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Description: Wranglers will begin their journey through Mt. Promontory at the "Perilimeter" - the circumferential boundary lines that wrap around the entire island. The Perilimeter is protected by several fish-guards, so wranglers will need to surpass this obstacle in order to continue into the weapon testing facility.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

Getting to PerilimeterEdit


Spirit of the Sea

The Spirit of the Sea needs you to catch the dangerous Albino Diablo Shark of Mount Promonotory. The Roperian Naval academy has been attempting different experiements in order to catch it and has been unlucky!

How to Unlock:
1) Catch a level 30 Spite Fish with the Landscaper to unlock the Basic Marksmanship skill.
2) Learn the Basic Marksmanship skill to unlock the Folsom Cruiser!*
3) Purchase the Folsom Cruiser and voyage to Perilimeter where you can then purchase the Folsom pole to attach to your new ride!

(*Note: although you can buy the skill and unlock the Folsom Cruiser, you must have already also gotten the Intro to Reef Cleaning skill from New Seinborough before it allows to actually purchase the Folsom Cruiser.)

Or Instantly Unlock:
1) Purchase the Folsom Cruiser via PayPal for $2.99 at any time.

What to BuyEdit

Upon arrival, to fish here you need to buy the Folsom pole and the Clay Pigeon Chum. That chum is the only one that works here (or Red Love Chum/Free Love Chum) as well.

What to CatchEdit

Fish Min. Pole Min. Skill Population Status Min. Points Min. Silver Chum Preference
Private Fish Folsom Basic Marksmanship 12Fairly Prolific 326 320 -
Protest Fish Folsom Basic Marksmanship 12Fairly Prolific 371 379 -
Mess Fish Level 2 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 11Numerous 403 410 -
Stealth Fish Level 4 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 10Average 482 475 -
Agent00 Fish Level 7 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 06Threatened 594 598 -
Black Ops Fish Level 10 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 08Very Rare 532 541 -
Navy Seal Fish Level 13 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 05Endangered 703 706 -
Syndrome Shark Fish Level 15 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 04Critically Endangered 817 824 -
Mine Puffer Fish Level 17 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 07Extremely Rare 645 639 -
Scout Shrimp Fish Level 20 Folsom Basic Marksmanship 02Possibly Extinct 1,011 1,015 -

A rogues gallery of each Perilimeter fish can be found in The Fish of Perilimeter.

Moving OnEdit

To unlock Hexperiment, the second island in Mount Promontory, you need to catch a Level 20 Scout Shrimp Fish.

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