Plank Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 2,769
Min. Points 3,443
Min. Tourn. Points 395 points
Min. Weight 6.25 lb / 2.84 kg
Min. Pole Level 70 Royal Rescuer
Level 70 Pyratic Plunder
Min. Skill Truth of Piracy and Rescue
Habitat (Population) Krakken Rocks (Very Rare)
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Description: After betraying his pirate crew, the elderly Plank Fish was wrapped up in a heavy-duty anchor and forced to 'walk the plank.' Wranglers will need to find this sunken plankton in order to retrieve the final piece to the grappling gun device.

The Plank Fish is one of three fish required to build the Grappling Cannon. You must catch 30 Plank Fish.

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