Lantern Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 1,208
Min. Points 1,682
Min. Tourn. Points 210 points
Strength Tonsilight
Bait Preference Veggie Blend Chum
Min. Weight 12.56 lb / 5.70 kg
Min. Pole Level 57 Pneumatic Spear
Min. Skill Scuba Fishing License
Resources Sigfried's 57th (99% Repel)
Habitat (Population) Sans Culpra (Numerous)
Sigs Wasteland (Extremely Rare)
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Description: Well liked among scuba divers, the Lantern Fish brightens up the gloomy water of Sans Culpra. Wranglers need a the Laser Light augment in order to hook the wide mouth of the fish.

Requires the Laserlight add-on for the Pneumatic Spear Gun to catch.

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