Necro-pole QuestsEdit

Below is a list of the quests available for the Necro-pole. Before starting on these quests, it is advised to have learned the skill of Habitats of Large Fish since you will need it in order to catch some of the quest fish.

Also, if you have not started fishing in Icelantica yet, it is suggested you only complete the first two or three quests and hold off on the remainder until after you've done so. If you cast less than 30 times per day, any quest above the second or third could take a month or longer to complete.

Spicy CreoleEdit


(Difficulty: 1/10)
Mouth-watering seafood creole with a cajun twist!
Pole Req: Level 10 Necro-pole
Quest specific tips: This quest can be done very fast with attractants and repellents. Start with the Cubey: Stay in Waterport and use Boo Juice and K9 Pheromone with Cayenne Chum or RLC to greatly increase your chance of catching Cubeys. Other possibilities (without using repellents) is to cast in Fishertonville or Sans Culpra surface using Cayenne or RLC. The Grim and Hate Fish can both be caught in Waterport and Fishertonville using the respective attractants (Arsenic & Vials of Bile) and RLC (or Fish Guts Chum) - there is no need to use preferred chums since the attractants work almost 99% of the time, so using a chum with a low miscast rate is more effective. Without attractants look for the Hate Fish in Blue Crescent using Steak Chum, and the Grim in Fishertonville using Loaf Chum -- but note that this quest probably is not worth doing without having the required attractants. Using repellents and attractants, the quest may take only about 20-30 casts, so it can be done in just a few minutes using Tarpits and SKIPs (additional skips are available using Ice Cubes or Red Sharks).
Catch Req's: 10 Cubey Fish, 6 Hate Fish, 3 Grim Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Barbeque RibsEdit


(Difficulty: 2/10)
Delicious Barbeque Ribs with a little corn and mashed potatoes on the side. (Barbeque Saaaauce. *in deep voice*)
Pole Req: Level 20 Necro-pole
Unlocks: Double Skull
Quest specific tips: This quest is done while staying in Fishertonville. The best way to start is in Fishertonville with Loaf Chum and finish all the Loafy Fish. If you did not get lucky with the Foamy Fish, you should concentrate on him next: use RLC (or Fish Guts Chum) until you catch him, then move on the Hippies; catch any remaining Hippie Fish using RLC/Fish Guts and Hippie attractants (Munchies) if you have them. This quest could take about 150 casts.
Catch Req's: 8 Loafy Fish, 7 Coconut Fish, 9 Hippie Fish, 1 Foamy Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Filet de FoamyEdit


(Difficulty: 4/10)
Fishertonville's Foamy Fish cooked to perfection.
Pole Req: Level 30 Necro-pole
Unlocks: Iron Cage of Death
Quest specific tips: Some users feel this quest should not be started without having the attractants for the Hate Fish ( Vials of Bile)). One way to do this quest is to start with Loaf Chum or RLC and try to finish off the Loafy Fish. Right after that use attractants to finish off the remaining Hate. This leaves the hardest Foamy Fish for last, and using RLC will give an additional boost in catching it. Without RLC, you may leave the Hate last, and only use the attractants to finish them after all the Foamy fish are caught. This quest should take ~300 casts.

On October 14th new fish were added to Fishertonville and this quest was updated to include the Roadkill Ray. Previously the Grim Fish was required. At this time there are no attractants for the Roadkill Ray.
Catch Req's: 10 Loafy Fish, 12 Hate Fish, 8 Roadkill Ray Fish, 3 Foamy Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Final RequestEdit


(Difficulty: 8/10)
A macabre dish served to the evil doers of Farovia.
Pole Req: Level 50 Necro-pole
Unlocks: Golden Triangle of Misery
Quest specific tips: The hard fish in this quest is again the Foamy. There are two distinct strategies to complete this quest based on if you want to finish the quest faster with RLC and Arsenic, or take a regular approach without using RLC and attractants. If you wish to use the RLC boost ability, you should go ahead and use Arsenic to take out all the Grim fish first - which leaves Foamy fish to benefit from the RLC boost. During catching the Foamy fish you should catch all Wither and Devil Rays as well. The second, more frugal option is to go with regular Chum: Loaf works well with Grim Fish, and after they are finished switching to Fish Guts or (now) you can continue with RLC which will now work on Foamy fish. This quest may take 500 casts, depending on the luck with the Foamy fish.
Catch Req's: 12 Grim Fish, 8 Foamy Fish, 6 Wither Fish, 3 Devil Ray Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Necro ShootersEdit


(Difficulty: 10/10)
Made with Earl's homemade alcohol, these shots can induce nightmares.
Pole Req: Level 70 Necro-pole
Rewards: 2 Liquid Gold
Quest specific tips: This quest is very hard, and not recommended unless you don't mind using a lot of RLC. The Werewolf Miny Fish will take a long time to finish, and catching the Graveskeeper will depend on luck. So the quest will require fishing in Fishertonville and using RLC or your best chum, until everything is caught. Which may take 1000+ casts.
Catch Req's: 20 Needlenose Shark Fish, 16 Vampress Fish, 12 Werewolf Miny Fish, 1 Graveskeeper Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

SBQ2 - FishertonvilleEdit



(Difficulty: 20/10)
The Super Bonus Quest of Fishertonville requires Farovian Wrangler's to catch an unholy number of the rarest fish in town! Not for beginner's.
Pole Req: Level 80 Necro-pole
Rewards: 75 Free Love Chum, 30 Red Sharks, 10 Deckhand Vouchers
Quest specific tips: In order to start this quest, you must have completed the quest sets for both the Excali-pole and the Necro-Pole. This quest is VERY hard, and not recommended for the faint of heart. To make best use of the quest bonus, start with the Excali-pole until you catch all the Squires, then switch to the Necro-pole for the Werewolf Miny then switch back to the Excali-pole for the Arthurians. This quest can take up to 14,000+ casts.
Catch Req's: 90 Squire Fish, 32 Werewolf Miny Fish, 8 Arthurian Fish ×1.5 when done with friend

Starting requirements: 80,000 Gold, 18 Antifreeze Protein, and 16 Munchies

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