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I need to use the setting to activate deckhand

Im in Australia and i know we are ahead in day and time in here, as facebook is an american site.

I dont know what days i need to click in the settings so that i am able to go night fishing using the deckhand settings.

It is Friday 20th of March... Australia

What actual dates do i need to click as this site is one day behind me n time? (U.S.A)

I need to set for saturday and sunday (Australian) as i wont be able to log on.

Therefor what actual days do i click on my calendar on the deckhand calendar?

I haven't hired a deckhand, so I'm not positive on this, but if you have a look at the booking calendar, it actually shows our calendar dates - Sat 21st, Sun 22nd (I'm also in Aus). Also, only future dates have links, current days are greyed out. Again not positive, but assume it's been set to synch with a user's computer calendar for exactly this reason. If yours doesn't show in the same way, then the easiest would probably be to look at what day of the tournament it is and match it from there, since the tourney day = game time date. Unfortunately, since it's 11pm Fri night, this isn't likely to get to you in time, so I hope you noticed the same and managed to sort it.
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Hope you enjoyed your trip! Tania 13:08, 20 March 2009 (UTC)
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