Parasail Fish
Roperian Fish
Parasail hidden
Min. Silver 6,100
Min. Points 6,150
Min. Tourn. Points N/A
Strength Open Seas
Min. Weight 255.94 lb / 116.09 kg
Min. Pole n/a
Min. Skill Fishing 101
Habitat (Population) Open Seas of Farovia
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Description: The Parasail Fish can be spotted in the wind when shuttling from Farovia to Roperia. Scientists believe this innocent fish became stuck in garbage located on the dirty streets of Roperia. Sadly, one terrible evening the winds picked up, and poor Parasail launched straight into the air. Save this trolling fish by shutting between Farovia and Roperia.

How to catch Parasail Fish: The Parasail Fish can be caught when shuttling from Farovia to Roperia. You will receive a catch message after traveling if you successfully reeled in the breed.

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