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I am having difficulty with my quest catches. It has been 11 days since I caught a fish for my current quest. I am using RLC and my Red Sharks for a total of 20 casts per day and still haven't been able to catch the last few fish I need; 2 houdini and 5 ninja. Any suggestions;; am I doing something wrong???


Well, 90% of the quests is patience. You've just got to keep casting until the random number generator flips in your favor.

The other 10% is strategy: what locations are best for the fish you're trying for? The wiki is very useful for this, since the fish entries have the populations on each island: Ninja Fish and Houdini Fish show them in Waterport and Fishertonville with equal rarity, so as long as you're at one of those islands you're equally likely to get one. Also, some of the quest fish have attractants. In your case, you can use the exchange to "build" Ninja attractants from Hair Gels, hair gels from Fiesta Attractants, and fiesta attractants from Miny/Cubey/Catty repellents. Personally, I've never caught a Ninja without using an attractant (not counting the "gimme" one during the intro phase of the game), but that may just by how my luck worked. In some cases (though not the one you're working on) a fish has a preferred chum that you can take advantage of.

Beyond that: just keep fishing. Eventually the fish will come. If "eventually" is taking too long, I've found it's best for my sanity to take a break and try something else for a while: another quest, leveling poles, unlocking progress in the main game, etc.

ChrisNye 16:17, 20 August 2009 (UTC)

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