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can't seem to catch a grim fish, which i need 3 of to get my next level of skills. any help would be appreciated.

Supposedly Fishertonville is the best place to catch the Grim Fish. As for the chum and rod, it is pretty much up to you. I don't really think either rod will have an advantage nor will the chum, however I would suggest using loaf, steak or cayenne. The key is to just be patient and wait.

--MatthewB 14:14, 21 February 2009 (UTC)

If you can get your hands on grim attractant, make sure to use it in Fishertonville with the Necro pole. You can trade in one Joan of Arc Attractant for 3 Grim attractants, if you happen to have one of those. If you don't have those, on the fish list, it said the Grim fish are leaning towards Loaf Chum. - Cortney 02/27/09

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