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Does anyone know why skips wouldn't have reset as they usually do? I wasn't fishing or doing anything overnight when they usually reset.

I had the same thing happen twice this week. I come online in the morning and I have no skips, like I used them all!! 2/24/2010

2/24/2010 comment: I have the same problem. I used all my skips on 2/23/2010 and none of them reset over the evening. I do Night fish.

2/24/2010 comment: I wrote the previous 2/24/2010 comment: As of 1:25 Central Time, my Fish Wrangler page totally turned into numbers and letters. Some scripting error. When I refreshed, I had my 6 skips back.

This happens on ocassion. Joe usually fixes it within 12 hours of it being reported on the game forums. BrianGreen 20:29, February 24, 2010 (UTC)

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