Mountainous Snapper Fish
Farovian Fish
Mountainous-snapper hidden
Min. Gold 2,008
Min. Points 2,002
Min. Tourn. Points 273 points
Min. Weight 27.75 lb / 12.59 kg
Min. Pole Level 40 Palm Spear
Min. Skill Monster Wrangling
Habitat (Population) Stormy Straight (Critically Endangered)
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Description: DANGEROUS! The Rock Shark of Blue Crescent looks like a pebble compared to this beastly breed. Only few survive the precipitous journey that's required to defeat the Mountainous Snapper Fish. Start the task by using a Level 40+ Palm Spear Pole.

The Mountainous Snapper Fish may cause damage to your Palm Spear!
Snapped Spear: Costs 4,500 gold (Occurs on ~90% of catches with Palm Spear)
Last Report: “All of a sudden I felt a massive snap to my spear and looked down to find the Mountainous Snapping Turtle. He still looked I took off in the other direction!” -Dr. John J. Johnson, III.

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