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I am wondering if there is a trick to getting attractents and repellents or is it just plain luck?

i have found out if i stay in the same place and use the hydro pole such as in BC i normally catch joan of farvia attractnts and with the sonar polveriser in BC i get joan of ark attractnts... but if u stay in the same place i think i get more things such as cubie repelents and chests. i have stayed in BC for like a week and was getting a chest almost every second turn.

Markgatty 03:39, 28 April 2009 (UTC)

Catching resources when fishing depends on just luck. But you get different types of resources depending where you are fishing, and maybe also depending on what pole you are using?
I suspect the chest contents may also depend on the location (I seem to get a lot of ice cubes in Icelantica), but not sure. As far as I know you cannot get chests more often than minimum 60 minutes if fishing normally... (~60-90 minutes usually), but it definitely depends also on how many times you fish - if you use your skips you usually get a chest within 4-5 uses even if 60 minutes have not passed. --Jayberwock 11:36, 28 April 2009 (UTC)
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