Ghost Gear Gail
Roperian Fish
Min. Silver 2,456
Min. Points 2,802
Min. Tourn. Points n/a
Min. Weight 160 lb / 72.6 kg
Min. Pole Level 22 Deputy
Min. Skill
Habitat (Population) Tragedy Reef (Numerous)
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Ghost Gear Gail Page
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Ghost Gear Gail Most Catches

Description: Gail is a wrangler who is scrupulous about stashing her bottles and used paper plates and not dumping her trash in the water … but she doesn’t keep track of her used fishing line, and if her nets break or a lobster trap drops off her boat, she doesn’t attempt to retrieve her broken gear. All told, thousands of tons of ghost gear ends up in the ocean each year. Catch Gail and give her a wake-up call that she’s hurting the marine animals she loves. (She’s a little harder to catch because she resists the idea that she’s doing anything wrong!)

Give her a wake-up call that she's hurting the marine animals she loves. (Takes 4 hrs)

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