Kitty Fish
Farovian Fish
Kitty hidden
Min. Gold 720
Min. Points 720
Min. Tourn. Points 83 points
Min. Weight 2 oz / 57g
Min. Pole Level 10 Oak Twig - Kiddie Standard
Min. Skill Fishing 101
Habitat (Population) Wahwahport (Numerous)
In-game links
Kitty Fish Page
Kitty Fish Longest Streaks
Kitty Fish First Catches
Kitty Fish Trophy Catches
Kitty Fish Most Catches

Description: NEW RELEASE!
The Baby Catty fish is a playful little kitten!

Baby version of the Catty

FW Trivia: 3rd Fish of Wahwahport

As of Feb 2017, all Min Gold and Point rewards for Wahwahport fish received a 12x increase as noted in Post #13 of the Changelog Archives.

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