Majestic Fish
Roperian Fish
Majestic hidden
Min. Silver 1,500
Min. Points 1,500
Min. Tourn. Points  ?
Min. Weight 6.63 lb / 3.01 kg
Min. Pole Level 140 Cold Fusion or
Level 140 Holy Hybrid
Min. Skill
Habitat (Population) Digloo Lodge (Rare)
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Description: TASK FISH!
What do you get when you combine the genes of two unremarkable creatures? Something MAJESTIC! Beware of the `VIII` appendages.

The Majestic is part of a Task:
Catch Majestic with Jean!

How to Unlock:

  • Find the Gene Combo that created the Majestic.
  • Make educated guesses by reading the fish description and looking at the given fish pictures.
  • Then, with new understanding, you will be able to catch it.

Note: You can start researching Gene Combos when you're within 10 levels.

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