Earl brewed up the Sea Spirit collectables to create the magical Liquid Spirit resource... We are only beginning to understand the powers of this incredibly potent fermentation.




Note: You can not actually use this resource and clicking the "View Effects?" link in Sig's Shell Shoppe does not function.

As part of Chapter 6 of Shipwreck Explorer story, visiting Earl in WaterPort results in : Picked up 100 Liquid Spirits from Earl. You must then deliver these out to Earl's friends.

  • Deliever 20 Liquid Spirits to Earl's friend at the lovely Fishertonville Fishery, which infact smells fishy.
  • Dumped 79 Liquid Spirits into the Blue Crescent Volcano! Lava erupted higher than I could ever imagined.. and then in the far distance near SS Whiskey, I heard what sounded like several thunderous bombs going off!
  • Sold 1 Liquid Spirit for 160 Shells and paid 2400 gold in restocking fees to Sigfried.

Reward: 160 Shells and unlocks SS Minefield

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