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Hockum Fish
Farovian Fish
Hockum Fish.jpg
Min. Gold 1,530
Min. Points 2,611
Min. Tourn. Points 302 points
Strength Slapshot!
Min. Weight 6.25 lb
Min. Pole Level 44 Holy Liberator
Level 44 Evil Obliterator
Min. Skill Scuba Fishing License
Resources Denture Goo (99% Attract)
Habitat (Population) San Digloo (Threatened)
Lake Freezberg (Very Rare)
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Description: With alarming inaccuracy and below average quickness, the Hockum Fish is one fish to not mess around with. If he's not watching Slapshot, the greatest film ever made, he's probably resting his black and blue face on a cool sheet of ice.