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due to me being so board waiting for the 15 minutes to be up i decided to time the timer its ither me the tomer or the fish now time but one of them is wrong i have tested some difrent ways of doing it and here is some of them

i clicked the fish now and my timer at the same time, most times the timer was around 10 to 30 seconds over,

i clicked fish now and waited till the page refreshed than i clicked the timer and the timer was over by 3 or 3 seconds,

the last few i used my wall clock, my phone the microwave (cooking my dinner for 15 minutes) and the oven timer they all had between a little and a lot of time over.

so i think that the timer on fish wrangler is a small bit off im thinking that is to do with the amount of people on it at the current time or the time of day or if there is matanance going on.

Time between trips is set at 15mins, yes. There can be some variation that can be put down to a number of things and yeah, load/usage will be one of them (though I've never seen such large variations in my own). Also, the timer can't reset until a page has been fully reloaded & as you moticed, the time diff is much reduced if taken from then. Also, if you load multiple pages within FW - eg, checking out crew, resources, discussion boards, etc; the timer will lag by a second or two on each successive page - again, it has to do with the time each page takes to refresh as it's essentially in 'limbo' until it has. Our ISP connection speeds also have an effect.
When I can be bothered, I tend to keep one designated 'fishing' page to reduce refresh lags, but in the big scheme o things, the difference is a matter of seconds. Hope this helps and happy fishing!
Tania 09:17, 24 March 2009 (UTC)
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