Nail Fly
Cost 100
Strength 12
Lure Rating N/A
Min. Points N/A
Retail Outlet Doom Island Fishing Pole Shop
Nail Fly Quests

Description: Found on the shores of Doom Island, the Nail Fly resembles a fly-fishing pole with a bent nail as the hook and fly.


Each upgrade costs gold and has a minimum pole level before they can be purchased. Poles need to be 100% of the stated level to qualify.
NOTE: The add-on images are meant to be hidden.

Steel Nut ReinforcementEdit

You'll need some strong nuts to survive on Strand Island! Metal doesn't get much stronger than this steel!

Adds: 20 base levels to your Nail Fly
Min Req: Level 5 Nail Fly
Cost: 50,000 gold
Strength: TBD
Skill Points: +TBD
Purchased from the Doom Island store


Steel Nut Reinforcement

Pole leveling is 50 exp. per level.

Reel HookerEdit

The Nail Fly Pole just got real with the Reel Hooker add-on. Mousso worked many hours on this masterpiece! *Addon slows down pole leveling*

Adds: 10 base levels to your Nail Fly
Min Req: Level 25 Nail Fly
Cost: 250,000 gold
Strength: 481 (+123) / 490 (+125)
Skill Points: +123 / +126
Purchased from the Stormy Straight store


Reel Hooker

Pole leveling is now at 60 exp. per level

Storm Radar NFEdit

Built for the Nail Fly Pole, the Storm Radar feeds off the Weather Monitor and will alert wranglers of incoming storms! Unlocks Large Water Bag (200% capacity) *Addon slows down pole leveling*

Adds: 15 base levels to your Nail Fly
Min Req: Level 35 Nail Fly
Cost: 500,000 gold
Strength: 680 (+184) / 693 (+188)
Skill Points: +184 / +187
Purchased from the Stormy Straight store


Storm Radar NF

Pole leveling is now at 70 exp. per level.

Double BangerEdit

A duo of colorful lures has been known to attract the biggest breeds in the region. *Addon slows down pole leveling*

Adds: 30 base levels to your Nail Fly
Min Req: Level 50 Nail Fly
Cost: 800,000 gold
Strength: 1071 (+369) / 1092 (+376)
Skill Points: +369 / +377
Purchased from the Eye of the Storm store


Double Banger

Pole leveiing is now at 100 exp. per level

TYS Task NotesEdit

The Ten Year pole addons are somewhat different then the rest in the game. After the first addon at a mere Lv 5, it gets harder. Before you had to have enough Good/Evil pts, total reg points, perform a easy task or catch a particular fish to proceed. Yet for TYS, it will require a set of particular tasks to finish first before you can even purchase ANY of the other poles next higher add-ons. Some require a number of specific type of fish or even great number to be caught in these tasks, but you will only need to do so ONCE for your highest pole, the others will be available too.

The third add-on is the hardest as it requires three #3 quests to be completed. The best way is to get someone else working on the their second poles to complete it faster, or someone working on Most Quests. If you try to buy the 3rd add-on, it will return this message:

Error In order to purchase this special addon, you must complete your next Storyline Task: The message in a bottle I found from the lost explorers, shows their demise was the broken weather buoy! The Farovian Weather Service team will help me repair it, if I bring them some of their favorite Ten Year Storm food! Hand in the Party Platter, BBQ Bunny or Fried Flocktopus until they're happy!

Note that even though you can bypass the Ten Year Storm task and move on towards unlocking SS Whiskey by spending 100 RLC, you still have to complete the task in order to level your pole.

Pole Exclusive FishEdit

All poles have fish that can only be caught exclusively by that pole. The set of fish that can only be caught by the Nail Fly are: COMING SOON!

Colossal Chameleon Fish Level 10+
Lenguatic Bass Fish Level 20+
Flowery Weed Horse Fish Level 30+
Longfin Stealth Shark Fish Level 40+
Cherry Bandit Fish Level 60+
Winged Death Fish Level 70+

Colossal-chameleon hidden Lenguatic-bass hidden Flowery-weed-horse hidden Longfin-stealth-shark hidden Cherry-bandit hidden Winged-death hidden

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