Lugh Fish
Roperian Fish
Lugh hidden
Min. Silver 829
Min. Points 809
Min. Tourn. Points 94 points
Min. Weight 1.63 lb
Min. Pole Level 40 Lightning Rod
Min. Skill Art of Mysticism
Habitat (Population) New Seinborough (Endangered)
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Lugh Fish Page
Lugh Fish Longest Streaks
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Lugh Fish Trophy Catches
Lugh Fish Most Catches

Description: The Lugh Fish acted as the reigning power prior to the formation of the Roperian islands, and eventually lost control of the entire region which led to his banishment from society. Recently escaping from the Roperian detention center, Lugh is planning a resurgence of power while hiding in a covert location in New Seinborough.

The Lugh drops the Lugh Sword Collectable ~8% of the time!

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