Fish Wrangler Wiki

There are a number of islands and locations throughout the lands of Fish Wrangler at which wranglers can fish. Each location has different boat requirements, fish populations, and secret rewards.


Area Location Requirements Description Additional Links
Farovian Sea
Jul 14, 2008
None Waterport is the most visited and civilized island in the Farovian Sea. Visitors will quickly recognize the strong sense of fishing within the community. Great place to begin fishing because of the large quantity of starter fish.

Fish List
« Voyage to WaterPort...

2-FV blank.jpg
Beat up Dinghy Fishertonville is located approximately 7.5 miles from Waterport and often considered a tropical paradise. Palm trees and beach huts line the beach of the island. Although a haven for surfers, many wranglers visit the island due to the nice variety of fish.

Fish List
« Voyage to Fishertonville...

Blue Crescent
3-BC blank.jpg
Mini Cruiser Roughly 15 miles from Waterport, Blue Crescent is the most secluded and uninhabited of the islands in the Farovian Sea. Wranglers traveling to this island must obtain top fishing gear due to the dangerous trek. Many say the journey is well worth it.
Damage possible in Blue Crescent.

Fish List
« Voyage to Blue Crescent

Monsoon Lagoon
64-ML blank.jpg
Jun 26, 2019
Unlocked Glacier Bay and talk to DH Dex at Sand Bar and G'ill in WaterPort about a new level Monsoon Lagoon is just off Blue Crescent … and high in the sky above it! Thanks to a combination of exceptionally humid air and the strong updrafts coming from the volcano, this area has become a favorite habitat for all kinds of flying fish! You’ll need a special airborne fishing gear and a whole lot of skill to catch these aeronautic (and astronautic!) species.

Fish List
« Voyage to Monsoon Lagoon
The Story of Monsoon Lagoon

Magma Reef
5-MR blank.jpg
Jan 11, 2009
Have 600,000+ points, catch (or attract) two Volcano Fish using a Sonar in BC Magma Reef is a result of monstrous volcanic explosion on the mainland of Blue Crescent. If equipped with the proper gear for the dangerous conditions, wranglers may take part in the new possibility of lava fishing. The spawned fish of the Reef offer higher rewards than the other fishing locations of Farovia.
Damage possible in Magma Reef.

Fish List
« Voyage to Magma Reef...

Sans Culpra
4-SC blank.jpg
Have 1,200,000 points and The Secrets of Farovia skill - see Sans Culpra Quest Once upon a time, it is said that wranglers would travel to Sans Culpra to experience the serene island and to catch some of the best fish in the world. The island was situated on the largest fault line Farovia, and according to myth, experienced a 8.7 magnitude earthquake and collapsed approximately 1000 years ago. Today, wranglers with proper equipment can scuba fish and explore the mysterious underwater ruins of Sans Culpra.
Damage possible in Sans Culpra.

Fish List
« Voyage to Sans Culpra...
Farovian Coast Guard

47-WW blank.jpg
Mar 03, 2015
Once in WaterPort doing first few steps of 'Save the Babies' story Imagine how Waterport looks through the eyes of a baby.

Fish List
« Voyage to Wahwahport...

48-WWv blank.jpg
May 05, 2015
Unlocking Wahwahport There's a lot of crying here in Wah-wah ville.. home to many baby fish that resemble a mix of fish from Fishertonville.

Fish List
« Voyage to Wahwahville...

Wahwah Crescent
49-WWc blank.jpg
July 2015
Catch a Lv 40 Sawtoof Fish with either pole. There's even more crying here as the fish are slightly more dangerous. But don't kid yourself, they won't do damage like their parents in Blue Crescent!

Fish List
« Voyage to Wahwah Crescent...

Wahwah Reef
Wahwah Reef.jpg
Catch a Lv 40 Sawtoof Fish with either pole. The baby level version of Magma Reef - watch out for the Lava Flow - about every hour!

Fish List
« Voyage to Wahwah Reef...

Fariana Trench?
Fariana Trench
Nov 09, 2017
Any boat in order to travel (except Beat up Dinghy). The Fariana Trench is a new hydrothermal vent fishing spot that researchers just discovered. The deep sea location is littered with mineral spires two stories tall that have grown up around these vents, which attract a range of creatures seeking food, shelter and warmth!

Fish List
« Voyage to Fariana Trench...

Far East?
Lost Temple
Jun 29, 2017
Purchase boat Lost Perahu at Fishertonville. A tropical river paradise, newly discovered in the far east end of Farovia.

Fish List
« Voyage to Lost Temple...

Big Love
Red Love Bay
57-RLB blank.jpg
Feb 28, 2018
Catch the Romantic Remora Fish in WaterPort with LG. The bay is always full of fancy yachts and party boats and is a fabulous vacation destination! Cast from your boat to catch an assortment of fish normally only found on Valentine’s Day!

Fish List
« Voyage to Red Love Bay...

Lover's Lake
58-LL blank.jpg
Mar 04, 2018
Complete Chapter 3 - Part 2 of The Story of Big Love Island and Bass Boat This glacial lake has cool, clean, deep water and is home to many delicious species of fish.

Fish List
« Voyage to Lover's Lake...

Heartbreak Falls
59-HF blank.jpg
May 8, 2018
Scuba Fishing License or 1 week delay Early adventurers traveling upriver were heartbroken to find these huge falls blocking their progress! Though gorgeous, they’re not to be trifled with. Wranglers use the modern lock to take their bass boats safely past the falls … but sometimes the lock breaks.

Fish List
« Voyage to Heartbreak Falls...

Rakkaus Tarn
60-RT blank.jpg
Jun 14, 2018
Complete Chapter 8 of The Story of Big Love Island Rakkaus Tarn sites atop a majestic snow-capped mountain, visible from miles away. Lumberjacks ply their trade on the rainy windward side, and cowboys herd goats and cows on the high plains on the leeward side. This high glacier lake has cold water and some very big fish. It’s bordered by a romantic mountain lodge.

Fish List
« Voyage to Rakkaus Tarn...

Eastern side of Big Love
Breakfast Bay
68-BB blank.jpg
Jun 8, 2020
Unlock Chapter 4 of The Story of Big Love Island and catch the invasive Rainbow Slime Fish in RLB. Located on the eastern side of Big Love Island, Breakfast Bay is a favorite morning destination for tourists, honeymooners, and wranglers seeking a delicious meal or eye-opening beverage.

Fish List
« Voyage to Breakfast Bay
The Story of Breakfast Bay

Claustro Cave
69-CC blank.jpg
Oct 28, 2020
Unlocked Breakfast Bay and catch the Pumpkin Spice Latte Fish in Breakfast Bay. Located in a subterranean cavern system on the eastern side of Big Love Island, Claustro Cave is home to some very strange, very scary species! You can only get into it through the basement of the Hideaway Inn, which is part of Breakfast Bay.

Fish List
« Voyage to Claustro Cave
The Story of Claustro Cave

Poseidon's Ring
17-PR blank.jpg
Aug 13, 2010
Catch a Peccant Fish to be shown the path and purchase the Monster Wrangling Skill and Alcatraz Cruiser Discovered centuries ago by the Ancient Mariner, Posideon's Ring is composed of several islands that create the perimeter of the Geminisles. The private entrance to the center of the island will be discovered as wranglers familiarize with the prehistoric fish breeds and rocky terrain of the secret Ring.

Fish List
« Voyage to Poseidon's Ring...

Misty Cliffs
18-MC blank.jpg
Aug 16, 2010
Catch a Blue Whale Fish in Poseidon's Ring to be shown the path Misty Cliffs can be identified by a massive boulder formation located in the center of Posideon's Ring. Surrounded by heavy fog, many wranglers have been known to fight for survival in this ancient region.

Fish List
« Voyage to Misty Cliffs...

Bottomless Depths
19-BD blank.jpg
Aug 17, 2010
Catch an Underbite Fish in Misty Cliffs to discover this secret underwater area Unknown to the Ancient Mariner, wranglers discover a new region while scuba diving - the Bottomless Depths - an underground dormant volcano that collapsed several thousand years ago. Posideon's Ring was created from the volcano’s original rim, and Misty Cliffs emerged from cooled magma rock.
Damage possible in Bottomless Depths.

Fish List
« Voyage to Bottomless Depths...

Ten Year Storm
Doom Island
38-DI blank.jpg
Jun 23, 2012
Complete Chapters 1-3 of Ten Year Storm story. The journey to Doom Island will certainly be full of struggles and surprises for wranglers! Once safe on shore, wranglers will receive their first introduction to the various Farovian & Roperian cross-breeds that have formed over the Ten Year Storm. Only time will tell whether one is doomed on Doom Island!
Damage possible in Doom Island.

Fish List
« Voyage to Doom Island...

Stormy Straight
39-SyS blank.jpg
Aug 07, 2012
Complete tasks for Mousso at his Beach Hut to regain your lost belongings. Shoot Flare gun and get rescued at Doom Island. Wranglers who survive Doom Island will have the opportunity to venture closer to the storm, via the famous Stormy Straight. After docking up the weathered buoy, wranglers need to be cautious of the violent weather conditions, vicious fish breeds and vociferous sea lions!

Fish List
« Voyage to Stormy Straight...

Eye of the Storm

40-EoS blank.jpg
Oct 07, 2012

Complete Chapters 4-15 of Ten Year Storm. The Ten Year Storm originates from a dark, mysterious location that's only accessible to an exclusive set of wranglers. The fish living in the epicenter have been created to defend their region, and they will settle for nothing less. Once in the Eye of the Storm, there is no turning around...

Fish List
« Voyage to Eye of the Storm...
Continue on Chapters 16-20
Eye of the Storm walkthrough

Eldritch Islands
Innsmouth Island
63-II blank.jpg
Oct 18, 2018
Complete Ten Year Storm or 250 Love Chum. Catch a Harbinger Fish. Innsmouth Island is in a mysterious and difficult-to-locate part of Farovia. The town of Innsmouth resembles a run-down New England fishing village. It would be picturesque if it weren’t so creepy. The island is frequently covered in thick fog, and strange things seem to be moving in the mist and shadows...

Fish List
« Voyage to Innsmouth Island...
The Story of Eldritch Islands Adventure

Shipwreck Explorer
SS Whiskey
41-SSW blank.jpg
Apr 23, 2013
Complete Ten Year Storm story or 100 Love Chum. Survivors of the treacherous "Ten Year Storm" will stumble upon a secret sunken world of shipwrecks. With the help of Sailor Stu, wranglers will first discover the SS Whiskey - an old cargo ship filled with alcohol, treasure and dangerous fish. Get ready for another fun-filled scuba diving adventure on Fish Wrangler!
Damage possible in SS Whiskey.

Fish List
« Voyage to SS Whiskey...
Shipwreck License

SS Minefield
42- SSMblank.jpg
May 19, 2013
You must first deliver Earl's Liquid Spirit to several locations throughout Farovia. After your conversation with Sir Sig, you will gain access to SS Minefield. After discovering the final treasure of the SS Whiskey, the Whiskey Whale will lead wranglers to the next shipwreck - the Minefield - a sunken warzone littered with dangerous obstacles and malicious creatures. Prepare for battle!
Damage possible in SS Minefield.

Fish List
« Voyage to SS Minefield...
Shipwreck License

SS Graveyard

43-SSG blank.jpg
Jul 06, 2013

Complete Chapter 11 in SS Minefield.

-SS Graveyard walkthrough (spoiler alert)
Thousands of vessels silently rest at the bottom of the sea, known as the "Graveyard" by ancient mariners. Several wranglers will meet the same fate as the sailors who perished in these sunken vessels. Only the strong can defeat the evil spirits residing in the Graveyard.
Damage possible in SS Graveyard.

Fish List
« Voyage to SS Graveyard...
Shipwreck License

Lucidia Preserve
Guardians Gate

Mar 06, 2014

Complete Chapter 16 of Shipwreck Explorer or 100 Love Chum. After many months of close examination, Earl decrypted a secret map found in SS Whiskey that draws out the location to a secret underworld, several thousand feet deep... a region known as Lucidia Preserve!

Fish List
« Voyage to Guardians Gate...
The Story of Saving Lucidia

Coral Lobby

45-CL blank.jpg
May 10, 2014

Complete Chapter 6 of The Story of Saving Lucidia in Guardians Gate.

Wranglers who get past the Guardian's Gate will be in a territory known as the "Coral Lobby." Abundant with poisonous fish, this massive expanse is in great danger of obliteration.

Fish List
« Voyage to Coral Lobby...
The Story of Saving Lucidia

Heart Land

46-HL blank.jpg
Aug 30, 2014

Complete Chapter 9 of The Story of Saving Lucidia in Coral Lobby.

NEW RELEASE! In the center of Lucidia Nature Preserve resides a rare heart coral that's been corrupted by dangerous breeds. Wranglers must venture through the "Heart Land" to successfully save the entire region!
Fish List

« Voyage to Heart Land...
The Story of Saving Lucidia

Glacier Bay
6-GB blank.jpg
Be ~10% Prodigious or higher and have the GPS Device - see Icelantica Quest Many wranglers will feel engulfed by the massive glaciers and frigid temperatures of Glacier Bay - the first location of Icelantica Region. Considered the best place for ice fishing beginners, wranglers will quickly adjust as they reel in an assortment of fish. Fish List

« Voyage to Glacier Bay...

San Digloo
7-SD blank.jpg
Snow Shoes The village of San Digloo requires the usage of new game elements, as it's considered the second location of the Icelantica Region. Fish List

« Voyage to San Digloo...
Flying Penguin

Lake Freezberg
8-LF blank.jpg
March 2009
Directions from an Inuit Fish Lake Freezberg, or as the ancient inhabitants of the area call it 'Freezlburg' or 'Frostbyte', is the largest lake region in all of Icelantica. Advanced wranglers may eventually make it to advanced area near the river inlet. Fish List

« Voyage to Lake Freezberg...
Rabid Raccoon

Snowpeak River
9-SR blank.jpg
May 2009
Directions from a Bottom Feeder Fish, Snow Tent After a treacherous journey through avalanches and evergreen forests, wranglers will meet the Bottom Feeder Fish who will lead the way to Snowpeak River. Wranglers will reside in tent accommodations due to the vicious polar bears that roam the basin.
Damage possible in Snowpeak River.
Fish List

« Voyage to Snowpeak River...
Polar Bear

Snowpeak Summit
10-SS blank.jpg
Oct 2009
Directions from the Reigning Ice Fish, Snow Shack Snowpeak Summit is Icelantica's proving ground, where good and evil battle for superiority over the Snowpeak Mountain Range. This territory is where the Reigning Ice Fish has been struggling between light and darkness for thousands of years.
Damage possible in Snowpeak Summit.
Fish List

« Voyage to Snowpeak Summit...

Sig's Underwater Lab
Sigs Lair
11-SL blank.jpg
Nov 25, 2009
Find the Lair Key after catching a Karma Fish or Piranha Fish and 450,000 goodness or evilness points Situated at the bottom of Sans Culpra, wranglers will find the secret laboratory of the one and only: Sir Sigfried Von Shleepskin. Filled with toxic chemicals, dangerous equipment and undiscovered resources, Sig's Lair will open new opportunities for wranglers of Farovia. Fish List

« Voyage to Sigs Lair...

Sigs Vault
12-SV blank.jpg
Dec 04, 2009
550,000 goodness or evilness points and the way shown by the Spectacled Hate Fish Wranglers will cause a chaotic disaster zone when mutating the Spectacled Hate Fish, which results in the discovery of Sig's Vault. The storage room is fully-stocked with stronger chemical compounds that will be used in mutating seven new fish Fish List

« Voyage to Sigs Vault...

Sigs Wasteland
13-SW blank.jpg
Dec 20, 2009
750,000 goodness or evilness points and the way revealed by the Electropian Lobsta Fish Situated near the base of the Blue Crescent volcano, this location used to supply Farovia with natural resources until Sig's Resource Extraction Unit depleted the supply. Sig's Wasteland is home to the most dangerous mutations, and some believe that Sig is lurking in his own destruction – waiting to unveil the truth behind his mastermind.
Damage possible in Sig's Wasteland.
Fish List

« Voyage to Sigs Wasteland...

Devils Cove
14-DC blank.jpg
Mar 17, 2010
1 million goodness/evilness, 8 million points and the Fancy Rifle-pole - see the Parribea Quest The forbidden Deadman's Straight will lead wranglers to Devil's Cove, which is the haunted entrance way to the pirate war zone: Parribea. A secret key is required to pass through the cove, so wranglers will receive clues from the fish located in this region. Fish List

« Voyage to Devils Cove...

Deadwater Pass
15-DP blank.jpg
Mar 29, 2010
Solve the Gate's puzzle with the Skull Key Deadwater Pass is home to the most corrupt and dangerous breeds in Parribea. With skeletal remains and bloody graffiti around the cave, it is quite obvious that the vicious fish have been fighting for centuries. Wranglers will need to use their dingy boats in order to fit into the small passageway. Fish List

« Voyage to Deadwater Pass...

Krakken Rocks
16-KR blank.jpg
Apr 20, 2010
Solve the Gate's puzzle with the Kranka Krakken Rocks is named after a legendary monster that lurks within the unsteady waters. In order to save the Ancient Mariner and defeat piracy, wranglers will need to use a fully-leveled pole and catch the mysterious Krakken Fish.
Damage possible in Krakken Rocks.
Fish List

« Voyage to Krakken Rocks...

Distances between locations (in Farovia)[]

Below is a table of the distances listed in Nautical Miles between the various locations of Fish Wrangler. In order to fish in each location, it is necessary to travel to that location, the time to do so will vary depending on mode of transport and where you are currently located.

WaterPort     -    
Fishertonville 7.7     -    
Blue Crescent 15.6 12.5     -    
Magma Reef 16.5 12.3 2.4     -    
Sans Culpra 20.3 17.4 5.0 5.5     -    
Glacier Bay 18.7 20.9 12.5 15.0 12.5     -    
San Digloo 21.1 22.7 13.2 15.6 12.3 ?     -    
Lake Freezberg 21.5 24.4 16.4 18.8 16.0 ? ?     -    
Snowpeak River 23.7 26.1 17.1 19.5 16.0 ? ? ?     -    
Snowpeak Summit 27.0 29.6 20.4 22.6 18.8 ? ? ? ?     -    
Sigs Lair 23.3 19.7 7.7 7.4 3.5 15.6 15.0 18.8 18.5 21.0     -    
Sigs Vault 24.3 19.8 8.9 7.7 5.5 17.9 17.4 21.2 21.0 23.4 2.4     -    
Sigs Wasteland 20.4 16.0 5.2 3.9 3.9 16.0 16.0 19.7 19.8 22.7 3.9 3.9     -    
Devils Cove 33.5 26.2 22.7 20.3 22.2 29.5 34.5 38.2 38.2 40.8 19.8 17.4 18.5     -    
Deadwater Pass 34.2 26.6 24.7 22.3 24.7 36.9 37.0 40.6 40.8 43.5 22.7 20.3 21.0 3.5     -    
Krakken Rocks 36.9 29.1 28.4 25.8 28.5 40.6 40.8 44.4 44.5 47.3 26.5 24.2 24.7 7.1 3.9     -     
Poseidons Ring 10.2 12.3 8.9 11.0 12.3 8.9 11.0 12.2 14.0 17.5 15.7 17.4 14.0 31.1 32.8 36.2     -    
Misty Cliffs 11.0 14.4 11.0 13.2 13.9 7.7 10.2 10.6 12.7 16.0 17.4 19.2 16.0 28.0 31.3 34.8 2.4     -    
Bottomless Depths 12.3 16.5 13.2 15.5 15.7 7.4 9.8 9.4 11.7 14.8 19.2 21.1 18.1 35.8 37.6 41.1 4.9 2.5     -    
Doom Island 10.6 12.7 14.0 15.6 18.1 14.0 16.4 16.5 18.7 22.0 21.5 22.9 19.2 29.1 31.9 35.0 6.3 6.3 7.0?     -    
Stormy Straight 12.7 14.0 17.1 18.1 21.8 11.1 21.8 22.0 24.2 27.5 24.9 25.8 22.0 29.7 29.7 34.6 11.1 11.7 12.7 5.5     -    
Eye of the Storm 16.0 16.4 20.9 21.2 25.8 25.8 28.1 28.7 30.8 34.1 28.5 28.9 25.1 29.7 31.3 33.2 17.1 18.1 19.4 12.3 7.0     -     
SS Whiskey ? ? ? 22.3 27.0 27.5 ? ? ? ? 29.6 29.9 26.1 30.0 31.3 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?     -     
SS Minefield 18.5 18.5 23.4 23.4 28.3 29.1 31.3 32.0 34.1 37.5 30.7 30.9 27.1 30.3 31.5 33.0 20.3 21.5 22.9 15.7 10.4 3.5 1.7     -     
SS Graveyard 19.8 19.7 24.7 24.6 29.6 30.8 ? ? ? ? 31.9 32.0 28.3 30.8 31.7 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?     -     
Guardians Gate ? ? ? 18.7 24.2 29.6 ? ? ? ? 25.7 25.1 21.8 21.0 21.5 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?     -     
Coral Lobby 14.0 12.2 17.5 16.0 21.5 28.3 29.7 32.0 33.4 36.9 22.6 21.8 18.7 17.1 17.7 19.1 20.3 22.6 24.9 19.8 17.4 14.3 14.0 13.9 14.0 3.9     -     
Heart Land 13.2 11.0 15.7 13.9 19.2 27.5 28.7 31.3 32.5 35.8 19.8 18.7 16.0 13.2 14.0 15.7 20.3 22.7 25.1 20.9 19.4 17.5 17.4 17.5 17.7 7.8 3.9     -     

A breakdown on the time it takes to travel to these locations can be found in Boats.


Area Location Requirements Description Additional Links
Roperian Sea
Santa Francesca
20-SF blank.jpg
Nov 18, 2010
4,000 Gold Santa Francesca is the largest island in Roperia and very different from the environment in Farovia. The polluted waters, over-populations and unattractive fish selections can be discouraging, but many wranglers say the rough conditions are worth the journey!

Fish List « Voyage to Santa Francesca...

New Seinborough
21-NS blank.jpg
Nov 18, 2010
The small village of NS is geared towards the fishing community of Roperia. Far enough away from the skyscrapers of Santa Francesca, wranglers will rejoice at the improved water quality and fish populations at this location.

Fish List « Voyage to New Seinborough...

Redwood Crescent
22-RC blank.jpg
Nov 29, 2010
Vast redwood forests and wildlife surrounded this region until earlier this century, when the Roperian logging industry destroyed the land. Today, Redwood Crescent is a barren fishing location for experienced wranglers.

Fish List « Voyage to Redwood Crescent...

Asteroid Reef
23-AR blank.jpg
Nov 29, 2010
Asteroid Reef was formed by a radioactive asteroid named '5025 Phonea' that smashed into the south-east corner of Redwood Cresecent. Wranglers must use extreme caution and the Radiation Suit when fishing in the radioactive region.

Fish List « Voyage to Asteroid Reef...

24-HV blank.jpg
Jan 04, 2011
The relic region of "Helvetica" shares several similarities with ancient Greek and Roman mythology that date back thousands of centuries. Wranglers will uncover some of the world’s oldest legends as they scuba-dive through this age-old civilization.

Fish List « Voyage to Helvetica...

Icelantica Backside
Glacier Shack
Jun 2016
Click to help Jean unlock the Genes. Can now travel to Glacier Shack. Use fish descriptions and pictures of different fish to find and unlock the Gene Combos of new ice fish! The never seen before, backside of Glacier Bay Farovia.. who knows what will come next? Fish List

« Voyage to Glacier Shack...

Digloo Lodge
Aug 04, 2016
Level 100 Arthropoda / Cryobeast fish. Fish with 3 Gene Combos each await for you at Digloo Lodge! The never seen before, backside of San Digloo Farovia! Fish List

« Voyage to Digloo Lodge...

Freezberg Brewhaus
Dec 01, 2016
Level 250 Great White Whale / Saint Jeanne fish. German ice fisherman settled on the backside of Lake Freezeberg many years ago and make a variety of ales and spirits to keep wranglers ice fishin'. Fish List

« Voyage to Freezberg Brewhaus...

Snowpeak Basecamp
Feb 14, 2017
Find the 5x Gene Combo for the level 422 Doublee!

Next Step: Snowpeak Basecamp is open for camping registration!

Registered at Snowpeak Basecamp for this years season! Follow the Porter to Snowpeak Basecamp. You will begin traveling and it will take between 10 and 30 minutes.

The bottom of the famed Snowpeak Mountain in Icelantica... However, this time wranglers will try to catch the multi-pole Double Reignbow to complete the backside of Icelantica. Fish List

« Voyage to Snowpeak Basecamp...

Roperian Garbage Patch
Tragedy Reef
61-TR blank.jpg
Dec 03, 2018
Tragedy Reef was once a lovely tropical reef ideal for surfing and sunbathing, but it's been completely trashed by careless and greedy people ... it's by far the most tragic situation in Roperia!

Fish List
« Voyage to Tragedy Reef...
The Story of Roperian Garbage Patch Adventure

Plastic Island
62-PI blank.jpg
Jan 16, 2019
  • Complete first 5 quests on both Deputy and Remediator poles.
Plastic Island is an enormous floating mass of plastic trash and other discarded debris out in the middle of the ocean. Some sea creatures are attempting to live here, but it's difficult in such a polluted environment.

Fish List
« Voyage to Plastic Island..
The Story of Roperian Garbage Patch Adventure

Mount Promontory
25-PM blank.jpg
Feb 09, 2011
Wranglers will begin their journey through Mt. Promontory at the "Perilimeter" - the circumferential boundary lines that wrap around the entire island. The Perilimeter is protected by several fish-guards, so wranglers will need to surpass this obstacle in order to continue into the weapon testing facility.

Fish List « Voyage to Perilimeter...

26-HP blank.jpg
Feb 10, 2011
After scientific research and lab experimentation, the Roperian Naval Institute discovered the various fish could be transformed into military weapons. Wranglers will need to defeat the dangerous breeds residing within the "Hexperiment" facility.

Fish List « Voyage to Hexperiment...

27-SA blank.jpg
Feb 11, 2011
The Naval Institute conducted top secret analysis in "Subaqueous" - an underwater lab located on the campus of Mount Promontory. Unbeknownst to the scientists, the fish gained strength during this scientific experimentation and decided to revolt against the scientists. The lab was completely destroyed during the rebellion; however, several mysterious fish sightings occur to this very day.

Fish List « Voyage to Subaqueous...

Kingsland Confluence
28-KC blank.jpg
Apr 06, 2011
Wranglers will head "down under" as they advance to first continent of Zyrbelia, Kingsland Confluence, notoriously known for its unique wildlife, laid-back locals, and aboriginal heritage. Purchase the Outback Pole and prepare for a hot adventure through the country!

Fish List « Voyage to Kingsland Confluence...

Nizon River
Mosquito Run
29-MR blank.jpg
June 2011
1 River Permit and Sacrifice Survival Skill. Heading upstream from Kingsland Confluence, wranglers will approach a new region of Zyrbelia known by locals as Nizon River. Begin this once in a lifetime experience in Mosquito Run, where the fish embody Amazonian characteristics.

Fish List « Voyage to Mosquito Run...

Cadaver Expanse
30-CE blank.jpg
June 2011
1 Mosquito Warrior Collection After gaining the required knowledge in the Amazonian environment, wranglers can advance to the next river location, Cadaver Expanse, where they will embark on an ultimate safari through the vast  African landscape.

Fish List « Voyage to Cadaver Expanse...

Sepulcro del Sol
31-SdS blank.jpg
July 2011
1 Chief of Cadaver Collection Wranglers will step back in time as they enter "Sepulcro del Sol" – a lost civilization surrounded by ancient temple and holy sungods. Only the strongest will survive the red-hot temperatures and ferocious fish breeds.

Fish List « Voyage to Sepulcro del Sol...

Dodge River
Coral Corral
32-CC blank.jpg
Sept 2011
1 River Permit
Cartography and Exploration skill
As wranglers continue exploring the mysterious rivers, they will stumble upon the Wild West of Zyrbelia! Get ready to meet some cowboys at your first stop, the famous Coral Corral, located on the Dodge River. Fish List

« Voyage to Coral Corral...

Amadahy Plains
33-AP blank.jpg
1 El Bandito Collection The Amadahy Plains unites two key elements of nature - water and forest. The Plains of Dodge River are filled with indigenous tribes, so wranglers will need to step up their game in order to survive! Fish List

« Voyage to Amadahy Plains...

Deadwater Saloon
34-DS blank.jpg
1 Native Warrior Collection. Once a booming town filled with western taverns and wild cowboys, Deadwater Saloon headed towards destruction after the gold rush of last century. The vicinity slowly became a ghost town occupied by dirty residents and even dirtier swamplands. Wranglers will need to prepare for an adventure in the final area of Dodge River! Fish List

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Declination River
Jettison Jetty
35-JJ blank.jpg
1 River Permit
Handling Rejection skill
At the end of the river system, wranglers will discover a community of reject fish that were shunned from the various regions of Roperia. Start off in the town of "Jettison Jetty" – a town once known for their Jellybean Factory. Fish List

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Castout Creek
36-CCk blank.jpg
Jan 2012
1 Homeless Villain Collection Wranglers must travel down the gloomy "Castout Creek" until reaching the dark exterior of the island's Mental Hospital. All the hidden secrets of Declination River lie within this building"s interior...and BEWARE: they say once you're inside, there's no turning back! Fish List

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Burnout Bay
37-BB blank.jpg
Feb 2012
1 Mad Patient Collection All the rebellious rejects and castouts of Declination River all wind up in same spot: the Burnout Bay Prison. This maximum security penitentiary holds the most dangerous breeds in Roperia, so wranglers must defend themselves with high-leveled Candycanes and Medical Manglers! Fish List

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Mermaid Cove
Rainbow Rising
65-RR blank.jpg
Dec 11, 2019
Search for Sirene? Rainbow Rising's location isn't exactly known, all we know is those who need to be here will find their way here. Nothing seems normal since the Darkness emerged. The fish here are a smorgasbord and spattering of many types, all who came in hopes of riding the rainbow with Sirene.

Fish List
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Rainbow Rubble
66-RR blank.jpg
Jan 12, 2020
Located 2 miles off Rainbow Rising, Rainbow Rubble sits at no higher than 4.5 rainbows above sea level, making this a dangerous place to be during bad weather.

Fish List
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Rainbow Ridge
67-RR blank.jpg
Jan 13, 2020
Rainbow Ridge is located just further North of Rainbow Rubble, oh, and a few hundred rainbows deep. You will need some seriously advanced gear to fish this reef.

Fish List
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Distances between locations (in Roperia)[]

Below is a table of the distances listed in Nautical Miles between the various locations of Fish Wrangler. In order to fish in each location, it is necessary to travel to that location, the time to do so will vary depending on mode of transport and where you are currently located.

Santa Francesca     -    
New Seinborough 9.4     -    
Redwood Crescent 9.4 7.4     -    
Asteroid Reef 8.7 4.9 2.5     -    
Helvetica 4.9 5.2 5.2 3.9     -    
Perilimeter 13.2 9.4 16.4 14.0 12.3     -    
Hexperiment 17.9 14.0 21.2 18.8 17.2 4.9     -    
Subaqueous 20.3 16.4 23.6 21.2 19.7 7.4 2.5     -    
Kingsland Confluence 7.8 11.7 15.6 14.0 10.4 8.9 12.3 14.3     -    
Mosquito Run 12.5 14.0 19.4 17.5 14.3 7.4 8.9 10.4 4.9     -    
Cadaver Expanse 14.9 15.6 21.5 19.4 16.5 7.8 7.8 8.9 7.4 2.5     -    
Sepulcro del Sol 17.4 17.5 23.6 21.5 18.7 8.9 7.4 7.8 9.8 4.9 2.5     -    
Coral Corral 12.2 17.9 21.1 19.8 16.0 14.0 16.0 17.5 6.3 6.3 8.7 10.6


Amadahy Plains 15.6 21.0 24.6 23.2 19.4 16.0 17.1 18.1 9.4 18.1 9.4 10.6 3.5     -    
Deadwater Saloon 12.9 26.5 30.0 28.7 24.9 20.9 21.2 21.8 14.8 21.8 13.6 14.0 8.9 5.5     -    
Jettison Jetty 7.8 16.0 17.1 16.4 12.5 15.7 19.2 21.1 7.0 21.1 13.2 15.5 6.3 9.4 14.0     -    
Castout Creek 12.3 21.2 21.2 20.9 17.2 21.1 24.3 26.1 12.3 26.1 17.7 19.8 9.4 11.1 14.0 7.3     -    
Burnout Bay 18.5 27.5 27.1 27.0 23.4 27.0 29.7 31.3 18.1 31.3 22.6 24.4 13.9 14.3 14.9 11.7 6.3     -    

Release Order[]

This is a sortable table showing the release order of all locations ingame. For the most part this can be seen by the actual number of that location "travel" link (with exception of Innsmouth Island which was changed and released prior to Tragedy Reef / Plastic Island). The default order of this table is listed by release order but also keeping the ingame linear order options a player was capable to follow up to a point before the game became more non-linear. To simply see the actual order by release, sort by the Travel Number.

NOTE: After Farovian Sea the game started opening up to become more non-linear, as player has option of three locations to choose next of either Icelantica, Geminisle, Fahwahvia, or any of the newer locations (Lost Temple, Fariana Trench, Big Love Islands, and Eldritch Islands). To go beyond, one must either unlock next areas by Icelantica (Snowpeak Summit) -> Sigs Underwater Lab, OR unlock Geminisles (Misty Cliffs) -> Ten Year Storm, OR go back and finish the other two prior areas.

Following the Sigs path can unlock Sigs Wasteland -> Parribea.

Following the Ten Year Storm path can unlock Eye of the Storm -> Eldritch Islands / Shipwreck Explorer -> Lucidia Preserve.

Region Area Travel # Location Release Date
Farovia Farovian Sea 1 WaterPort Jul 14, 2008
Farovia Farovian Sea 2 Fishertonville 2008
Farovia Farovian Sea 3 Blue Crescent 2008
Farovia Farovian Sea 5 Magma Reef Jan 11, 2009
Farovia Farovian Sea 4 Sans Culpra
Farovia Icelantica 6 Glacier Bay Feb 25, 2009
Farovia Icelantica 7 San Digloo Mar 6, 2009
Farovia Icelantica 8 Lake Freezberg Mar 24, 2009
Farovia Icelantica 9 Snowpeak River May 2009
Farovia Icelantica 10 Snowpeak Summit Oct 20, 2009
Farovia Geminisles 17 Poseidons Ring Aug 13, 2010
Farovia Geminisles 18 Misty Cliffs Aug 16, 2010
Farovia Geminisles 19 Bottomless Depths Aug 17, 2010
Farovia Sig's Underwater Lab 11 Sigs Lair Nov 25, 2009
Farovia Sig's Underwater Lab 12 Sigs Vault Dec 4, 2009
Farovia Sig's Underwater Lab 13 Sigs Wasteland Dec 20, 2009
Farovia Parribea 14 Devils Cove Mar 17, 2010
Farovia Parribea 15 Deadwater Pass Mar 29, 2010
Farovia Parribea 16 Krakken Rocks Apr 20, 2010
Roperia Roperian Sea 20 Santa Francesca Nov 18, 2010
Roperia Roperian Sea 21 New Seinborough Nov 18, 2010
Roperia Roperian Sea 22 Redwood Crescent Nov 29, 2010
Roperia Roperian Sea 23 Asteroid Reef Nov 29, 2010
Roperia Roperian Sea 24 Helvetica Jan 4, 2011
Roperia Mount Promontory 25 Perilimeter Feb 9, 2011
Roperia Mount Promontory 26 Hexperiment Feb 10, 2011
Roperia Mount Promontory 27 Subaqueous Feb 11, 2011
Roperia Zyrbelia 28 Kingsland Confluence Apr 6, 2011
Roperia Nizon River 29 Mosquito Run Jun 2011
Roperia Nizon River 30 Cadaver Expanse Jun 2011
Roperia Nizon River 31 Sepulcro del Sol Jul 2011
Roperia Dodge River 32 Coral Corral Sep 2011
Roperia Dodge River 33 Amadahy Plains
Roperia Dodge River 34 Deadwater Saloon
Roperia Declination River 35 Jettison Jetty
Roperia Declination River 36 Castout Creek Jan 2012
Roperia Declination River 37 Burnout Bay Feb 2012
Farovia Ten Year Storm 38 Doom Island Jun 23, 2012
Farovia Ten Year Storm 39 Stormy Straight Aug 7, 2012
Farovia Ten Year Storm 40 Eye of the Storm Oct 7, 2012
Farovia Shipwreck Explorer 41 SS Whiskey Apr 23, 2013
Farovia Shipwreck Explorer 42 SS Minefield May 19, 2013
Farovia Shipwreck Explorer 43 SS Graveyard Jul 6, 2013
Farovia Lucidia Preserve 44 Guardians Gate Mar 6, 2014
Farovia Lucidia Preserve 45 Coral Lobby May 10, 2014
Farovia Lucidia Preserve 46 Heart Land Aug 30, 2014
Farovia Fahwahvia 47 Wahwahport Mar 3, 2015
Farovia Fahwahvia 48 Wahwahville May 5, 2015
Farovia Fahwahvia 49 Wahwah Crescent Jul 2015
Farovia Fahwahvia 50 Wahwah Reef
Roperia Icelantica Backside 51 Glacier Shack Jun 2016
Roperia Icelantica Backside 52 Digloo Lodge Aug 4, 2016
Roperia Icelantica Backside 53 Freezberg Brewhaus Dec 1, 2016
Roperia Icelantica Backside 54 Snowpeak Basecamp Feb 14, 2017
Farovia Far East 55 Lost Temple Jun 29, 2017
Farovia Fariana ? 56 Fariana Trench Nov 9, 2017
Farovia Big Love 57 Red Love Bay Feb 28, 2018
Farovia Big Love 58 Lover's Lake Mar 4, 2018
Farovia Big Love 59 Heartbreak Falls May 8, 2018
Farovia Big Love 60 Rakkaus Tarn Jun 14, 2018
Farovia Eldritch Islands 63 Innsmouth Island Oct 18, 2018
Roperia Roperian Garbage Patch 61 Tragedy Reef Dec 3, 2018
Roperia Roperian Garbage Patch 62 Plastic Island Jan 16, 2019
Farovia Farovian Sea 64 Monsoon Lagoon Jun 26, 2019
Roperia Mermaid Cove 65 Rainbow Rising Dec 11, 2019
Roperia Mermaid Cove 66 Rainbow Rubble Jan 12, 2020
Roperia Mermaid Cove 67 Rainbow Ridge Jan 13, 2020
Farovia Big Love 68 Breakfast Bay Jun 8, 2020
Farovia Big Love 69 Claustro Cave Oct 28, 2020