The Mystery Tackle Crate is a daily reward that was introduced to encourage activity by performing various daily actions, in particular Joe wanted to increase daily tournaments and quest catches activity. It gives out rewards similar or slightly better to the 1st and 40th Mystery Tackle Box. Initially released in early 2019, but then went into a closed Beta testing for a couple months before being re-released in June 2019 and revised further in March 2020.

Mystery Tackle Crate can be found on your Home page at the very top right column. (just above the Special Bonus section)


You will automatically open a Mystery Tackle Crate after doing 6 FISH NOW fishing trips or 6 SKIP's. UPDATE: You can now pick whenever you want to open it, just click the Mystery Crate link on the main page, and click the Open NOW button. It's a daily reward for doing various daily tasks. Similar rewards to the 1st and last MTB that you open each day.. but different daily actions effect your luck of getting a better reward, such as: Tournament Casts, collecting crates for consecutive days, making quest catches, taking crew fishing, night fishing previous day, opening MTB's, entering the raffle and visiting the forum.. along with a couple secret luck multipliers that I'll let you guys figure out once coded in. All of the daily actions have diminishing returns on luck.

How to PlayEdit

All features (ie: Tournaments, Scuba/ Lava Fishing, Tarpits, Ice Cubes, DH vouchers, MTB's, Auto login) were reset at midnight instead of 2am daily so that everything properly synced at midnight FVT along with Mystery Tackle Crates.

When you first log in for the day, or if you are already playing during Midnight FVT, the Mystery Tackle Crates will have reset at Midnight FVT and you will have 6 'Fish Now' trips (or 6 Skips) need to perform all the various activities with the aim of increasing your Luck factor in getting a better reward. An option was added towards the end of March 2020 allowing wranglers to "Open NOW!" in order to receive their daily MTC reward.

In order to increase the odds via higher #x luck, wranglers must perform as many of these daily activities after the Mystery Tackle Crates has reset. As each of the daily actions has diminishing returns on luck, it is recommended to do at least one of as many types as possible prior to opening your daily MTC. As the counter only starts for the daily activities after reset. EXCEPT for Streak and Night Fishing which counts the prior 24 hours before reset activity.

The daily activities are Monthly Tournament casts; daily log-in Streak; Quests catches; Crew taken; Night Fishing; MTB opens; Daily RLC/FLC Raffle opens; and visiting the Forum. By performing more of these daily actions increases the Luck factor. NOTE: This must be manually opened each day in order to receive the reward. Failure to do so will result in losing that days MTC reward and the counters to all various features being reset.

You can click on the 'Mystery Crate' link (top right column of your Home page) which will bring up a pop-up to see all the daily activites done. After MTC has been collected, The reward found can also be seen later in the pink notifications area at the top of the page as well as in your Skipper's Log. Afterwards you can still see the Mystery Tackle Crate activity list, but all the activities will be locked & grayed out to reflect that it is no longer counting towards that days MTC. The counters will still reflect an increasing count confusingly, even though in reality it will NOT count towards the next day's MTC, as it WILL reset all counters (except Streak & NF) back to zero at Midnight FVT.

Example Daily ActivitiesEdit

Fish 'x' more times to open your Mystery Tackle Crate! Improve your 94.3x luck:

Ruby Tourny 30 casts +21.4 Luck
Qm Streak 5 days (MAX) +26.3x Luck
Fork-knife Quest 10 catches +12.7 Luck
Group Crew 24 taken +9.4 Luck
Night NF'ing Partied +10x Luck
Mtb Opened 40 MTBs +7.2x Luck
Profile Sent 9 MTBs +6.2x Luck
Free love chum small Raffle 4 entries +5.3x Luck
Forum Forum Visited (MAX) +2x Luck
Fw *secret luck additions (*see below)

New Examples:

Open within 1 hour!

Pick when to open your daily Mystery Tackle Crate, just don't forget! Improve your 188.8x luck:

Ruby Tourny    30 casts +21.4x
Qm Streak    0 days
Fork-knife Quest    15 catches +13.8x
Group Crew    77 taken +11.9x
Night NF'ing    Partied +10x
Mtb Opened    42 MTBs +7.3x
Profile Sent    40 MTBs +8.4x
Free love chum small Raffle    6 entries +5.7x
Forum Forum    Visited (MAX) +2x
Secret luck additions
Rum Rum    ??? +8x
Gw GW    Lit Up +9x
Treasure2 Chest    15 multipliers +5.9x
Red-shark Sharks    12 used +2.8x
Tarpit-mini Tarpit    2 drinks +4.6x
Large-ice-cube Cube    1 ice bath +8x
Ipa IPA    2 drinks +4.5x
Champ Champ    3 sips +3.5x
Chemicals Chem    99 attract/repels +12.5x
Fw First Catch    5 firsts (MAX) +61.7x
Red love chum small Loves    91 used +4.8x


Daily activity of Streak is the number of days in a row that a player has performed the Mystery Tackle Crate (by fishing 6 casts per day), up to a max of 5 days in a row is counted. This is one of the two activities that are not counted within those first 6 cast trips, this counter does NOT reset if you were active the day prior. So by simply logging in and casting 6 trips per day manually opening your Mystery Crate, one can get up to the Max +26.3 Luck after 5 days. If you fail to login or complete your 6 trips on any given day, this streak resets to 0, and then again has to be built up to 5 over the next few days.


Another daily activity of Night Fishing in which the counter is not done within the first 6 cast trips, as it counts for the prior days (24 hrs before reset) activity, for which it gives fixed +10x Luck.

So for example a wrangler goes out Night Fishing on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, but misses going on the 4th. Upon logging in on the 4th after reset will still recieve this activity, since you did go out the day prior on the 3rd. Your missed NF activity will not be reflected until reset of the Mystery Tackle Crate on the next day the 5th. (See below for added Secret bonuses for NF)


It is the number of crew that is taken along by you. Although no MAX is mentioned, in reality, we can observe that the max crew that can be taken along on a trip is 12. Remember, crew are not taken along if you do Skips, only on Fish Nows. Also, if you do your 1st 6 trips of the day in a place that has special restrictions such as Magma Reef, no crew would be taken along. So, someone who is interested in maxing the Luck Factor on the MTC should keep that in mind.


As can be seen in example posted above, The luck will include not only any quest catches made within those first 6 trips of the day, but also any quest catches made by intervening crew/deckhand trips & your own. Starting from the time when the MTC resets at midnight FVT upto when you finish your 6th actual trip of the day collect your MTC. So theoretically, one can say that you can get a greater amount of luck for this figure by leaving quests open right from midnight FVT. Yet after the first 4-5 quest catches, it will just increase the luck by 0.1 or less so there are no guarantees.


Doing your daily 30 tournament casts (15 casts in each area) before your 6th actual trip of the day when MTC is rewarded, will give +21.4x Luck. This is the max achievable normally, but technically no MAX is mentioned for this figure. Presumably, if you quit and rejoin tourny again on the same day, it is possible to do more than 30 casts in a day, but doing this for purpose of MTC may not be very useful, because there is diminishing returns on luck, so after certain point, doing more tourny casts just increases the luck by 0.1 or so each time and not by huge numbers.


Opening your 40 MTB's before your 6th actual trip of the day whenthe MTC is rewarded collected, will give +7.2x Luck. This is the max achievable normally, but technically no MAX is mentioned for this figure. If before your 6th trip of the day, you get a treasure chest that contains extra MTB Opens, this figure can be increased yet by a small factor due to diminishing returns on luck after a certain point.

Sending MTB's also has a Max of 40 MTB's that can be sent each day. This new Luck feature was added March 2020. Initially this was bugged upon release, and reflects the number of MTB's received instead of actually sent (meaning it could be more then the 40 sent max), as well as the reset time was bugged and did not see an incremental increase.

Secret AdditionsEdit

There are several new 'secret' luck additions that were added March 2020. As noted in the March 2020 Changelog "Added in several new secret luck additions.. going to add more in coming week." These new secret luck additions were purposely hidden for the fun of finding them. Plus as noted there will be more added in the future. There are all italicized once found and most (except NF) will show up at the bottom of list beneath 'Forums' luck activity. Ones that has been found include:

These have been broken up in classes to help Beginner to Advanced FW Players.

Normal class (Easy): Many of these features are commonly used in a day. The resources to reduce time (4) or increase from RS skips (16) have daily limits.

L (love/luck) class: This is from either having bought & used premium RLC (or using FLC per a editor's suggestion to Joe)to fish or getting lucky from a first catch.

First Catch - 1 first catch +20x
Loves - 8 used +1.4x or 200 used (MAX) +7.1x

R (Resources) class: These are resources ranked from cheap use to expensive to replace

Chest - 1 multiplier +2x
Sharks - 1 used +0.5x (for fast MTB opens)
Tarpit - 1 drink +4x
Chem - 1 attract/repels +5x - Unlimited, yet limited to the regions that use them
Cube - 1 ice baths +8x - Limit of 3 per day , Collection sets yield them
IPA - 2 drinks +4.5x - Limited to Roperia , found in Ice regions
Champ - 1 sips +2x - Limited to Farovia , No known limits yet hard to come by

N (Night Fishing) Class: These specific night fishing resources show up under NF'ing addition and not at the bottom of the list.

GW - Lit Up +7x
Rum - Chugged +8x

NOTE: These are a work in progress. As Dev's will be tweaking these, your actual numbers might reflect slightly different results then those shown above.


The rewards are similar to the 1st and 40th MTB open, however there are a few minor instances. One of which is that might find a reward of additional MTB's. Not MTB opens but actual MTB. A partial list of possible rewards one might find are:

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