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im looking for suggestions on how to catch a foamy i have the following poles Sonar Pulverizer Level 5/50, Oak Branch Level 2/50, Steam Powered Hydro-pole Level 14/50, Necro-pole Level 8/50, Excali-pole Level 23/50, Fancy Rifle-pole Level 9/50, Broken Standard Level 19/50 and chums Fire Sludge Red Love Fish Guts Steak Cayenne Loaf

You can only catch it with a Necro pole, see Foamy Fish. The game instructions says minimum level 5, but most people have not caught it before about level 25 ... so just keep fishing in FV with Necro, and eventually you'll get one. --Jayberwock 14:21, 29 May 2009 (UTC)
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