdit


(Difficulty: 9/10)
Sizzling with spicy sauce, the Eagle Wing is so large that it can nearly feed an entire family. You’ll be licking your fingers!
Pole Req: Level 70+ Poacherist
Unlocks: Tribal Shield
Rewards: 1 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips: This is one of the first quests that unlocks a Add-on & grants Liquid Gold at the same time. Even with 2 more fish, this is much easier than it's Survivalist quest counterpart, as you can finish the first 38 fish just being at Lv 70. But then there's a lonnnng wait to finish it - like 11-13 levels! (You should probably go back & buy the other pole if you haven't at this point.) Make sure you don't have this quest active at Lv 80 to avoid getting your chum "sacrificed". Use tournaments to level your pole until you reach Lv 75 to avoid Adventurer misses & keep going until you can return around Lv 83 to catch the final two Sacrifice fish, or around Lv 81 if using love chum. You should have a good boost by then so you shouldn't need to use LG but go ahead if you hit Lv 85 and want to start the next quest.
Catch Req's: 16 Shrunken Head Fish, 12 Bald Eagle Ray Fish, 10 Shorn Warrior Fish, 2 Sacrifice Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Sour CentipedesEdit


(Difficulty: 10/10)
These sour-flavored candy centipedes will leave your taste buds craving for more!
Pole Req: Level 85+ Poacherist
Rewards: 2 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips: Try to finish the Centipede Eels ASAP to work quest boosts on the others. While the Kimil Shark Fish damages your pole 8/10 times, the Priestess will ALWAYS damage your pole except through deckhand/crew trips. You can only damage each type of pole once per day though. It's recommended to use LG on the Nizon Sun, as it's one of the rarest fish out there. Love chum wouldn't hurt either. Stay away until your able to attack the Sol Queen or share your catches as they count still for quests.
Catch Req's: 15 Centipede Eel Fish, 10 Kimil Shark Fish, 8 Priestess Fish, 1 Nizon Sun Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Zyrbelia SBQEdit



(Difficulty: 20/10)
The Super Bonus Quest of Zyrbelia requires Roperian Wranglers to catch an unholy number of the rarest fish in town! Not for beginners.
Pole Req: Level 80 Outback , Level 100 Survivalist , Level 100 Poacherist

Rewards: 115 Free Love Chum, 44 Red Sharks, and 4 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips: In order to start this quest, you must have completed the quest sets for the Outback, Survivalist, and Poacherist Poles. This quest is very, VERY hard, and not recommended for the faint of heart. Needs INFO.

Starting Requirements: 230,000 Silver, 60 Peanut Poison, and 23 Seduction Serum
Catch Req's: 100 Giant Cuddle Fish, 70 Black Caiman Fish, 50 Nizon Croc Fish, 30 Kimil Shark Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

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