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Innsmouth Island

Innsmouth Island is a region in Farovia. It is the only Island location in the Eldritch Islands region. (Oddly it is Eldritch Islands plural even though there is only the one for now). It was first released October 18, 2018, and is the 61st island released in FW (39th in Farovia).

The entire Eldritch Island story was written by Lucy Snyder (player and author) and the art done by Zie Fauzi is based on Lovecraftian themed artwork Lovcraftian search.

NOTE: Its travel location number is 63, NOT 61, as it was released just prior to the 2 new Roperian Garbage Patch locations with the change in plans to release it for the Halloween time.

Innsmouth Island[]

Description: Innsmouth Island is in a mysterious and difficult-to-locate part of Farovia. The town of Innsmouth resembles a run-down New England fishing village. It would be picturesque if it weren’t so creepy. The island is frequently covered in thick fog, and strange things seem to be moving in the mist and shadows...

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!)

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Unlocking Innsmouth Island[]

You must either complete The Story of the Ten Year Storm or pay 250 RLC to unlock The Story of Eldritch Islands Adventure (if you pay the 250 RLC make sure you are unlocking Eldritch not TYS). Then you can progress through the Eldritch Islands adventure:

What to Catch[]

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Gibbering Fish Level 0 Eldritch or Innsmouth Suit 12Fairly Prolific 2,020 2,020
Eldritch Fish Level 7 Eldritch 06Threatened 4,556 3,556
Lurking Fish Level 19 Eldritch 12Fairly Prolific 2,073 2,073
Squamous Fish Level 25 Eldritch 11Numerous 2,124 2,124
Cyclo Fish Level 30 Eldritch 05Endangered 4,067 4,067
Daemoniac Fish Level 36 Eldritch 10Average 2,174 2,174
Effulgent Fish Level 39 Eldritch 09Rare 2,199 2,199
Foetid Fish Level 48 Eldritch 09Rare 2,225 2,225
Tenebrous Fish Level 57 Eldritch 08Very Rare 2,250 2,250
Charnel Fish Level 60 Eldritch 05Endangered 4,573 4,573
Stygian Fish Level 65 Eldritch 07Extremely Rare 2,275 2,275
Gambrel Fish Level 71 Eldritch 06Threatened 2,301 2,301
Hapless Fish Level 80 Eldritch Almost Extinct 3,034 3,034
Cultish Fish Level 4 Eldritch or Innsmouth Suit 12Fairly Prolific 2,073 2,073
Reef Devil Fish Level 6 Innsmouth Suit 12Fairly Prolific 2,326 2,326
Shoggoth Fish Level 17 Innsmouth Suit 05Endangered 4,884 4,884
Deep One Fish Level 20 Innsmouth Suit 11Numerous 2,351 2,351
Obed Fish Level 26 Innsmouth Suit 05Endangered 5,031 5,031
Barnabas Fish Level 33 Innsmouth Suit 09Rare 2,376 2,376
Zadok Fish Level 39 Innsmouth Suit 09Rare 2,402 2,402
Ephraim Fish Level 47 Innsmouth Suit 08Very Rare 2,427 2,427
Asenath Fish Level 55 Innsmouth Suit 08Very Rare 2,452 2,452
Y'ha-nethlei Fish Level 59 Innsmouth Suit 04Critically Endangered 6,090 6,090
Pht'thya-l'y Fish Level 66 Innsmouth Suit 07Extremely Rare 2,478 2,478
Dagon Fish Level 72 Innsmouth Suit 02Possibly Extinct 3,539 3,539
Mother Hydra Fish Level 80 Eldritch AND Innsmouth Suit 01Non-Existent 103,369 103,369

A rogues gallery of each Innsmouth Island fish can be found in The Fish of Innsmouth Island.

What to Buy[]

How to Play[]

There are two poles, which will need to start with the Eldritch pole. After completing that pole will need to purchase the second Innsmouth Suit pole.

Following the story line will eventually lead to catching the Level 55 Asenath Fish. This will likely take a little while as you will need to progress through the first pole and half way through the second in order to catch that fish. In the meantime can perform pole quests as normal.

The The Story of Eldritch Islands Adventure will only get you to Chapter 10 of 18 after having caught the Mother Hydra Fish. The story line remains unfinished and will be continued in an as yet unreleased new Island location.


There is a game mechanic called Sanity that will limit how long you can fish there. Deckhand trips, DH Vouchers and Crew trips does not impact Sanity. Auto-Fish seems to not affect Sanity.

Need confirm whether night fishing trips affect Sanity 

You risk the chance of awakening on a random beach, if you fish with 0% sanity. Plus, you’ll have to regain at least half your sanity to voyage back to Innsmouth Island. Make sure you stock up on Crazy Pills before you try fishing at this horrifying place! Crew trips and deckhand checks do not count towards your sanity.

Note: if you go below 0% Sanity, not only will you find yourself transported to a different Island (likely in Wahwahport) and needing to travel back, but this will also cost you Gold. With the following message received:

These baby fish are very soothing. Soon you’ll be able to face the terror of Innsmouth Island again.
OH NO! The horror was too much for you. You’ve awakened on the sweet sugar sand of Wahwahport, surrounded by concerned onlookers. You can’t remember how you got here, and you lost 29,540 gold. And you really don’t feel well at all.

You’ll have to fish here until you get at least half your sanity back. Stock up on Crazy Pills before fishing at Innsmouth Island again!

You can lose Sanity by fishing on Innsmouth Island. You can gain sanity by fishing in Waterport, fishing in Wahwahport (regains twice as fast), slowly over time (~30%/hr), or taking a Crazy Pill. For more info and strategy, please see Sanity.

You will be unable to travel to Innsmouth Island so long as your Sanity is in the Red. Which is anything less than 50%. You will still be able to see your Sanity percentage regardless of what Island you are at until your Sanity is totally filled by reaching 100%. At which point the Sanity will no longer display unless you are back in Innsmouth Island.

Moving On[]

As mentioned in the above How to Play section, this story line leaves off unfinished, with the remaining part of the story needing to be done in a future Island location. It is anticipated this story will pick up in the future Claustro Cave.